Which TV Model Has The Best Viewing Angle

Which TV Model Has The Best Viewing Angle?


The number of panel specifications has been increasing gradually over the last few years. TV makers like LG, Samsung, and Sony always develop different kinds of innovative technology. It could be panels with vertical backlighting, mini-LEDs equipped with FALD, or self-luminous pixels on OLED TVs by LG Display or Evo panels. Which TV Model Has The Best Viewing Angle? What is the angle of view for these specifications? Do you have a particular technology that is distinctive in this regard? Based on the room you’ve set your furniture, it may be necessary to think about an LCD TV with the broadest possible viewing angles.

What Exactly Is “Viewing Angle” Actually Mean?

What Exactly Is "Viewing Angle" Actually Mean

This explanation is much more straightforward than you imagine. The essence of the viewing angle is the amount of distance you can go from one side to the other of the screen without losing brightness.

You may have observed it’s the horizontal view as the vertical angle isn’t a factor for televisions, and tilts are easily compensated using stands or a Wall mount.

The most important thing to remember is that the angle of view first provides information on the accuracy or inaccuracy of the picture on TV appears if we don’t view the image from the middle.

This occurs when the image edges are not appropriately aligned toward your position, as you’ve not selected the best ratio of distance to size. To avoid this issue, beginning from the beginning, use our finder tool to determine the size of your TV and seat distance quickly and, consequently, always position yourself at the proper distance from the screen.

In addition, the issue of the readability of the text of news or subtitles is a factor as the angle of the television increases. But, it is a fact that the definition of the term “viewing angle” is not a factor to be concerned with reading but is purely a measure of the brightness of the particular screen. Due to technical reasons, some televisions are more able to keep the accuracy of their images in a wide range of angles compared to other models.

Do You Think The Viewing Angle Is Limited?

Do You Think The Viewing Angle Is Limited

Of course that a viewing angle has its limitations. For one, there is no way to look at the television from behind. Secondly, it is only possible to see a fraction of the screen’s content at angles of around 178 degrees, or, in other words, nothing is visible.

The differences between panel technologies

VA panel

Vertical alignment or VA panels are made up of horizontally aligned pixels. They’re not the best option for viewing angles. Compared to other models, the quality of images decreases significantly at greater viewing distances. To overcome this drawback, Samsung uses Wide Viewing Angle technology to compensate for this. This results in a higher-quality image when viewed from an angle.

IPS Panel

Contrary to the VA panel, the IPS panel scores with a more significant view angle advantage. This is achieved through the method known as In-Plane Switching. The pixels begin aligned horizontally, as shown in the VA panel – but they then rotate along the plane of the image.

OLED Panel

If you view an OLED television from the sides, its colors will not alter for you as a user.

Overall, TVs using the OLED standard will give you the best image currently in the issue of viewing angles.

From the side, the self-luminous pixels in an OLED can stay clear of annoying color or brightness fluctuation. The biggest issue here is the distortion of the image and the accessibility of the content.


Compared to the original OLED panels, distinctions with those of the Evo panel in viewing capabilities are small. Both panels shine with their intensity of color, even from highly oblique angles. While the Evo panel is ahead in brightness, this benefit is not noticeable in normal usage.


Compared with OLED models, this word does not specify the kind of panel. In simple terms, it implies that QLED models may feature both IPS and VA panels. The view angle for QLED televisions that are based on backlighting is lower.

While Samsung has significantly improved its viewing angles of Samsung Neo QLED QN95A because of its Wide Viewing Angle technology, it isn’t quite an equal position to the pixels that self-light. However, the model is in the upper category and is among the TVs with an overall low dependence angle.

In turn, LED TVs come out with higher brightness and are a benefit in bright or highly brightly lit rooms.

Determine The Viewing Angle Of TVs

At this point, you’ve many variables to think about. But, there are only two main parameters. One is the distortion of the image, and the second is the known image quality variance. These two factors have the most significant impact on your TV screen. The bottom line is that many interconnected parameters determine a television’s quality from the angle you view it.

In addition to the previously mentioned image and quality distortion, they include the color shift and gamma on-screen. They also cause a reduction in the black level and image fading, also known as discoloration. The angle from which quality loss occurs is based upon the type of panel, as mentioned above, on the kind of screen; however, it also depends on the size of the TV. More giant TVs from the same series are likely to reduce the quality of their viewing quicker due to an increase in viewing angle.

