Why Can’t I Send Messages On Instagram?

Instagram users sometimes complain about direct messages. While the Instagram DM feature is very important, this is a frustrating issue. I understand how frustrating it can be when Instagram direct messages don’t work. I have fixed almost all possible problems with DMs. Why Can’t I Send Messages On Instagram? What do I do? User Concerns About Instagram DMs.

Instagram users, including me, might have encountered any of these issues when Instagram glitches happen:

  • Instagram has a new update in direct message
  • Not sending Instagram messages
  • Direct messages from Instagram not appearing in new posts
  • Instagram direct messages disappear
  • Instagram can’t make threads
  • Instagram claims you have a message but you don’t
  • A direct message from Instagram cannot be deleted
  • Instagram message requests disappear
  • The user is not notified by Instagram DMs. However, they receive notifications.
  • Chats cannot be sent from friends to users
  • Messages won’t open and messages seem to be loading forever
  • Instagram DM notifications won’t disappear
  • Users can’t see the replies to their messages
  • Users can’t create a new message
  • No notifications for new messages are sent

Let’s first make sure we don’t violate Instagram’s DM limits before we get to the solution. There is. It includes:

  1. DM Count Limits: It’s a total of 100 DM’s a Day. Instagram will ban you if you send mass messages to more than 100 people within a single day.
  2. DM Spam Do not send the same message to multiple accounts. They may become frustrated and report messages to spam.

Don’t exceed your limits! Instagram has set limits to protect its community. It is difficult to maintain the account of all messages sent within a day in order to avoid a ban. Our Instagram Auto DM service, which is a unique Instagram tool that spans the web, protects your Instagram account from any spammy activity. This web-based, desktop tool sends 100 DMs per day to targeted users. It also makes sure that no one else receives the same messages.

Instagram bot service allows you to manage your Instagram activity such as follow, like and comment. These automated, under-control actions will allow you to increase your account’s popularity and gain more engagement.

Any of these fixes can solve all the problems mentioned above. Take your time and read them all. Let me know which one you like (hopefully ;)).).

Why Can’t I Send Messages On Instagram – Possible Reasons

Why Can't I Send Messages On Instagram - Possible Reasons

1. Issues With Instagram Server-Side

Direct messaging is often affected by Instagram servers being temporarily down. Any backend issues will prevent your messages from reaching the receiver’s mailbox.

You will also need to establish a reliable connection to Instagram servers in order to load and send Instagram DMs.

2. Instagram App Bug

You might be responsible for the Instagram messaging problem. This can occur if a bug in your messaging app causes the messaging feature to malfunction and delays your outgoing or incoming messages

You can then perform general troubleshooting like:

  • Restarting Instagram
  • Checking for Instagram app updates
  • Restarting your device
  • Clearing the Instagram app cache

3. You Are Either Action Blocked Or You Have Sent Too Many Messages In A Short Time Span.

Instagram has temporarily blocked your account. This could be another reason why your message isn’t getting sent. It could happen depending on how you’ve behaved recently on Instagram.

There are two possible ways that they could have done it, an account or an IP ban. If you have been IP banned, you are blocked from messaging any account as long as that device is being used.

What makes Instagram ban you?

This could happen if you are too active on the platform. This can cause some eyebrows, especially if you are mass-messaging many accounts at once. The Instagram algorithm might label you as a bot and ban you temporarily. You may also lose your messaging privileges if your DMs are reported by the receiver. In case of abusive or spammy content, Instagram reviews such communications.

There are daily limits on how many Instagram DMs and accounts you can send.

Your subsequent interactions on Instagram (e.g., messages) may be blocked by the error message.

Wait it out is the best way to deal with such a ban. This can take up to 48 hours.

4. The Receiver Blocks You

You may also have been banned by Instagram. You can’t send them messages no matter how hard you try. You could also try to talk to them via another platform to lift this ban.

