What Happened To Paloma On Big Brother

What Happened To Paloma On Big Brother?


The public is curious about what happened To Paloma On Big Brother when he departed the show during the live Thursday night episode.

Big Brother, is an American reality TV show currently airing its 24th season. In the week of July 6 in 2022 CBS and Global in both the US along with Global Canada and Global Canada broadcast the premiere episode of the season.

The show, presented by Julie Chen Moonves, follows the contestants who are competing for a prize of $750,000 while living in a residence in a group, continuously being recorded and in complete isolation from the world outside.

The season’s finale, which lasted 82 days, is scheduled to be broadcast on the 25th of September in 2022 and will last 82 days. Paloma Aguilar, who was a contestant, left the competition in the latest episode.

What Happened To Paloma On Big Brother?

What Happened To Paloma On Big Brother

A day before the live first eviction was scheduled to happen the following Wednesday Big Brother 24 competitor Paloma Aguilar kicked off the property. The program on Thursday exposed shocking facts.

After 25 minutes Aguilar confessed she was anxious and can get 4 to 5 hours of sleep every evening, revealing her lack of sleep. “I physically can’t stay in my house for long,” she told Matt Turner. “I need to leave so badly.”

She told the guests in the house that she could not take a nap or eat as they were concerned regarding her overall health. Then, she went into the diary room which created more confusion in the home.

What Is The Reason Paloma Aguilar Quit Big Brother?

What Is The Reason Paloma Aguilar Quit Big Brother

Big Brother competitor Paloma Aguilar announced her exit from the show in the live eviction segment on July 14, 2014, in a statement citing personal reasons. A full meeting of the family was later called to be called by Daniel Durston, the Head of the Household, in the living room.

Paloma is not participating in Big Brother. Big Brother game due to an issue personal to him, she read from a notecard. She wanted to convey her love for all of you and to wish the best for you by sending a letter to you.

Aguilar’s departure is marred by controversy due to the sexist remarks she as well as other guests on the house-made against Taylor Hale, a fellow Black cast member.

Paloma Big Brother Mental Health and Illness

Paloma Big Brother Mental Health and Illness

Paloma Aguilar, who was a participant in Big Brother Season 24, left the show for personal reasons. She was also having anxiety issues in her life and was declining due to sleeping insufficiently.

A few viewers who watch the live broadcasts have speculated that Paloma could have been experiencing an anxiety attack before when she went to bed due to sleeping issues. They also posted tweets about their worries.

Paloma is required to be able to leave the BB home for her mental well-being. The person who has suggested this isn’t laughing. The situation she is in isn’t funny.

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