TikTok vs YouTube

TikTok vs YouTube | Which Should You Choose in 2022


YouTube and TikTok both have video platforms, but they are very different. Which one should you choose if you want the best viewing experience?

YouTube and TikTok, two of the most popular video platforms, constantly compete for your attention. Which one is better for you, the viewer? It keeps you entertained and delivers high-quality content.

Let’s look at TikTok vs YouTube and determine which one is better.

TikTok And YouTube: What’s the difference?

TikTok And YouTube: What's the difference

Let’s start with TikTok and YouTube. Both are similar in many ways but have unique differences.

What Is TikTok, A Social Media Platform?

What Is TikTok, A Social Media Platform

TikTok, a global video-sharing platform that lets users create and share short videos on any topic, is called a global short-form video-sharing app. Although the app was created by Chinese tech company ByteDance in 2016, it had several names before becoming TikTok. One of these was “Douyin”, which had more than 100 million users in its first year and one billion video views per day. In 2017 TikTok hit the international market and became the number one downloaded app in many different countries.

TikTok, however, is not as popular as YouTube. It’s more like a DIY video-sharing site. The mobile app allows users to spark their creativity and create vertical 9/16 aspect ratio video clips. You can also use the mobile app to create short clips, speed up or slow down time, add music and use augmented realities. Social media platforms allow content creators to show their artistic side.

TikTok’s popularity began when users discovered their passion for creating video memes and following viral trends such as the hashtag bottle cap challenge or the hashtag passing the cellphone challenge. Trends and simple challenges seem to be in vogue, and people love them.

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What Is YouTube, The Video-Sharing Site?

What Is YouTube, The Video-Sharing Site

YouTube is the world’s leading video-sharing site. YouTube was founded in 2005 by three former employees from PayPal, an American e-commerce firm. The idea that people would share their home videos drove the company from 30,000 visits per day to 25,000,000 views per day in a little over a year.

YouTube users can watch longer videos than on TikTok. They will find videos such as gaming, ASMR videos, music videos and podcasts. You can also view science, crime documentaries or sports videos. YouTube offers everything you need, whether you want to laugh or learn.

Creators have the option to create widescreen 16/9 videos and upload them on their YouTube channel. Videos can be as long as 15 minutes. Verified accounts have no limit on the video length. YouTube creators can share any content they want with the world, just like TikTok. YouTube allows creators to share and discover fandoms based on how they want to create content.

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TikTok vs YouTube – How to Choose the Right Platform for You

TikTok vs YouTube - How to Choose the Right Platform for You

YouTube and TikTok support social interactions among users around the globe. Brands, marketers, influencers, businesses, and other stakeholders are all supported. YouTube and TikTok provide valuable features to help businesses take their business to the next level. Let’s examine the differences between YouTube and TikTok in driving social connectivity and helping companies thrive.

TikTok vs YouTube – Range Of Content

TikTok vs YouTube - Range Of Content

You’ll quickly notice the differences between YouTube and TikTok content. TikTok is best suited for short videos, which average about a minute in length. YouTube videos can last hours.

TikTok has increased its maximum video length to around three minutes. However, creators can’t provide detailed content on the platform. Instead, they focus on entertaining users to keep them scrolling through more videos.

YouTube creators are freer to create whatever content they wish. Videos are intended to entertain, but there is also educational content and full-length movies.

YouTube’s wider content selection means viewers have a better experience using the platform. YouTube doesn’t limit you to a particular type of content or a time limit. You can search for any topic at the same time using the platform.

YouTube is the clear winner in terms of the content offered on both platforms. TikTok is limited to one audience and doesn’t offer the same level of content like YouTube.

TikTok vs YouTube – Ease Of Use

TikTok vs YouTube - Ease Of Use

YouTube was founded in 2005 and had a long history. You would expect YouTube to offer a better user experience than TikTok.

TikTok is a younger platform that’s more flexible and offers a more seamless viewing experience. It made waves right from the beginning when it began playing videos as soon as you opened the app. The videos were also displayed on full screen.

The design change made it stand out from the rest and created a TV-like experience. You can continue watching the videos and swipe the channel to see something new.

