What Happened To Eddie in 911

What Happened To Eddie in 911 | Everything About Eddie


Well, the writers of 911 are doing a superbly wonderful job by creating an impact on the fan’s emotional ends and there are many interesting things that you will get to see while you watch this. Well talking about Eddie (Ryan Guzman) let us talk about him and know what happened to Eddie in 911.

If we talk about some of the previous episodes of this then we will see that Eddie Diaz was fighting in Afghanistan and he was also haunted by the vivid flashbacks of his time in the military when his son who was Christopher ( Gavin McHugh) discovered his silver star medal. 

He was reminded of his mortality and he was also on some rescue mission. He was also found trapped in an underground tunnel and this was teased by the showrunners and they teased the firefighter’s exit but if we talk about the end then he came out alive. If we talk about the past lives of Eddie Diaz he used to have nine lives and now there is an end to his character.

So now we have to look at what will happen to Eddie? Will he die? Will he disappear or what else can happen to him? Worry not we will discuss here everything so keep reading to know what happened to Eddie in 911.

What Happened To Eddie in 911

What Happened To Eddie in 911

After there was an emotional episode then people went crazy on Twitter as he was the most loved character and we all know that good deeds never go in vain and this was especially for Ryan Guzman as he was the best in the recent episode of 911. Talking about episode 13 of season 4 he saved a young boy whose name was Charlie and then he proved that not all heroes wear capes and he saved him from a very critical situation.

If we see in-depth then we will get to know that initially Charlie’s mom was going to save him and her name was Sheila (Sara Canning) but unfortunately, she fell through the floor of the balcony, and then Eddie discovered that she was not the only one who was in danger when he came to help her.

Charlie’s mom told that Charlie had an autoimmune disease that is preventing him from going outside and at that time Eddie learned that Sheila had been intentionally been keeping Charlie sick in order to reap the rewards of his GoFundMe Donations. After some time Eddie discovered something strange when he got a call from Charlie and it was revealed that he has dosed his mother with the same medication that she was using for Charlie in order to make him sick.

Then luckily both Charlie and his mother got saved when Eddie and Buck got there in time and till the final scene the real tearjerker didn’t come up. Eddie was trying to leave Charlie’s house and he was shot dead by a sniper and he was left dead and the reaction of Buck makes this scene more emotional. 

Some Recent Tweets About Eddie

Since many tweets and many social media, information is spreading the news about this but anything is not clear yet by the showrunners whether Eddie is actually dead or not. Although fans of Eddie have taken mourned the character’s tragic death on Twitter. One of the users also wrote How am I supposed to sleep knowing the writers had Carla tell Eddie to follow his heart and then made him get shot right in front of Buck specifically and then they proceed to emphasize the fact that not once do they ever take off each other… there’s something there.

Another one tweeted that this is definitely not the end of the road for Eddie Diaz and one fan tweeted that he’s going to be fine everyone doesn’t be scared and I promise he’s gonna be fine. 

There was an interview of Ryan in which he told that he is pretty excited for season 5 and the creator of 911 also told that this is somewhat going to be like the season 2 finale and he said that he’s is going to be alive and he is going to fine. So need not to worry about Eddie. 

So now we can see that rumors are spreading all over the web whether we are going to see Eddie or not or will he die or will he survive? This is just a kind of mystery and we need to see this in the next episode whether he is surviving or he is dead. Whether the fans of Eddie have to say a final goodbye to him or they are going to see him again in the next episodes. 

There is also another news about him that when he was shot by a sniper he survived the situation and that sniper was discovered in the moment that led to Athena and it saved her husband Bobby (Peter Krause)

At the end, Eddie told Buck that he has named Buck the de facto guardian of his son Christopher in case anything happens to him and then Buck also made his relationship official with Taylor. 

Also, Albert (John Harlan Kim) is going to be the official firefighter and Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is not going to show anymore in the series as she is quitting her job as a 911 dispatcher and then he told Chimney (Kenneth Choi) that she needs help. The creator of the show also told why he couldn’t kill Eddie as he’s too pretty to die.

So this was all about what happened to Eddie in 911. We told you the whole story here and from that, it is pretty clear what happened to him and will he survive or not and it just depends on the next episode what we are going to see soon and then it will get clear from that. Till that we have to wait and read the news. Still, if you want to ask something else about 911 then you can ask us in the comment section.

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