Where Was The Convenient Groom Filmed?

Where Was The Convenient Groom Filmed?


This is a romantic comedy and it has been helmed by David Winning and this film has Vanessa Marcil, Karen Holness along with David Sutcliffe as the lead characters. The storyline of this movie revolves around the young celebrity and she was the marriage counselor and he finds herself at the altar of her own widely publicized wedding. Know here where was the convenient groom was filmed.

Talking about that marriage counsellor in order to save her day accepted the offer from the contractor in order to step in as a groom and in order to marry her and according to IMDb this movie was shot in the Prestige Hotel that is located at the Sooke, British Columbia, Canada. This movie was also shot at some other locations and including the Deep Cove Yacht club in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

The shooting of this movie was started in the year 2016 at the prestige hotel and the production manager Darren Robson at that time revealed that this movie will continue to form. Talking about the plot of the movie there is Dr. Kate Lawrence who was a celebrity relationship specialist and also a professor of psychology and she plans to publicly announce her engagement. She was engaging to Bryan and he was a polished and charming businessman. 

When Kate was preparing to share this news at that time Bryan surprise her by breaking up with her and calling off her wedding and at that moment her old friend Lucas Wright came up in order to show her as her fiance to save her from the embarrassment. 

This was all for where was the convenient groom filmed. We mentioned here the place. We mentioned the storyline too if you want to ask something else then you can ask us in the comment section.

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