Why Are Snap Scores Frozen? 

Why are snap scores frozen? If you are as much of a Snapchat geek as I am you definitely know what dopamine hit you get when you see snap scores and streak numbers going up day by day. It is a reward for all the hard work and determination you have put in to send those pictures and videos every day. 

Snapchat is a visual social media platform that allows you to share pictures and videos. Over the years Snapchat has become one of the leading social media platforms in the world having millions of active users. You get rewarded with virtual numbers in return for how much engagement you have on the app.

However,  like all good things, it does not come without its drawbacks, one of them being the “frozen snap score”.

Snapchat numbers not going up is one of the worst nightmares for a Snapchat “geek”. this could happen due to many reasons some technical and some juvenile. 

 What Is A “Snap Score”?

What is a “snap score

Like a report card is a testament to how well you have performed in your exams, a snap score is a testament to how well you perform on Snapchat. If your daily activities on Snapchat are high then you will have a high snap score and vice versa. 

Your snap score is basically a quantitative measure of how much engagement you have on Snapchat and how many activities you are carrying out daily.

 Below are some factors that make your snap score:

  1. ​Number of snaps you send and receive in a day 
  2. ​The number of friends on Snapchat also determines your snap score, the more number of friends you have more will be your snap score 
  3. ​Snap score also depends on how frequently you have posted or viewed someone’s story

How To Find Your Snap Score?

How To Find Your Snap Score

A high snap score can directly mean how popular you are on the app and among your friends, but if you are new to the app and don’t know where to find your snap score below are the steps you can do it:

  • ​log in to your Snapchat from your device.
  • ​once you are in tap on your “bitmoji” in the top left corner.
  • ​A new page will open with your username and snapcode on top
  • ​Right below the snapcode and username will be your snap score.

How to find someone’s snap score?? 

Many Snapchat users compare snap scores as a way of competing with each other. If you are interested in comparing your snap score with a friend you can easily do that with little to no effort

  • ​log in to your Snapchat from your device.
  • ​once you are in simply put your friend’s name in the search bar or find them in your friend list 
  • ​when you have successfully found them click on their “bitmoji”, their profile screen will pop up on your screen and you will have access to their snap score along with their username and other information.

Why Are Snap Scores Frozen?

Why Are Snap Scores Frozen

In 2021, a study showed that Snapchat had 319 million active users at the end of the year. The statistics show how popular the app is among the masses.

Many of these regular users have reported that their snap scores are no longer updating. The problem can be annoying if it exists for a longer duration.

The best solution is to wait out and see if your snap score gets updated after some time if not then below are some possible reasons as to why this is happening :

1. Outdated version of the app:

Most times than often you may not be able to see a change in your snap score could be because your app is outdated. The outdated version may contain a number of bugs and glitches which maybe be thwarting your snap score. So updating your app may help you to get rid of this problem

How to update Snapchat??

  • ​Go to the play store. 
  • ​Go to your profile, a pop-up menu will appear, select “manage app and devices”.
  • ​You will have a list of all the available updates, and update on Snapchat.

Once you have successfully updated your app you may be able to see changes in your snap score 

2. Slow Internet Connection:

One of the reasons why your snap score is frozen could be a poor or unstable network. You are advised to check your internet connection 

You can solve this problem by the following means :

  • Turn off your mobile data and then switch it on after some time. 
  • ​If your device is connected to wifi try turning it off as well and switching it on after 30 seconds 
  • ​You are also advised to check your router and modem.
  • ​If the problem still exists contact your ISP. 

3. Snapchat Server Is Down :

Snapchat has millions of active users which can sometimes cause high traffic and server load on the app which could be the reason behind your frozen snap score 

App maintenance could also lead to a slow server. You can check the Snapchat Support Twitter account to get an update on the current Snapchat service status and wait for Snapchat’s team to rectify the issue. 

4. Delay In Update:

Snapchat may take some time to notice the changes in your snap and apply them and there might be a slight delay. Don’t expect to see an upgrade in your snap score right after you send a snap sometimes it may take a few hours and if you are new to Snapchat if may take a day or two.

Close your app for some hours, restart your phone and check in the morning your may be able to see an upgrade.

All in all these solutions will help you to reboot your ” frozen snap score” but if that does not happen in the worst-case scenario, you can contact Snapchat support. You can contact Snapchat support here

  1. Customer service numbers   – (424) 214-0409 / (424) 399 -3339
  2. Snapchat website – www.snapchat.com 
  3. Corporate office :  Snap Inc.

                                          2772 Donald Douglas Loop North 

                                           Santa Monica, California 90405

                                           United States

Snapchat support might be able to assist you in your problem and find you a solution. 

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