Twitter Analytics Not Working

Twitter Analytics appears to have problems for many users Saturday, who claim that their tweet impressions have dropped to “zero.”

Many users are experiencing problems with the Twitter Analytics feature, which shows tweet metrics. This feature is used regularly by large numbers of Twitter users to evaluate tweets. It shows metrics such as Retweets (Replies), Likes, Link Clicks, and many more.

You can access the feature by visiting Twitter Analytics. One can also view the reach of tweets using the “Tweet Activities” pop-up on the website.

However, many users report that their tweet impressions dropped to zero on Saturday due to the malfunctioning feature. They both say that the Twitter Analytics and pop-up boxes are the same. It is indeed malfunctioning, according to the Devdiscourse office.

Twitter has yet to respond to the complaints, and the geographic impact of the problem remains unknown.

Twitter Analytics is used by many businesses to assess the impact of shared content and plan.

Why Is Twitter Analytics Not Working?

Why Is Twitter Analytics Not Working

If you have problems accessing the Twitter analytics, your account may not meet the following requirements:

  • Your account must be at least 14-days old
  • Your account is not in violation of the Twitter policy
  • Your Twitter account is not suspended, restricted, or deleted

If Twitter Analytics is not working for you even though your account meets all the requirements, there may be a bug or glitch in Twitter Analytics.

The Twitter team is aware of the issue and working to fix it.

Twitter can be used to tweet your problem by using the Twitter support handle.

Wait for Twitter to fix the issue. Or, you can access Twitter analytics to see if Twitter analytics is not working.

Update the Twitter app if you’re mobile.

Update the Twitter app to the latest version to fix any bugs reported to the Twitter support team.

If you wish, you can also set up an app auto-update. This will ensure that your app is always up to date with the latest version and that any bugs are fixed.

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