What is IoT Hidden Menu on Android Devices? Why we Need it


Find out what Iot hidden menu is on Android and how you can enable or disable it.

The Android OS has experienced many changes over the years that have made it both exciting and confusing. It is exciting because it allows users access to many features that are not available on feature phones. But it can be confusing, as many system apps leave users asking, “What are they?” The Iot hidden menu program is one example.

These system applications can be used to modify your Android phone to your liking. You can also access applications unavailable to users through the IoT hidden menu. If you have seen this feature on a phone of yours and are curious what it is, then join us as we explain how to access and fix it.

What is IoT Hidden Menu?


It is one the Android’s easter eggs. Once it is discovered, we can see several unique options for checking device conditions. There are touch and colour testing options for display and vibration testing, receiver testing, and speaker testing for checking for hardware defects. Each hardware test allows you to check for any defects.

You also have the option of a Sensor, which is extremely useful. This shows all available sensors as well their second to third stats. This will allow you to see the number of sensors and their status and check if they are functioning correctly. These hardware diagnostic options are not the only options in IoT Hidden Menu. There are also some system modification options like Advance Network setting, Factory reset, and others.

These options are not always available under the IoT Hidden Menu. This can make it challenging to find them on every device. The majority of options mentioned above will be available on all the latest Samsung Android smartphones. To access the menu, you can dial *#0*#. You may experience the same problem with other Android phones. If you dial the code and nothing happens, then your phone doesn’t have IoT Hidden Menu enabled.

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Incredible Features of IoT Hidden Menu

  • Monitor the display’s performance with a change to green, red, blue or black. You can also identify defects like dark spots, damaged pixels or locked pixels with this. source.
  • Some graphics show readings such as the gyroscope and compass.
  • To begin receiving data from your phone’s sensors, select “sensor”, and you will also receive variations in readings.
  • You can use the touch test to determine if your touch screen is working correctly. You can check if you feel that you have to click to launch something repeatedly or if you cannot get an answer from one particular section of your mobile device.
  • Click on any rectangles on the screen. Your thumb trace will be displayed on the screen. This is very handy for many users.
  • You can also test the responsiveness of these keys to determine if they are usable.
  • To check the receiver, blast pop music and run an amplifier test.

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IoT Hidden Menu Features

You probably want to learn more about this setting before you order it. We’ve listed all the features in the IoT hidden menu.

  • You will see the three choices in the top row once you release the Menu. These options allow you to see if the colour is displayed correctly on the screen. Your phone will cover its display with the selected colour by clicking on any icons. This allows you to see if your phone has any stuck pixel issues.
  • Recipient. It allows you to send/receive Android system or application event messages. Unknown sounds will be generated by your phone’s receiver when you click on them. If that happens, the receiver may generally be working.
  • The vibration. After clicking on it, the vibrator should activate.
  • Megacam. The HDR auto-flash On will turn on the back camera. You can then test the performance of your back camera.
  • Grip sensor. It detects how you touch your phone. The grip sensor may be tested by touching it and holding your phone in your hand.
  • Sensor. These data will include stats and statistics for every second of the sensors on your device. The image test also allows you to view a visual graph showing the position of each accelerometer sensor. In the image test, you will see a photograph of a dog.
  • Touch will allow you to check the touch display of your phone. When you touch the boxes, too many squares will appear. They will turn yellow. Your finger will be highlighted in black as you touch boxes.
  • Speaker. Once you click the button, listen carefully to a fantastic song that you have never heard. This option allows users to test the speaker of their Android phones.
  • Sub Key. You can check whether your phone’s buttons (Volume up/Volume Down, Power Key) work correctly. When you do this test, the phone will display black initially and change as soon as you tap on the buttons. If the screen colours change upon pressing a button, the key has been tested.
  • Front Cam. Using the same method as the mega cam test to measure the performance of your smartphone’s front camera, the Front Cam option lets you test it. If your phone has HDR Auto and flashes ON enabled, your front camera should open during the test. Once you’re done, you can take another selfie to finish the test.
  • Black. You can perform this test to confirm that your phone is not showing a black colour.
  • Version. This option will reveal your phone model and other hardware details that you don’t find very useful.

These options are all available in the hidden Menu for the latest Samsung Android phones. There might be additional options on older models such as Factory Reset, Network Tuning Setting, and so on. These options are no longer available in new models. Samsung decided that they weren’t beneficial for users and removed them.

Also, unlike factory reset, clicking on Factory reset under the hidden Menu will immediately wipe out all data on your phone without asking you for confirmation. Make sure you know these things before clicking on Factory reset in the hidden Menu.

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