19 Super Underrated Actors in Hollywood


While some actors are considered “Hollywood elite” by the media, there are many underrated actors of Hollywood who may never get the kind of recognition they deserve.

Sometimes, their acting style doesn’t fit in with current trends. Other times it’s simply because prominent studio executives don’t feel that name recognition will help sell a movie.

I’m going to give you my list of 30 Underrated Actors You Need To Know About immediately!

All you have to do is sit back and read about these talented individuals below! I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed writing this blog post for your entertainment!

Here is Our List of 19 Super Underrated Actors of Hollywood

19. Marlon Brando

“I could have been a contender,” Marlon said to his shrink in On The Waterfront. He would have been if he didn’t have personal problems later in life.

In front of the camera, he was an intense and brooding person that you couldn’t take your eyes off. And if you weren’t convinced of how good he was, all you had to do was watch him in his Oscar nominations role as Vito Corleone, the Godfather.

It’s a shame he will forever be remembered for his eccentricities rather than his outstanding performances.

18. Annette Bening

She’s the only actress that can play a fragile, crazy, and pathetic character. She’s an underrated actress because she does her job with brilliance in every role she’s given.

When you see her act in movies like American Beauty or The Grifters, it seems like the latter was made for her only.

If you haven’t seen this underrated actress on screen yet, quit wasting time and check her out.

17. James Marsden

He’s handsome, funny and a great actor. He’s the perfect leading man for comedies because he does his role easily.

He can make you laugh in The Notebook or make you cry in The Notebook. It doesn’t matter because he makes you feel what the character feels.

He’s a top-notch performer, and he doesn’t get enough credit for it because he mostly plays supporting roles. Just wait until his turn as a leading man comes. You’ll see how talented this underrated actor is.

16. Jennifer Garner

Even though she’s been in Hollywood long enough to be considered a veteran, she’s still underrated.

In Alias, she memorably played Sydney Bristow, and when the show went off the air, people seemed to forget about her never-ending talent.

She’s a great supporting actress in J.Edgar, and she has also proven herself as a comedy star with Juno or 13 Going on 30. But no matter how many genres she tackles, one thing is sure: Jennifer Garner never disappoints.

15. Forest Whitaker

When you watch an actor perform, it’s important to feel like they are the character they’re playing and not doing some acting trickery to make you believe that they’re something else. That’s why Forest Whitaker is an underrated actor.

When you see him on screen, even for a small role, he feels like the character that he portrays-the man who just came out of jail in Ghosts of Mars or Idi Amin in The Last King Of Scotland.

He disappears into his characters to the point where every scene he’s in feels like it was made just for him.

14. Olivia Wilde

She has been underrated since her small role in The O.C., but the world is starting to take notice of this talented actress after Tron Legacy and Cowboys & Aliens.

She doesn’t need to prove that she can act. She is a great actress, and all people have to do now is watch her work.

She’s witty, charming, and can make you believe that she’s the character she plays, as proven in The Change-Up or In Time.

Olivia Wilde has been underrated for too long, and it’s time that we take notice of how good an actress she is.

13. Steven Seagal

His acting was considered laughable and corny for a long time, but no one can deny that he’s good in his roles.

His ability to perform on screen is underrated because of all the jokes we make about him and his movies these days, but there was a time when people thought he was a good actor.

He’s been in some memorable movies like The Glimmer Man or On Deadly Ground, where he got to show his skills as an actor and a fighter.

12. Gary Oldman

He proved himself as a great actor ever since he stole the show in Leon: The Professional and kept that level of acting throughout his career.

But somehow, he always remains underrated because of all the other great actors out there, like Johnny Depp, where you know he’s going to deliver, or Tom Cruise, a household name for non-movie buffs.

That doesn’t mean that Gary Oldman does not deserve the praise he gets, and if you watch him in The Book of Eli or Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, you’ll realize that he’s a great actor and a big-time talent.

11. Bruce Willis

There was a time when this guy was the leading man every girl dreamed about, but nowadays, most people have forgotten how good an actor he is.