All other features, such as comments and sharing, are displayed directly on the video. The icons encourage you to interact with the video and be a part of it, rather than feeling cramped.

YouTube is a bit older than TikTok. To view a video, you must tap it again. You will also need to exit the full screen to play a different video.

TikTok’s younger generation is more up-to-date and has created a better user experience than YouTube.

TikTok vs YouTube – Adverts

TikTok vs YouTube - Adverts

TikTok adds don’t integrate as well into the platform as YouTube ads. TikTok does not run ads within the videos because they are so short.

YouTube allows creators the ability to embed multiple-length ads in one video. The ads can interrupt content at inappropriate times, which results in a poor user experience. You can also scroll through the ads and search for content.

TikTok hasn’t yet experienced this saturation of ads. Because it’s still young, ads have not taken over the site. The content is still at the forefront. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t see advertised content. Many influencers work with companies to promote their products.

It does, however, mean that TikTok offers a better overall viewing experience. TikTok doesn’t bombard you with ads while you watch your favourite content.

TikTok vs YouTube – Quality Content

TikTok vs YouTube - Quality Content

The content shared on each platform will ultimately impact how you view it. TikTok is a younger platform than YouTube.

TikTok appeals to younger generations with its short videos, easy uploading, and simple interface. Anyone with a smartphone can instantly start a TikTok Channel. The quality will be the same as the current videos.

YouTube offers a wide range of content. YouTube’s creators can make simple videos. However, some people use expensive equipment and post-production equipment.

The higher quality content is more interesting to viewers than short videos recorded on smartphones. YouTube is the clear winner when it comes to quality content.

TikTok vs YouTube – Managing Content

TikTok vs YouTube - Managing Content

YouTube’s experience as a platform has many benefits. It has matured its features. You can view all the videos you have liked in the past. Multiple playlists can include your favorite videos, each with different topics. You can also access your entire history and add videos to a playlist for later viewing.

TikTok is not as good because you can subscribe to multiple channels and be notified about new content.

TikTok allows you to save videos and like them. However, there is no way to organize your videos so that you can find them in the future. You can save too many videos, and you will end up scrolling through them all to find the right one for you.

You can’t subscribe and receive notifications from different creators. This means that you will have to search for the content you are looking for manually.

YouTube is the best platform for personalized content consumption.

TikTok and YouTube Differents

These are the key features that make YouTube and TikTok stand out.

Maximum Video Length

TikTok – TikTok is well-known for its short bursts and videos that last no more than three minutes.

YouTube offers longer, more detailed content. YouTube allows unverified accounts to view up to 15 minutes and verified accounts for 2 hours.

User Base

TikTok – More than a billion monthly users

YouTube – More than 2,000,000 monthly users


TikTok – TikTok loves fun, trendy and unserious content such as music, dance, funny videos and lip-syncing challenges.

YouTube: YouTube offers various content types, from casual to business-oriented to serious and social.

Ad Formats

TikTok With TikTok, businesses can create many ad types.

  • TopView Ads
  • Advertisements for In-Feed
  • Branded Hashtags
  • Brand Takeovers


YouTube for business has many ad formats and types, including:

  • Bumper ads
  • Display ads that respond to your needs
  • Masthead ads
  • Skippable ads in-stream
  • In-stream ads are not skippable
  • Advertisements for video discovery

Direct Messaging

TikTok offers a direct messaging option.

YouTube: No direct messaging feature.


TikTok – TikTok is a great choice for younger audiences (Gen Zs, Younger Millennials).

YouTube has a wider audience than just kids, Genis and millennials.

Content Monetization

TikTok – the Creators don’t make money from ad revenues. TikTok rewards creators based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Authentic views and numbers.
  • Engagement level
  • Respect the TikTok Community Guidelines & Terms of Service

YouTube Content creators have the opportunity to monetize their content and earn a share of ad revenue.

YouTube Is A Better Viewing Experience.

YouTube Is A Better Viewing Experience

While TikTok is entertaining as a platform, YouTube has more experience than that, and it shows. It’s possible to search through a vast collection of high-quality videos and find any content you desire. The videos can be saved for later viewing and organized with playlists.

You now know which platform is more popular with viewers. Now you can commit to YouTube to become a YouTube pro to master it.

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