When Does Luffy Learn Gear 1 | Everything About Gears

When Does Luffy Learn Gear 1 | Everything About Gears


Are you excited to know when does Luffy learn gear 1 for the first time? Well then let me tell you that you are at the right place as we are here going to discuss everything about Luffy’s gear in one piece and about other gear levels and also about their powers. So if you want to know every such thing then keep reading and know everything about the One-piece series.

We are going to tell you all the spoilers and also some little information about the plot too. Well, Luffy was the main protagonist of the manga-based anime one piece. He also had the desire to become king of pirates someday. One day he ate one fruit that was Gum-Gum and also known as Gomu-Gomu and it gave him the power to stretch his body parts. He also formed his own crew that was named Straw Hats and this is something about Luffy. 

Without discussing anything further let’s discuss the gears and see when does Luffy learns gear 1 and the answer to this is when he was fighting with Blueno and he was a member of CP9.

He pumped more oxygen with the help of increased nutrients in his body and also the size of the blood vessels. This gear also increased the speed and strength of Luffy. He mastered one technique and he activated it by pumping his legs and post skip time. With the help of this gear, Luffy can fight with Tekkai Technique and Soru Technique. 

The energy also gets depleted with this gear and it can be used without losing much energy after the two-year training with Rayleigh. If we talk about the third gear that helped in boosting Luffy’s powers drastically and for that to activate he needs to bite his thumb and then it will get activated.

He can even surpass his gear 3 and the attack from gear 3 is much more than gears. Talking about the fourth gear it has so many versions and Tankman focuses more on the attack than defense. This was not used much in the series. Talking about the gear 4 bounce man it was the most used form of Luffy that you will see in the series.

The whole rubber will get stuffed with this and it will allow Luffy to fly and it will also help him to defeat Dolflamingo. There is also gear 4 snake-man and this focuses more on observation of Haki and it will help to increase the speed. It was used while fighting with Katakuri. This was all about different gears.

So this was all about when does Luffy learn gear 1. We told you the scenario and we also talked about the other gears too that were used and also talked about when they were used. From this everything is pretty clear. Still, if there is any doubt regarding anything or you want to ask anything else then you can mention that in the comment section. 

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