To check if they’ve blocked you, you can search for their profile. If the list of followers is empty, or if you are unable to follow them, it’s possible that you have been blocked.

5. Other Instagram Account Problems

Some users noticed that the messaging error they received was somehow related to their account. They only have issues with messaging on one or two of their Instagram accounts.

To test the messaging feature, you can switch to a second account. If this works, you might be able to temporarily use it as a “messaging account”. To resolve the problem, contact Instagram Help (Step 13).

Switch Instagram accounts

  1. You can first long-press your profile at the bottom-left. You can also go to your profile and tap your username on the upper-left.
  2. Next, select an account you wish to switch from the pop-up menu.

It’s best to use the second account on another device if you are experiencing the Action Blocked error.

6. You Are Trying To Communicate With Someone You Don’t Follow

The Privacy Setting allows you (the sender) and your friend (the receiver) to control who can send them messages. If you get a DM on Instagram from someone you don’t follow, it will appear as a Message request. If you want to send them a message, the same applies.

To check for missing messages on Instagram, go to Message Request.

You can disable this feature by going to SettingPrivacy and then messages.

You can choose who messages land on your Message Requests List.

7. The Sender Has Deleted/Unsent Their Message

Imagine you receive an Instagram notification stating that a friend just sent you a text message. You check your DMs and find no such message.

It could happen if they deletesend the message. This is one reason why your Instagram messages are not loading.

8. Other Problems At The Receiver’s End

Other minor problems on the receiver’s side may prevent your Instagram message from being fully sent or seen. This could be due to internet connection problems or the receiver not responding to the particular DM.

14 Steps To Fix Instagram Direct Messages (DMs), Not Working, Sending, Loading

 Fix Instagram Direct Messages (DMs), Not Working, Sending, Loading

1. Log Out And Log Back Into Your Instagram Account

Start simple by signing in to your Instagram account. This will refresh your account information and can sometimes reload messages.

To log out of Instagram and log back in, click here

  1. To begin, tap the profile picture icon at the bottom-right to go to your page.
  2. Next, click the menu icon in the upper-right. Then, choose Settings from the menu.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and select Log out.
  4. Next, tick your account and select Log out again.

After you have logged out, you can exit the application and restart the phone. To check your direct messages, log in to the same Instagram account.

2. Check Out The Instagram Server Status

Your Instagram direct messages may not be working due to an ongoing backend server problem, as we mentioned previously. Another step is to check if similar issues are being reported by other users on Instagram.

You can see the comment and live maps to view the affected regions. This can be helpful later on when you use a VPN to determine which region’s server you should choose.

If you find any server problems, you can wait for them. This can take up to 24 hours, but it is not uncommon for it to take a whole day.

You can also try with a VPN (Step 8), to connect to another region’s server.

3. Install Pending Instagram App Updates

This direct message problem could also be due to an error in the previous Instagram app version. The Instagram team could release an update with bugs fixes if many users report the issue.

It’s important to update your Instagram app periodically. To save time, you can turn on automatic updates instead of having to check constantly.

To update Instagram, please click here

  1. Open your App store (Apple) or play store (Android).
  2. You can then visit the Instagram app Page.
  3. Tap the Update button if there are any updates.

You can also get the Beta of Instagram for Android devices to receive the most recent and unreleased updates. This Beta version has been praised by users for its improved functionality and fewer errors.

4. You Can Use Instagram Through Your Web Browser App

Imagine that your Instagram direct messages stop sending or loading because of an issue with the app. In such cases, you can use your native browser app to access Instagram.

That’s right. The layout of Instagram is almost identical to the app when viewed on a web browser. The website is optimized and updated on a regular basis, no matter what device you use.

Open the browser app (Safari or Google Chrome), and follow the instructions. Visit Instagram.com and log in.

Next, you can try to load or send your direct messages.

