What Do The Lights On My Netgear Router Mean

What Do The Lights On My Netgear Router Mean?


Understanding what’s happening with the Netgear router could be difficult, particularly if you’re not generally familiar with the router’s technology. What Do The Lights On My Netgear Router mean? Might be your router has issues, they will usually be resolved by unplugging and reconnecting it. To assist you in figuring out how to control this router from Netgear, here we will guide you through its basics, precisely. What happens when that’s not enough to solve the problem? For many, they are left on the wrong side of the fence.

There are several lights, which include those that are the Power LED. If the Power LED is off, it will also turn off all other lights. The light may be white or green to signify the system’s readiness when solid amber is a sign that it’s on. If the light blinks, it could be a sign that other things are happening.

But what are these other lights referring to for the Power LED? What do these lights refer to in the different LEDs?

What Do The Lights on My Netgear Router Mean?

What Do The Lights on My Netgear Router Mean

Many lights are on your router, and various conditions could cause them to display different colors or flash. It cannot be apparent, but once you know the meaning behind them and what they mean, it will be easier to handle.

Power LED

  • Off: The router you are using isn’t on.
  • Pure green or white, It’s all set.
  • Amber solid The router you are using is in operation.
  • Amber blinking: Your router’s firmware is being upgraded, and the reset button was hit.
  • White blinking: Your router’s firmware is damaged.
  • Blinking amber and white: If you have an R8000 router, then your router is in the AP mode.

If the Power LED remains at a steady, amber color or flashes regardless of color and you suspect that your router isn’t performing as it should,

Internet LED

  • Off: No Ethernet cable connects the modem’s router and router.
  • Solid white or green: The Internet connection is up and running.
  • Amber solid This router recognized the presence of an Ethernet Cable connection with the modem.
  • White blinking: The port is either sending or receiving traffic.


  • Off Wireless radios turned off.
  • Pure white The WiFi radios have been working.
  • Blinking This router transmits or receives WiFi data.

WiFi Band LEDs

  • Off This radio on WiFi is turned off.
  • White solid: This WiFi transmitter is in operation.
  • Blinking It is transmitting or receiving data on the WiFi radio that is in use.


  • Off The USB device has been connected. The Securely remove Hardware option was pressed, and you can remove the attached USB device.
  • Flashing An USB device is connected and seeking to join.
  • Solid white or green: A USB device is fully charged and ready.

Ethernet LEDs

The LED color indicates speed: green or white to indicate Gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbps) connections and amber for 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps Ethernet connections.

  • Off There is no device connected to the Ethernet port.
  • Solid, The device, with the Power, is connected via an Ethernet port.
  • Blinking It is transmitting or receiving traffic.


  • Off: No WPS connection exists.
  • Blinking A WPS connection is currently in process.
  • Strong: The WPS connection was successful.

Why Do Netgear Routers Often Use Either White Or Green?

Green and white are typically employed according to the router but not necessarily on the same device. They usually mean the same thing, but whether the Netgear’s lights are green or white will be insignificant.

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