In the pursuit of social media stardom, individuals often resort to extreme measures, ranging from the foolish to the downright bizarre. One recent and genuinely startling attempt involves the unfortunate Von McCray and his wife, Andrea McCray.

Von McCray has been in a coma since mid-May 2022, raising eyebrows about the motives behind his wife’s actions. Despite the gravity of Von’s situation, Andrea seems more focused on exploiting the tragedy for internet fame rather than expressing genuine concern for her husband’s well-being.

The Background: Von McCray and Andrea McCray

Von McCray, a 29-year-old ex-marine, was discharged from the Marine Corps due to a knee injury. Andrea, known as Dre, is a social media influencer who gained popularity through makeup tutorial videos. The couple has been married for eight years, sharing one child and raising two from Andrea’s previous relationship.

Troubled Waters: Marriage Strife and Controversial Choices

According to a police report, trouble began in 2019 when Von sought therapy. Allegedly, he became verbally abusive, leading to Andrea temporarily leaving their residence until he calmed down. Despite these issues, Andrea denies arguments, referring to them as mere disagreements.

Controversy further surrounds Andrea as she promotes a controversial vegan diet involving substances like kratom and kava. While kratom is technically legal in the U.S., the FDA hasn’t approved it for medical use, and the DEA lists it as a Drug and Chemical of Concern.

The Tragedy Unfolds: Von McCray in an Irreversible Coma

As per Andrea’s account, a disagreement with Von escalated, leading him to step outside. Later, she found him hanging in the shed. Andrea cut the rope, called 911, and performed CPR. However, rather than notifying Von’s family, she posted videos of him having seizures on social media.

Family Estrangement and Social Media Drama

Von’s family and friends discovered his condition through social media, rushing to see him. Shockingly, Andrea denied them access and even posted a video instructing a hospital security guard to keep them away.

Despite her husband’s critical condition, Andrea’s online activities continue unabated. She exhibits minimal compassion, seemingly reveling in the attention drawn by Von’s unfortunate circumstances.

The Shadow of Suspicion: #justiceforvon Gains Traction

Social media users, under the hashtag #justiceforvon, call for a police investigation into Andrea’s actions, suspecting her involvement in Von’s medical condition. Influencers like @Auntkaren01 express doubts, sharing the police report and insinuating.

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