The bottom line is that the perception of an optical screen resulting from an oblique viewing angle is also in line with perception subjective and one’s personal sense of sight. So, the rise of view can’t be accurately calculated this way or, at the very least, with certainty. The claims about the extent to which a particular parameter declines in its quality depend on the individual user’s perception.

What Are The Benefits Of A Narrow View Angle?

The narrower you can see, the greater the content you’ll be able to view; however, the lesser the overall image quality suffers. This is why it is crucial to design your living or gaming space in that you get an omnidirectional view of the TV screen from any angle. A wall-mount mobile that can rotate could be helpful in this regard. This will give you more space to design the interiors of your house.

Five Top Picks for TVs with Wide Viewing Angles

We will look at five of the most wide-viewing angle TVs. After many hours of research and comparative study, we selected these 5 top wide-angle viewing TVs. This research is off-angle image quality. It examines the changes in brightness, color, black, and gamma levels when seen from various angles. Trust the manufacturer, reviews from customers, as well as the sound quality and longevity.

Which TV Model Has The Best Viewing Angle

1. Samsung S95B OLED

 Samsung S95B OLED
  • Screen Size: 55-Inch
  • Display TypeTypeOLED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • The Refresh Rate is120Hz
  • smart apps: Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Skype, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video
  • Brandt: SAMSUNG
  • ConnectivityBluetooth WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI

Samsung S95B OLED boasts incredible large viewing angles. It’s almost perfect, but the color fades at oddly comprehensive tips. The color is washed out and shifts at 70deg angles. If you do further research, the television also reduces its brightness, and levels of black increase when you view it at a 70deg angle.

The TV has a QDOLED Panel. This is a brand new blue OLED panel and a Quantum dots color. The panels display more vibrant colors than conventional OLEDs. HDR content looks stunning and is ideal for watching binge seasons and films.

This TV also features Samsung Tizen OS’s proprietary interface, as with other Samsung models. This TV puts a lot of attention on games and applications. It also includes Google Duo and lets you connect a webcam to allow video calls with family members. It also supports FreeSync and also supports HDMI 2.1 for all ports.


  • Exceptional wide viewing angle
  • Nearly-infinite contrast ratio
  • Incredible vibrant colors
  • Good reflection handling


  • A room with raised blacks with ambient light
  • ABL (automatic limitation of brightness) is a bit aggressive in large bright scenes


  • Screen Size: 65-Inch
  • Screen Type: OLED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate:120Hz
  • Smart Apps: Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV
  • Mark: LG
  • Connection: Bluetooth and WiFi USB, HDMI

LG B2 has a unique wide viewing angle. The picture quality is superb, even at larger angles. However, the Tv is dim and black levels rise when the curve is 70 degrees. Gamma shift, i.e., the grayscale shades change when the angle is 70 degrees. It’s one of the most suitable options for seating arrangements with wide spaces. Colors do vary a little at angles of 49 degrees at wide angles. The color is washed out from an angle of 70 degrees.

LG B2 OLED can be an excellent TV. It is ideal for watching films in dark rooms. Its almost infinite contrast ratio shows perfect blacks, spectacularly displaying HDR content. Some colors don’t appear as vibrant. The ability to control glare reflections can be impressive in bright areas.

It’s supported by the WebOS innovative platform, which makes it easy to enjoy your favorite videos. It is ideal for gamers as the TV comes with two ports, each with HDMI 2.1 capacity. It also allows HDMI Forum VRR (variable refresh rate), G-Sync, HDMI Forum VRR, and FreeSync. It is possible to connect and play PS5 and Xbox using all the capabilities. It’s among the top 75-inch televisions that have large viewing angles.


  • Excellent Wide viewing angle
  • A perfect uniform Deep Blacks
  • It is accessible to up-scale content


  • Specific colors are not clear
  • Permanent Burn-in Risk with static content


  • Screen Size: 48-Inch
  • Screen Type: OLED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate:60Hz
  • Intelligent Apps: Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube
  • The brand: LG
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi

This TV is an ideal alternative for all kinds of wide-angled TV use. It has a high contrast ratio in dark spaces and uniform black levels distorting after 70deg. The color hues start changing around 32deg. The image will lose brightness and hue if the TV is at an angle higher than 70deg.

