Why Do I Receive Messages From A Blocked Number

Why Do I Receive Messages From A Blocked Number?


Matt Mullenweg once said, and I use the quote, “technology is at its best in situations where it brings people closer” I certainly agree with him, but what happens if the situation is entirely different? And Why Do I Receive Messages From A Blocked Number? What happens do you do if you’re looking to break off with others, but technology seems to be the sole thing that’s causing you to be in this.

How often has it been the case for you to have removed a person from your list of contacts, but they continue to contact you, and you think about how the person is still able to get me even though I’ve blocked them before? 

You’re not receiving text messages from a person you have blocked could be for many reasons, but the most important one is because of the type of mobile device that you are using, whether it’s an android or iPhone.

Can I Still Receive Text Messages, If Contact Is Blocked?

Can I Still Receive Text Messages, If Contact Is Blocked

When blocking a number, it ensures that the person barred cannot communicate with you, either through texts or phone calls You must ensure that you’ve blocked the person from both channels of communication. For example, if someone B was blocked via the phone app settings now, it will stop B from making contact with A via phone calls, but B could still text A. In this case, A must ensure that B is blocked through the settings of its messaging application.

What Can I Do To Stop The Text Messages From A Blocked Number?

What Can I Do To Stop The Text Messages From A Blocked Number

To stop someone permanently from calling you again in the future, it is first necessary to confirm that you’ve blocked the person from calling you and your messaging application separately. If the issue continues to persist, there could be other causes for the reason for this issue, such as :

A bug in the OS: You can quickly eliminate this issue by upgrading your device.

* The phone number isn’t blocked for messages. Check and confirm that you’ve blocked the number for messages too.

* A different blocking application is installed. You can try using a different application to block the number.

Here are some ways to block a phone number from your messaging application

On iPhone

  • Go to settings>messages>blocked contacts
  • Make sure your blocked number or contact is listed on the listing.

On Android

  • Start your Google Messages app.
  • Tap three dots to choose “Spam & Blocked”.
  • Three dots again, then choose “Blocked Contacts”.
  • Your blocked number must be on this list.
  • Smartphones can block this number from text and calls only once.

How can you block a caller on an Android phone?

How can you block a caller on an Android phone

For many Android users, blocking a number is different between devices and apps to the application you use for testing. You may independently require blocking this number in your text messaging application to prevent the number from messaging you.

There are several ways to remove a phone number permanently on your Android phone.

How do you completely block a phone number from your Samsung

If you use the Samsung application for sending and receiving texts, you can follow these steps to block contact from any further communication with you permanently.

  • Open Samsung Messages.
  • Tap to the conversation.
  • Tap the 3 dots and then choose “Block Number”.
  • You may also decide to erase the conversation.
  • Touch “Block” for confirmation.

How Do You Permanently Block A Google Message From A Specific Number?

If you’re currently using Google messages to exchange messages, you must follow these steps to prevent people from messaging you.

  • Click on Google Messages to open.
  • The conversation will be long-pressed, then Tap on the 3 dots
  • Select “Block”.
  • You can select the checkbox in the confirmation pop-up if you’d like to report spam to Google.
  • Tap OK

How To Block The Number Permanently From iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user and are receiving texts from a blocked number, it could be a problem in your system. Upgrading your OS will resolve the issue; however, if the issue persists, you can try the suggestions below to resolve the issue.

Do a soft reset, then stop the contact.

Perform the soft reset function using your iPhone. The different versions of the iPhone come with other methods to reset the device. this is how to do an easy reset on iPhone11:

  • Press the volume up key and volume down keys simultaneously.
  • Hold the left key until the Apple logo pops up.
  • after your device reboots, then add the number to your contacts list, and then block the number on the contacts list on your iPhone Unblock a number, and then remove it.
  • Block a number, then unblock it again

It is also possible to remove a telephone number on your list of contacts and then block it once more:

  • Launch the phone app on your device, then choose a contact.
  • Locate and choose the contact you wish to deblock.
  • Press “Unblock This Caller”.
  • If you want to block the caller further, tap “Block this contact”.

Filter Out Unidentified Senders On iPhone

Filter Out Unidentified Senders On iPhone

The option to filter messages sent by unknown parties (senders who are not on your contacts list) may be disabled. Switch on this option, and another messaging list will be created that includes all”Unknown senders” within it. Follow the steps below to enable this tag “unknown users” tag.

  • Click on Settings, select “Settings, ” and click on the “Messages” choice.
  • Turn to “Filter Unknown Senders”.

How To Text Someone Who Has Blocked Your Contact? 

How To Text Someone Who Has Blocked Your Contact

If you have been blocked from their contact list and messages, the obvious indication is that you’ll be able to test them in the usual fashion, but the message won’t be sent to them. If you’re an iPhone user who uses messaging to exchange messages, you will not get a notification, which is an obvious sign that an individual has blocked you. You may still test these options to engage with them.

Contact them via WhatsApp

If someone blocked you, it’s improbable that you’ve also received a blocked message from WhatsApp. It is possible to use the messaging and calling app to message them, while two ticks are displayed after your message has been sent to them.

An indicator that your message has been read is when the ticks change color to blue.

Contact via anonymous website

Many online websites let you send text messages without your contact details. Many of them don’t require registration or passwords to send texts.

You need to add the number and message and then send it. The text message will be sent to the destination you want. The following websites are available:

* SendAnonymousSMS

* TextEm

* TxtDrop

* OpenTextingOnline

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