What Episode Does Naruto and Hinata Get Together

What Episode Does Naruto and Hinata Get Together


Everyone loves to watch naruto and watching the naruto series was so much in trend in the past few years. During the pandemic, people started to watch this with great interest and it got love from many people. 

Well, naruto’s character is very cheerful and he is a very simple-minded person who has high hopes and high dreams. So know here whether naruto and Hinata get together? If so then in which episode does naruto and Hinata get together?

Naruto was a cheerful person and he hopes for the best for everyone and he has a good nature. He doesn’t notice Hinata’s attitude towards him. 

So are you excited to know in which episode does naruto and Hinata get together? They made a good pair we must say and made the audience fall for them.

What Episode Does Naruto and Hinata Get Together?

Well, there was no specific time when naruto started feeling for Hinata. It started unexpectedly and happened over time with a series of different events. When Naruto was young he didn’t notice anything about Hinata like her shyness around him and he rushed into many things.

Hinata started loving naruto when he was lonely and he was not aware of anything. Then everyone looked at them through the lenses of nine-tailed Jinchuriki. He was the love of her life as Naruto always saved her and protected her from all the bullies. 

This made her fall for him. Naruto may have started loving her soon but he was not well aware of the love as he was not mature enough at that time. He couldn’t understand what is love. Till he was 16 he was focused on Sakura Haruno.

He realized his love for her during the pain ark in the naruto series. Talking about the episode when Hinata showed that she loved her was in episode 437 of Naruto Shippuden, titled confession. Even though she started liking him from the start and loved here when he protected her.

But she never confessed her love towards him as she felt weird about confessing it. If she had confessed her love for him in the beginning then she would have faced rejection from him as he was not grown up at that time. 

Later in the Movie, Naruto’s love for Hinata grows and blossoms, and then he realizes that he too feels something for her and he revelled this thing within himself. He knew that he was in deep love with Hinata and his love for her was real. Late they both go on a mission and there Hinata and naruto go to know each other more than ever before. 

Naruto also discovered one unique thing about Hinata there that she was knitting a scarf for him for a long time. Then in the movie, the naruto last movie naruto, when realized his hidden feelings onwards her then he confessed this to Hinata and told her that he loved her.

During that time Hinata was amazed to see this and she was very happy to know this that she became speechless at that time. As this situation was not less than a fortune for her.  

So this was all about in which episode naruto and Hinata get together. We told you that there was no specific time for this when they both fell for each other. But there is one episode in which they confess their love towards each other. 

So we conclude that in episode 437 of Naruto Shippuden Hinata confesses her love towards naruto and in the last movie naruto confesses his love towards Hinata. Still, if you want to ask anything then you can ask us in the comment section.

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