Turtlebox Speaker Review

Turtlebox Speaker Review: Strong and Rugged


Turtlebox insists that it is the “loudest, most rugged, and outdoor-friendly portable speaker.” However, it also created the least ugly Bluetooth speaker. You’ll need to choose one of two primary senses to understand the Turtlebox: its sound or appearance. Here we are to share the Turtlebox Speaker Review in this article.

Let’s begin with the sound. Turtlebox is delivering exceptional audio quality through its crisp highs and booming basses. It’s loud and clear. There is no distortion regardless of how loud you crank the volume. The backlit onboard controls don’t give any indication as to when the maximum volume is reached. However, I doubt it would be possible if you are standing directly next to the speaker and not causing permanent hearing loss. The unit is designed to achieve 120dB.

This can be done safely using your phone’s volume controls from a distance. It is challenging to locate a situation where the Turtlebox can be used at more than 30% volume without being in a stadium environment. These situations are possible, but you can pair two units together to create a stereo experience if this is not feasible.

This power is provided by a single, significant, oval 6-x-9-inch driver and a 1.25-inch speaker. Turtlebox does not give information on the amplifier power rating. However, the battery is listed as an 85wH 9-cell unit. The mAh rating is not specified, and we cannot compute it due to the battery’s voltage rating. According to Turtlebox, the battery can playback for up to 20 hours at “easy listening” and more than 6 hours at maximum volume. The only audio source options available are Bluetooth and AUX cable input.

Let’s now look at its aesthetics, which is uninspired. The company sent me the brown model, despite having five options. It has the rough shape of a large lunch box (11.5 x 6.75 x 8.75 inches WxDxH) and is covered in monochrome plastic so that it would look great on a portable beverage cooler.

The Turtlebox’s industrial look makes it easy to see why it will be at home wherever it is photographed. It can be found in a pickup or tied to a kayak. The device comes with tie-down anchors on both ends. In addition to its IP67 specifications – which means it is immune to dust and can submerge for 30 minutes in a metre of water without deterioration – it seems clear that the 10-pound device will not easily be damaged short of your F-150 going up in flames.

Turtlebox is a good choice if you are looking for a speaker to complement your Yeti cooler in your truck bed. It costs $374.

Turtlebox Speaker Review- Turtlebox Speaker Design

Turtlebox Speaker Design

Just by looking at the speaker, you’ll see its strength. Because the speaker’s exterior is tough and rigid, it is impervious to impact. It is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. This means you can take it on a boat, rain, or camping in the woods. It will still work.

It is 10 pounds in weight, which can be a bit heavy if you need to carry it around. It has a comfortable and sturdy handle at the top, making it easier to maintain. It measures 11.5 inches by 6.5 inches by 8.75 inches. This is not the right choice if you are looking for a portable speaker that can be carried in a bag. It’s not the right one if you want one that you can keep in your home. It’s great for outdoor adventures. Rubber feet are also found on the bottom.

The Turtlebox speaker has an LED control pad at the top left. From here, you can adjust the volume or switch between tracks. One or more Bluetooth devices can be connected by pressing a button. They are easier to use at night because they are illuminated. Five colour options are available: Original Green, White, Laguna Madre Blue and Thunderhead Gray.

Despite the design quirks, the only problem with the speaker is its two USB-C ports. One can be used to charge your phone via the power adapter, while the other provides a power pass-through for charging your phone. The ports and the AUX are located under a threaded waterproof cover, which is excellent for their ruggedness but not ideal for usability. The USB-C ports are too close together, with little space between them. You won’t have enough space to charge a USB A device using a USB C adapter.

Features Of The Turtlebox Speaker

Features Of The Turtlebox Speaker

The LED control pad is topped with a sturdy metal plate. The speaker is robust and comes with tie-down anchors, so it won’t move if it doesn’t want to. It has a unique charging port. The charging port is similar to a reusable water container’s screw-off design. The speaker can be charged using the in- and out USB-C ports. You can set your phone, tablet, or other device using the out port. They are protected from harsher environments because they are covered. It does make the speaker look a bit silly.

You can also connect your phone to the aux output below the cap. There is also the possibility of plugging in a computer or laptop. You can connect two Turtlebox speakers by pressing a button on your control pad. This is how you can adjust the sound to your liking.

The battery pack provides a significant boost. The Turtlebox Speaker will provide 20 hours of uninterrupted music listening. The speaker’s 85 watt-hour Lithium-Ion battery packs will allow it to last for more than six hours, even when you listen at maximum volume.


This speaker is easy to hear. This is its best attribute. It can produce a sound as loud as 120dB without distortion. It can be set to extremely low or high volume, and it will still play the song strictly as it was intended. I placed the Turtlebox speaker in one area, closed the door, then moved to another room within my house and shut the door. I raised the volume and was able to hear the song through barriers.

The bass kicks hard when you listen to a heavy bass-laden song at total volume. You can see the speaker’s movement. Side note: Since the music starts with heavy bass, I use “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish to test the bass. This information is for those who want to try their speakers at home. This upgraded model features a 1.25″ larger tweeter. The upgraded model features a 6-foot x 9-foot polypropylene speaker cone and rubber surround. The frequency curve creates a sound that cuts through the wind.


The speaker’s sound quality will impress. The speaker can blast music while still being clear. This speaker is great for outdoor activities such as fishing and camping. This may not be the right speaker for you if you are looking for a compact speaker that you can take with you everywhere. It is pretty expensive at $374. It is an excellent choice for power and endurance.

The competition

Similar pricing is available for the Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is sleeker and allows you to personalize your sound. It could be the right choice for you if you are looking for more control. The Monster Rockin’ Roll 270 Portable Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker is durable. Although it can play longer, it is more challenging to move about.

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