It’s one of the top budget TVs that offer broad viewing angles, even in dark rooms. Input lags are very low, and response time is nearly instantaneous. It provides a fantastic gaming experience, whether SDR or HDR. Because of its wide viewing angle and reflector handling, it’s great to watch sports in the company of others.

It’s LG A1 OLED has excellent image quality. The refresh rate is 60Hz. It doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 ports or support VRR. VRR technology. It is equipped with a Magic remote as well as a smooth interface. The interface is compatible with WebOS. Although it is fantastic in dim rooms, it cannot get any brighter. The HDR content isn’t very appealing on this TV.


  • Superb wide angles
  • Displays perfect blacks
  • Almost infinite contrast ratio


  • Risk of Permanent Burn-in in the event of static content
  • Not enough light for HDR content


  • Display TypeTypeOLED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Refresh Rate:120Hz
  • The brand: LG
  • Connection: HDMI
  • Hardware Interface HDMI

This TV offers a stunning contrast and a stunning off-angle view. The color washes out when viewed from an angle greater than 57deg but not more. The black levels are unique and rise only when you view it from an angle of 70deg. It is the perfect TV for darker spaces. You can use this excellent TV for games, movies, or even a computer screen. It is available in a variety of sizes that range from 48 inches and 83 inches.

This OLED is an excellent choice and the ideal TV for off-angle viewing with user-friendly apps and gaming capabilities. It’s got low input lag as well as VRR (variable rates of refresh). Both characteristics are crucial to gamers who want the best gaming experience. It’s the ideal partner for the Playstation five or Xbox, the new line.

The cherry on top, each pixel on the OLED emits light rays that radiate in all directions. It is why watching a program on the LG C1 set in a shaded area is the ideal choice due to the perfect blacks. It is, therefore, a great option to sit in a comprehensive arrangement because the image will stay constant.

We also looked into the more recent version of the C1, The LG C2. Both TVs offer nearly identical image quality, with only minor improvements. C2 is light in weight. If you’re seeking a brighter display, you should go with LG C2, as the former decreases brightness when you turn it to an angle of 69 degrees. However, the C2 OLED is more expensive.

Therefore, we recommend buying C1 as the top screen with 55-inch televisions with wide viewing angles.


  • Best wide viewing angle
  • Four HDMI 2.1 ports
  • Many gaming features – very low input delay
  • WebOS is amazing
  • A variety of incredible features


  • Expensive
  • There is no HDR10+
  • The brightness is not enough to be suitable for HDR

5. Sony A90J

Sony A90J
  • Screen Size: 32-Inch
  • The Display Type is: LED
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Refresh Rate:60Hz
  • HDR: HDR10+
  • smart apps: Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Skype, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video
  • Google Voice AssistantAlexa, Google
  • Connection:3 WiFi, HDMI USB

One of the most impressive 4K Sony TVs we’ve listed for you is Sony A90J OLED. It’s the successor to The A80J model from Sony. Like OLED screens, TV has a near-infinite brightness ratio, and color washes around 51deg. It has uniform blacks, even at 70deg angles, without any significant blurring around the objects.

Sony A90J is an excellent choice for larger seatings due to its unique large OLED TV viewing angles. The image on the screen remains precise and isn’t degraded until 64degangle. When compared with other Sony TVs, we’d picked in our study. The Sony A90J is awe-inspiring in accuracy in color. It has no problems scaling down lower-resolution content.

This model isn’t as powerful in gaming as previous Sony televisions. It’s not compatible with FreeSync VRR. It is compatible with G-Sync (after the firmware upgrade) and HDMI Forum VRR. It is a good choice if you are not a professional gamer and have a fast response time. Its brightness is excellent in SDR, and the illumination of HDR is superior to the majority of OLEDs.

We believe the Sony A90J is one of the top 65-inch TVs with large viewing angles.


  • Fantastic quality image and angle
  • High-quality audio
  • Google TV’s interface is welcoming


  • Not cheap
  • Some ports are not compatible with HDMI 2.1 standard
  • No FreeSync Support is available


If you’re living alone or don’t have a huge seating area, you can be seated at the front of the television. Choose the TV you like. If you’re looking to buy an LCD TV with wider angles of view, opt for an OLED or an IPS display.

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