why does Captain Hook Hate Peter Pan

Why Does Captain Hook Hate Peter Pan


There are many characters that are shown together in some of the series and there are some characters that are separated. Some of the characters are linked and they are always named together. Some of them are Batman and Joker, Holmes and Moriarty, and Lex or Superman. These are some of the fictional characters that you will always see together. So look here why captain hook hates Peter Pan.

We need to know the full story of both of them to know why Captain Hook hates Peter Pan. Well, it is pretty simple, Peter cuts off the pirate captain’s hand, and then that hand is consumed by a crocodile, and afterward, Hook was not at all thrilled by peter. Hook was also offended by Peter’s character and he was not only opposed by the loss of his hand.

Although Hook is portrayed as a gentleman who is a graduate. He is also obsessed with his good form and on the other hand, Peter Pan is so capricious and also vicious. The cheeky nature of Peter Pan drives him into the vicious distraction. 

Hooks reveals his own defeat while talking about the relationship between the two characters. One of the examples of Peter’s nature that can be expressed is when he kicks off the pirate ship.

Why Does Captain Hook Hate Peter Pan

The reason that can be defined here about hating Peter Pan is maybe due to the nature of Peter Pan. Although the pirate captain is written with the heroic cast by Harrie. On the other hand, Hook remains cruel and bloodthirsty and Peter’s duty is to understand the unscrupulous individuals to the sword. They both oppose each other with the growing up doubtless and it sets them into further odds.

This is a classic case of when evil meets good and many people are not even aware of the full story of Peter Pan as it is greyish and captain hook was also included in the passage. While Peter strayed dangerously to the role of antagonist. Pan has also killed one of his former friends and then he banishes them. 

This was seen in the statement that Peter thins out the ranks of lost boys as they grow up. The lost boys who escaped the judgment of Peter Pan were later sprung up. Pirates are the grown lost boys and they will escape the malicious creature. 

So this shows the evil character of the adult foe. We can see here the violent opposition between the two, Hook and peter. So now you know the reason why Captain Hook hates Peter Pan. 

So this was all about why Captain Hook hates Peter Pan. We told you the reasons and you can see that it is mainly because of the nature of the two.

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