TV Resolution Explained

TV Resolution Explained


When looking for your next screen or TV, there are a lot of numbers to think about before making the final purchase choice. The cost and size numbers are simple to comprehend; however, the resolution doesn’t come as naturally. Everyone can comprehend how much LCD costs and how large the picture will be. For those who aren’t a person, the number of resolutions can be somewhat of a mystery, so here are TV Resolution Explained. Most consumers are aware that the more resolution and the greater the number is, the higher the quality of images. What is precisely 4K — or 8K mean? In addition, how should you utilize them to create your next projector or TV purchase?

TV Resolution Explained

TV Resolution Explained

Resolution refers to the number of pixels that comprise the image on TV; it is typically one of the topics the salesperson will speak of when trying to convince you to buy an LCD TV. Pixels are tiny dots that blend into the image displayed on the TV’s screen with more pixels, which means more clarity and sharper details. This is why it’s essential to know the basics of resolutions you’ll find when searching for the ideal TV.

720p Resolution

A 720p resolution television includes 1280 columns and 720 rows of pixels. This is the reason it’s referred to as”720p”. It is the standard resolution that can be referred to as “high definition.” A 1080p resolution television is more than twice the pixels of a standard 720p screen and, for a long time, is the standard for high-definition televisions and most content is created and released in 1080p.

With the rise of modern technologies, HD is now available. FHD TVs are generally available in smaller sizes, such as 24″ and 32″, for those who want smaller screens, such as kitchens, caravans, or even kid’s bedrooms. FHD can also be found in 43″ to 49″ sizes, perfect for entry-level televisions mainly used for gaming. It is also suitable when size or budget constraints are the primary considerations when purchasing a TV.

4K (UHD or Ultra High Definition)

4K UHD TVs are four times the resolution of those 1080 p FHD TVs and nine times the number of HDTV pixels with 720p resolution. The resolution of the 4K TV is smaller, which means that they can fit into TVs that are a similar size. This means that the quality of images on the TV with 4K resolution will be brighter and clearer than on smaller resolution TVs. If you’re planning to upgrade your TV, we highly recommend you go with a UHD TV as technology is evolving from 1080p and 720p resolutions, and 4K is the new standard.

In general, you’ll see 4K resolution on TVs with larger screen sizes because the differences in resolution are more apparent on large screens. If you’re worried about the dimensions of your living space, it’s essential to keep in mind that since the resolution is so tiny in a TV that is 4K, you won’t be able to observe them from a distance, which means you’ll be able to sit more than the display. If you’re having difficulty choosing which size to buy, you can look up my guide to TV sizes here (spoiler alert: buy a big one).

A growing amount of content is being created in 4K resolution across all streaming services (even YouTube), and 4K TVs may also be available with other technologies like ALED LCD (LED), QLED NanoCell Mini LED, and OLED. You can find more information about them to share with you here.


Utilizing the same principle as 4K, 8K TVs are more pixels than an HD TV, which means the TV’s actors could appear to be sitting in your living room the image is sharp. This is a fantastic advancement in technology that is accompanied by a brand-new price. If you are an early adopter, then 8K is the right choice. The 8K TV’s pixels are small that they aren’t visible in close proximity, resulting in an even more realistic and sophisticated appearance than any other.

Since they’re new, little content is being developed and released in 8K resolution. However, the majority of 8K TVs feature upscaling technology. On other screens with high definition, playing low-resolution content can result in pixelated or blurry images. Upscaling technology converts content shown with FHD or UHD resolutions to near 8K resolutions, allowing you to still watch your favorite shows on high-end television.

The 8K model is available in top-end or premium models for all famous brands. If you’re looking for the most potent televisions on the market, don’t look further than 8K.

In sum

If you’re planning to upgrade your television, we recommend 4K resolution as it’s the standard resolution for content and technology alike. It’s also suitable for the majority of uses and applications.

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