Things to Do for Your Summer Before College

18 Things to Do for Your Summer Before College Bucket List


The summer before college is the most exciting time. Students are in anticipation of a brighter future full of fun, independence, and new friends. But why wait until the start of the semester to live to the fullest? There are many ways to seize opportunities and enjoy your life right now. Here are 18 ideas to add to your summer before college bucket list! 

  1. Take an internship. If you want to use your free time with purpose, take an internship in your area of interest. From Microsoft and CSSI to John Hopkins and NASA—a variety of organizations offer exciting programs to students. If you need a winning application essay, let medical school personal statement writing service take care of it. Doing a summer internship is a perfect chance for students to network, develop hands-on skills, and boost confidence. 
  2. Create a photo display board. Take photos with your family, friends, and pets to create a photo display. You can later take it with you to your dorm to remind yourself of the most precious moment of your life if you’re feeling homesick. 
  3. Go on a road trip. Spending a summer before college without taking a road trip is simply impossible. Gather your friends or travel alone to make memories for life.
  4. Get a new hairstyle. Summer before college is the time of change. So why not start with a style makeover? Be creative and try a new hairstyle that will make you feel like an entirely different person. 
  5. Do some back-to-school shopping. Dorm essentials, stationery, makeup, clothing, accessories… Make sure you get everything you need to start college feeling comfortable and cozy. It will help you settle in in no time! 
  6. Find academic resources. The first year in college may feel overwhelming. Your future self will thank you if you find a reliable paper writing service to send your write my essay for me requests to. Having academic support is crucial to meeting high educational demands. 
  7. Visit a theme park. Celebrate and discover exciting attractions at a theme park. It is a great place to enjoy thrilling rides, relax, and try delicious food.
  8. Create something DIY for your dorm room. You can easily make your dorm room feel like home with a few decorations that express your personality. These can be posters, lights, mirrors, pictures, and storage boxes. Use practical and creative items to decorate to your heart’s content!
  9. Volunteer. In summer, when you don’t have essays and reading to do, you can use the freed-up time to help your community. Volunteering gives you invaluable opportunities to grow and develop transferable skills that will come in handy in college. 
  10. Research extracurriculars. Goal setting is an important part of success. Take your time to decide what student organizations or teams you want to join in college. 
  11. Enjoy nature. Go hiking or visit a national park to relax and get rid of stress accumulated during the tiring college application process. It’s always amazing to escape the hustle and bustle of loud cities and relish in the serenity of nature. 
  12. Host a sleepover. The summer before you leave for college might be the last chance to spend quality time with your friends for the months to come. Invite your friends for a sleepover to have a movie marathon, mini-spa, or games.
  13. Spend a night under the stars. You can hardly find anything more romantic and soothing to your mind and body than sleeping outdoors under the stars. It allows you to experience nature and put life in perspective.
  14. Contact your academic advisor. Aside from having fun, make sure you leave for college fully prepared. Reach out to your academic advisor to check the requirements and register for classes.
  15. Have the best time at a summer concert. Summer is a hot concert season. See your favourite bands, dance, and meet other fans. You’ll remember this event for years. 
  16. Research electives. In addition to your majors, you also have to choose the right electives. Make sure you find out more about classes your college offers and choose subjects that allow you to follow your passions. 
  17. Complete paperwork. The college admission process usually takes a lot of paperwork you need to fill out and submit. These can be applications for housing, scholarships, financial aid, etc. Make sure you get everything finalized by the set deadlines. 

Plan a trip to the beach. There’s no better place to enjoy hot summer days than at the beach. You can feel the soothing breeze, marvel at the vastness of the ocean, and reconnect with nature.


Summer will go by in a flash, so there’s no reason not to live your bucket list right now. We
hope our list will inspire you to make unforgettable memories and prepare for college. Enjoy
every moment!

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