5. Loading And Sending Direct Messages To Instagram On A Different Device Is Possible

You can then take it one step further and use Instagram on another other device altogether like your computer or another smartphone.

You might be temporarily banned if you continue to get the Action Blocked error message after sending a DM. You can avoid IP bans by using another device.

One way to log in to Instagram is through your browser.

You can also use the Instagram App which is available on the Windows Store. After trying this version, some users were able to successfully load their Instagram DMs.

6. Use The “Threads From Instagram” App

You can also use the original app to communicate with the “Threads From Instagram” app. This app acts as an alternative client for Instagram. This client is a great solution if you have issues with Instagram’s ability to send photos, videos or any other media.

Many users have reported “getting their DMs returned” after using this app. This step is only temporary and may not be permanent.

You can download the “Threads From Instagram” app from your Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

7. Get An Internet Connection Test And Improve It

It’s not hard to do. You won’t be able to send, receive, or load Instagram direct messages without an Internet connection. You don’t need to have lightning-fast speeds, however. Instagram’s messaging function can be used at a stable, average speed.

A poor internet connection or could be the reason for your Instagram direct messaging problems.

To detect speed drops, you can use Fast.com. You can also verify your internet connection is sufficient to allow you to upload Instagram photos.

Suppose you observe slow speeds or disconnections. If you have issues with Instagram messaging, the following steps can help. These steps will improve your Internet connection and can also change your IP address. This can be helpful if your IP is blocked ( Action Blocked).

  • Turn on Flight Mode, then turn it off
  • Connect to another Wi-Fi network
  • Switch between Mobile Internet or Wi-Fi

8. Use A VPN

If you are getting blocked by the Action Blockerror, you can use a VPN to communicate with Instagram. Sometimes you may find that you are unable to initiate Instagram conversations, or that your messages become stuck during sending. A VPN can help you ensure that your messages are sent through securely.

You can therefore mask your IP address and circumvent any IP bans. You can use your secondary Instagram account for messaging.

Before turning on your VPN, make sure you close all tabs in Instagram. You can then open Instagram to test the direct messaging function.

We recommend NordVPN as it works well with Instagram. It’s easy to activate.

9. Clear The Instagram App Data And Cache Or Reinstall The App

You might have noticed that Instagram stores cache and data to speed up your user experience. The app stores cached versions of pages that you have visited many times, such as images loaded, messages sent, and scrolling through your feed. This makes the app load faster when you use it again.

These cache files can slow down the navigations, and can often cause app errors. This can also mean that you may not be able to send or upload Instagram DMs.

We recommend that you periodically clear the Instagram app cache/data. The following 2 methods are available depending on which device you’re using.

Delete Instagram App Cache and Data through Settings (For Android Only).

You can delete all data from Android devices by clicking the button within your Setting app. You don’t need to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app.

These settings can be accessed by clicking here

  1. First, open the Setting app and then tap on Apps.
  2. Next, choose Instagram from the list.
  3. Next tap Storage and cache.
  4. After that, tap Clear cache. Next, you can select Clear storage.

Install The Instagram App (for Android, iPhone, and iPad)

Your Instagram messages may not be sending or loading because of an installation problem or corrupted files. This step will remove the Instagram app completely from your device and install a new copy.

We recommend that you do this regardless of what mobile device or operating system you are using.

No matter what device you are using, the steps for reinstalling Instagram are the same.

  1. First, disable the Instagram application. This can be done either long-pressing for the selection menu, or through the Setting.
  2. Next, choose Uninstall or Remove Application.
  3. Next, you have the option to reboot your device or to go straight to your app store or play store to install the Instagram app.
  4. After the installation is completed, log into the Instagram app and check if direct messages can be sent and received again.


I tried to think up all possible Instagram DM problems and solutions as far as my mind could tell. Some problems can be overlooked or solved. It would be a great help to me and other DM-sufferers if you could find new solutions. We look forward to reading your comments below about how you solved the problem.

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