Even though all his publicity lately has been about his personal life and his failed marriages, the fact remains: Bruce Willis is one of the greatest actors out there.

He can deliver both comedy and drama equally well, as proven in Pulp Fiction or Twelve Monkeys, which made him a star back then.

10. Adam Sandler

People say he’s a one-trick pony, but there’s no doubt that he knows what he’s doing and how to get the best out of his movies.

His brand of comedy is personal, and it was perfect for the nineties when every movie he starred in became a significant hit.

But since then, Sandler has proven himself as a very versatile actor in some of the best comedies out there, even though that’s not a word you’ll find on his resume.

He keeps proving that he can do more than just slapstick comedy, as seen in Punch Drunk Love or Spanglish.

9. Al Pacino

It’s safe to say that Al Pacino is a versatile actor, as he can make you believe the most absurd things with his passionate delivery.

He can be acting alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed, and it feels like he’s the younger one of the two, even though he has more years on his back than most people.

You can also see Al Pacino doing Shakespearean drama with Juliette Binoche in Looking For Richard, where he proves you don’t need cars or guns to make a movie good.

8. Mel Gibson

It’s safe to say that Mel Gibson is an actor who can deliver action, drama, thrills, and comedy all at the same time, as proven in most of his movies.

But after he made some things public that are not very positive, most people have forgotten how good an actor Mel Gibson is. 

It’s a shame that a man with such talent is not getting the praise he deserves, as you can tell from his performance in Braveheart or What Women Want.

7. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp was one of the top movie stars back in the nineties and 2000s, but now most people don’t think about him as a relevant actor anymore.

He proved his talent as an actor in Tim Burton’s best movies and as an excellent blockbuster star with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. 

Johnny Depp is one of those actors attached to too many franchises, which has made people forget just how good he is. 

That’s why it’s time to give him some credit for his incredible performance in Black Mass or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

6. Sean Penn

Some people don’t like Sean Penn because of the political statements, but there’s no doubt that the man is an impeccable actor.

He was nominated four times for an Oscar but never won it, so maybe that’s the reason why he keeps on being underrated by most people. 

But Penn has proven time after time how good of an actor he is, whether in Mystic River of Milk, where he won his only Academy Award so far for playing Harvey Milk.

5. Jim Carrey

Some so many comedians who got the opportunity to prove they can also act and do drama, but Jim Carrey is one of those few who made it work so well.

No matter how crazy his characters are, he always remains believable, as proven in The Truman Show or Man on the Moon. 

Watch him playing Mr Chris to Kevin Hart’s Josh next year in The Secret Life of Pets, and you will get proof of his talent.

4. Michael Cera

It’s hard to think people forget how good an actor Michael Cera is, but he’s been doing it when you see the movies. Lately, most people don’t pay any attention at all.

But when you start making a list of his best performances, you realize just how awesome a comedian Cera is. He’s hilarious in Superbad and does a great job portraying a quirky character in Scott Pilgrim vs The World or Juno.

3. Daniel Day-Lewis

This is one of those actors who likes to take his time between movies, as he only has two releases every few years. But when he’s on the screen, Daniel Day-Lewis makes it count, as he’s one of those actors who can make any movie look better with his presence.

That’s why people get so surprised when an actor of this calibre accepts a role in a big franchise like The Dark Knight or Gangs of New York. 

But that doesn’t mean he can’t act in big movies, as proven in The Last of the Mohicans or Lincoln.

2. Edward Norton

It’s hard to imagine how good of an actor Edward Norton is, but when you look at some of his best works, it makes sense why he gets cast in every significant movie he wants to be in.

As proven in American History X, Fight Club, or Birdman, he can do comedies, drama, and action. Even his more lighthearted roles are significant, as you can see in The Grand Budapest Hotel or The Illusionist.

1. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is an actress who was on top of the world back in the nineties but has been slowly losing her appeal since then.

Even though she did some interesting movies, like Eat Pray Love or Erin Brockovich, most people have forgotten how good an actress Julia Roberts is. 

She’s the perfect example of an actor who got too big for her britches and lost focus on her craft, but you can still see sparks of greatness in everything she does.

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