Why Won't My Airpods Flash White

Why Won’t My Airpods Flash White – Solved


The LED on the Airpods case will flash white to indicate that your Airpods have entered pairing mode. This allows other devices to recognize your AirPods. If there may be an occasion when your Airpods cannot enter pairing mode, then wonder Why Won’t My Airpods Flash White?

If your Airpods don’t turn on after you manually set them up in pairing mode, it could be because they aren’t blinking white. If your Airpods don’t flash white after setting them on pairing mode, the bottom tips may be blocked or clogged with debris. Or the charging pins in the case might need to be cleaned. You can also charge your Airpods for about 30 minutes even if they are fully charged. Then, manually switch them to pairing mode.

It is common for Airpods not to enter pairing mode. Let’s take a look at some possible causes. Let’s get started!

Why Won’t My Airpods Flash White – Fixed

Why Won't My Airpods Flash White - Fixed

The white flash signifies that your Airpods have entered pairing mode and are ready for you to connect. Open the charging case lid and press & hold the button on the back until the LED turns white.

But, sometimes, this may not work. Here are some ways to fix it.

For 30 minutes, place your Airpods and charging case in the charger

Clean the connectors on the charging case

For pairing, press down on your Airpods

For 30 Minutes, Charge Your Airpods And The Charging Case.

This is the most common solution. Charge your AirPods and charging case for between 15-30 minutes, even if they are fully charged. After keeping them in the charger for about 30 minutes, switch them to pairing mode by opening and closing the Airpod case’s cover; once they are fully charged, press and hold the button at the back of the Airpod case until the Airpods turn white.

Disconnect And “Forget” Your Airpods From Any Previously Connected Devices

Your Airpods may have been saved on multiple devices. This could cause your device to try to establish a connection to your Airpods, leading to connection problems with the device to which it is trying to pair.

It’s vital to “Forget” all previous connected Airpods. Next, open the case lid and press and hold the button at the back until the LED turns white. If you are an iPhone user, your Airpods will appear under “Other Devices” or “Available Devices” if you are an Android user. Next, you’ll need to choose your Aripods and connect.

Clean The Charging Case Connectors

You can clean your Airpods and Case with the second most popular solution. More specifically, clean the charging connectors. Use a cotton swab to get rid of any debris that could be preventing your Airpods’ proper resting on the case’s charging pins. The bottom tips of your Airpods will also need to be cleaned. You can use a microfiber cloth.

Turn Bluetooth Off And On Again.

Next, if your Bluetooth is not turned off, you can turn it back on. This is Settings > Bluetooth > Turn Off if you are an iPhone user. For Android users, go to Settings>> Connected Devices> Connection Preferences> Bluetooth > Toggle off.

Turn your Bluetooth device on and enter pairing mode with your Airpods.

Restart Your Device

Turning off your device (iPhone, Android, Tablet, PC…etc.) This will reset your operating system software. This allows your software to start over and fix common software problems.

After your device has been turned on, you can enter pairing mode. Open your Bluetooth list and select your Airpods to connect.

Software Update For Device

Software updates are performed to ensure that your software is stable and efficient. This can also impact Bluetooth connections. Check if your software is up-to-date.

for iPhone Users

  • Go to Settings
  • Select General
  • Choose Software Update

Your device will show you the current software version and whether or not an update is required.

For Android Users:

  • Scroll down from the top of the screen
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down to select Software update
  • Select To check for updates
  • Your device will show “Current Software up to date” if it is; otherwise, you’ll see the “Up to Date” prompt.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting Network settings will erase all Bluetooth and WIFI connections that have been saved. It is essential to understand that your device will “forget” your Wifi password and all Bluetooth connections (phone, tablet, etc.). After resetting the Network settings, all you need to do is re-enter your Wifi password to connect.

Reset iPhone Network Settings:

Go To Settings -> General-> Reset -> Set Network Settings

Reset Android Network Settings:

Open Settings. Depending on the device, select “General management” and “System”. -> Select “Reset”, or “Reset options” -> Select Reset Network Settings.

Charge Your Airpods

Low batteries can cause problems when establishing and maintaining a connection between Airpods. Before entering pairing mode, ensure that your device has enough battery.

Clean Your Airpods & Charging Case

Dirty or contaminated charging cases can lead to connection problems and prevent the connectors from adequately resting on the case. This could cause pairing issues. Here are some tips for cleaning your charging case and Airpods.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth.

Gently wipe the AirPods and charging case.

Use an anti-static brush to remove debris from tight spots.

How Can I Factory Reset My AirPods

How Can I Factory Reset My AirPods

Resetting your device can resolve connection problems by returning them to their factory settings. Here’s how:

Your AirPods can be “Forgotten” on your Android, iPhone, or Tablet’s Bluetooth List.

Close the lid and place both Airpods into the charging case

After 30 seconds, open the lid.

Hold the button at the back of your case until the LED turns white.

Now your Airpods are ready to pair.

How Can I Tell If My AirPods And Charging Case Are Charging?

Your charging case has LED indicators that indicate the battery status. Green indicates that your charging case is fully charged, and amber indicates that your charging case still has less than one charge.

Your AirPods and charging case will show you the exact battery level by opening it next to your iOS device.

Is It Possible That Only One Of My AirPods Is Charging?

Airpods charging problems are most often caused by debris buildup inside the charging case’s connectors. Most cases can be solved by thoroughly cleaning the connectors.

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