what does ib mean on tiktok

What Does IB Mean On TikTok


Well, TikTok is so much in trend and many people who are using TikTok use their own language. They communicate in different ways and they totally enjoy that. Well, do you know what does FYP stands for? It was not common until TikTok came and you will see all the other things too here. There is a whole list of TikTok-specific vocabulary list that you should know definitely and along with that let us tell you what does ib means on TikTok.

There are many words that are being used on TikTok regularly. And the one which is going on trends recently is ib and there are a lot of people who are using this ib tag in their captions too and in their videos but they don’t know what does that exactly means. What do you think about this? Although this will not mean the same for everyone there can be more meaning of ib.

Well, it has two meanings and after doing some research on this we found the results about this. So are you excited to know all the two meanings of ib? Well, you should be if you are not because these are gonna help you someday.

So without talking any further let us start with the topic that what does ib means on TikTok. Keep reading and you will get the answer to your question. It is important for the users on TikTok to get aware of the language that is used in order to gain the overall experience.

What Does IB Mean On TikTok

what does ib mean on tiktok

There is one thing about ib and that is you will see that it is being followed by the username of someone and not by the username of the person whose video you are watching. What do you think about ib? What does it stand for? Is it an interesting bio? Is it influencer bae? Or what it is? Well well well!! It stands for inspired by on TikTok.

Many influencers and content creators are using this to give credit when they are recreating a video made by someone else. It is even used by the famous TikTok star named Addison Rae and along with him many other TikTok stars used this abbreviation on TikTok. It can sometimes be capitalized or sometimes displayed in lower case but the meaning remains the same for both.

People are using ib on TikTok to give credit for a certain dance or for a certain trend based on what inspired them to make that kind of video and it made them to make their own video. It is somewhat similar to what people use to give for dance credit as dc when they are uploading a video of their performing well on TikTok. 

Although it was developed by someone else and it is seen that dc is very common on TikTok and people are using it more frequently for more popular dance videos but there are some people on TikTok who are using ib as well in order to give the credits.

Although there is no hard rule to give credits to everyone or the accounts that are inspiring you in your TikTok caption but it shows a good gesture that you are mentioning them in your videos. You are telling the people about the original creators. It is not at all right to show the audience that the idea was hundred percent yours. 

You should always give credit to the account from which you are inspired to make your own video. There are many who doesn’t do this and then they are seen as a content stealer in that way from the popular accounts. That’s wrong for the audience and they will not be appreciated and loved by the people. So it is advisable to always give the credits to the accounts.

This was all about what does ib mean on TikTok. And do you want to know what does ib means in real life too?

Well, there can also be the case that people on TikTok use ib for some other reason. Maybe they are not using it to give credits to the person or they are using it on their content that is related to International Baccalaureate classes. As Ib also refers to international baccalaureate classes. They are somewhat similar to the advanced placement that is denoted by AP. it is used by the high school students and they can take them before actually entering college and in order to earn college credit.

So in case if you ask a student about the ib program they will tell you how difficult it is and it is way more difficult than the ap classes. There are ib classes in six subjects and they include language and literature, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics, the arts, and language acquisition. There is also one additional class that is about the theory of knowledge.

Students who are studying ib have to study these six subjects along with the theory of knowledge in order to complete the diploma course and in order to receive the college credit. It is hard for them to earn this kind of degree.

So we can see that TikTok videos about the ib program are about the workload that is faced by the students. It is a kind of an intense method of education and there are many students who are taking ib course in the online format rather in person. So now you got to know the two ib meanings on TikTok. 

So this was all about what does ib mean on TikTok. We told you the two definitions about this that are used on TikTok and you need to learn all the languages and especially the acronyms and abbreviations. this will help you to get the overall experience of TikTok and then you will enjoy it more when you will get to know this. There are some words that are shortened by TikTok itself and not by the people so you should know them definitely in order to use TikTok.

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