Top Mobile Application Development Trends in Ohio 2022

As you are here, you must be well acquainted with the recent news of Ohio sports betting laws breaking to finally emerge as an official wagering state. The countdown is legally off the chase now with the official launch of Ohio sports betting after the bill was passed in December 2021. Daily fantasy sports betting is essentially popular in the province of Ohio and many new apps are developing to meet the new trends in the wagering market. What do you consider Ohio sports betting apps to be like? 

It’s time to exhilarate yourself with the new app development trends that are being structured worldwide. Today, almost every developer has a mobile app. To be precise, an operator cannot function online without a well-established app. To make the app a success, to outshine the technologically adjustable competition, and to survive in the competitive environment, apps need to deliver a relevant and elevated experience to their users. Some of the most adopted app development trends by the developers in 2022 are listed in detail.  

Apps for Foldable Devices

Making a surprising comeback from the early 2000s, foldable gadgets, and phones precisely are once again on the market trends. Although foldable devices are a small part of the entire market share for the time being. This will soon change and take a bigger shape. According to statistics, the global extended reach of foldable devices is envisioned to reach up to 50 million units by the end of 2022. 

There is a huge scope related to this: expansion of the UI and improved usability with the possibility of making use of the device more like a phone or a mini-tab simultaneously. The display can be easily folded anywhere which makes it lovable. This is one of the reasons to stay tech-savvy in this app development world. 


Since the boost in cryptocurrency took to a great extent, blockchain has become extremely popular. The technology has expanded its horizon and is applicable in various forms, ranging from medical data services to supply chain monitoring. It also structured the entire payment gateway of a sportsbook app. Making payments with cryptos has become so much easier and more convenient. With the wide usage of Bitcoin and Ethereum, payment gateways have become faster nowadays. 

Blockchain plays a pivotal role in mobile app development trends due to various reasons. For example, decentralized apps grant users effective control over their info by removing the demand for centralized immediacies. This has benefited the apps in multiple ways including governance, security, finance, and social categories. Blockchain wallet users exceeded the count of 70 million users in the previous year, March. 

5g on the Rise

5g on the Rise

Among the previous year’s app development trends, 5g was on the rise. But soon after it became a buzzword and an indicator of an ever-growing rise, we observed the complete incorporation of 5g technology not only in the state of Ohio but worldwide. It offers a super-fast speed of 319 terabytes per second along with a high connection density, near-zero latency, and a wide bandwidth connection making the apps more efficient and faster. 

5g connections will probably rise by 15 percent among all device connections by the year 2025, while the projected rise for the coming year is 47.5 percent. No wonder why maintaining 5g connections in the future is an app development trend. 

Enterprise Mobility

At the time of resignation, considerable employees need to redefine their operational working models and hiring processes. With ease in movability, employees can start working remotely without any complex activity in operations. Also, with everything going virtual, the automated help desks and services are channelizing the demands of users and fulfilling them with their new standards. 

Enterprise mobility apps are structured keeping the corporate needs in mind. 85 percent of the global operations solely depend on employees’ personal gadgets to ensure market competitiveness and continuity. Workplace flexibility is one of the most loved facilities of employees, hence enterprise mobility in any sector is a significant app development trend. 

AR Integration

One of the majorly adopted technologies in recent apps to boost the user experience of every player out there using iOS or Android in 2022 is virtual and augmented reality. The universally acclaimed global market reach for AR and VR advanced to USD 30.7 billion in 2021. This rise is expected to reach 300 billion by the year 2024. 

Incorporating AR and VR technologies in any app will make it progressive in the long run while assisting in developing trends for the respective industry. Also, AR and VR contribute to the next level of user engagement and interaction with their extended usage facilities. 

Bottom Line

By 2022, the entire app revenue generated by mobile is anticipated to reach USD 693 billion. To stay activated in this market, the app development companies need to stay on track by leveraging the recent mobile application trends in the market. The past years have been restricted due to the global pandemic, however, it has strengthened and benefited the application development industry to evolve at a break-neck pace. 

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