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We are here with everything about the weekend away. The director of this movie is Kim Farrant. Talking about the screenplay it was done by Sarah Alderson. It got released on 3/3/2022. The genre of the movie is crime, mystery along with drama. You can watch the weekend away on Netflix. 

The time duration of this is 1 hour and 31 minutes. Talking about the cast of the movie it has Luke Norris, Christina Wolfe, Ziad Bakri, and Leighton Meester. They have played the role of Rob, Kate, Zain, and Beth respectively. This is all about mystery and in this things are going to turn and twist and you will see much more in this.

Talking about the summary of the movie Rob and beth they both got married and after one year of marriage, they both decide to take up Beth’s friend Kate to have one joint vacation along with their baby as they had one baby. And when they were on the vacation they found that Kate was dead. This was the incident when they were at the luxurious Air B&B in Croatia and there Kate decided to live to her wild reputation. 

Now its become a mystery to solve that who killed Kate and all the pieces of evidence proved that she got killed by her own friend Beth and there was a long-secret behind this and it was yet to be solved. So we need to look at what happened and how will things will turn and who will get blamed for the death of Kate. 

You will get to see cursing at some points of the movie along with violence as there are some scenes that will involve minimal blood scenes and you will see some scenes of slapping and someone is getting hit at some points. You will also get to see sexual content and some of the miscellaneous scenes.

Now if we talk about the different characters there are four different characters and we are going to explain them. Firstly talking about Rob he is Beth’s husband and he is the father of daughter Aster and he originated from London. Talking about Beth she originated from California and after that, she moved to London. 

She had spent a notable part of her life while working throughout the world and that included Syria. Beth had one baby and she decided to have a vacation with her friend Kate and they both agreed and they went on one vacation. Now if we talk about Kate she was recently divorced and she was a wild child.

She met Beth back in her college days and they both managed to maintain a strong bond and they both carried that to each another’s life. Now talking about Zain he was a Syrian immigrant who was working as a cab driver in Croatia. He had to leave his country home due to some of the reasons. When he was in Syria he was training to be a nurse and then there he met with his departed wife who was a doctor. 

Plot Summary Of The Weekend Away 2022

In this, you will get to see one American who was trying to hide one truth of their friend’s murder and he was attempting to avoid being prosecuted and it a similar story and seem to be real through Amanda Knox. beth on the other side was trying to navigate what happened at that night and also assuming all the reasons that could be behind the death of her friend and trying to understand all the reasons people were assuming she is the killer.

The weekend away is all about pointing out at one person and then at other people. It sometimes may be dizzy and sometimes it will leave you all confuse about how these people could kill Kate and how all of them are covering up. The weekend away is telling the story that everyone has some kind of backstory and some kind of reasons behind everything.

The cop in this were shown as having a low opinion of women who were having their sexuality. The owner of Air B&B was used to people partying and also messing up with various things. He had the watchful eye and the boys were from the various kinds of escort and they were were thieves. Croatia was not the most prosperous country and this was the reason behind that. 

They were trying to take advantage from all the tourists like Kate and there was a notable intelligence or athleticism. There were many reasons behind kate’s demise and it will let you keep guessing as the weekend away is all about this.

Zain is the most innocent character in the weekend away and he was the only brown person that was seen in this movie and he was a syrian immigrant. Zain was the most honest, humble and the kind person that you will see in the entire movie and the list of innocent people includes Beth too. 

This movie is all about finding narratives and you will find Zain as a suspect at some point in the movie. Beth is seen to be her own advocate and she puts herself in the situations that will let you wonder she is the side eye. She needs to discover a lot and talking about the discovery it can be in her room with the persons she suspects.

She will also confront the persons face to face that she was wondering could be the victim and that will her her to give justice to her friend. She had the other level of the frustration when she was confronting people. She was kind of dangerous at that time. She was a mother of new born but her common sense was off.

So this was all about the weekend away 2022. We told the storyline and you will see all the suspense in the movie and you will see how the truth are going to uncover. It is all about mystery as we told you so go and watch now. Still if you want to ask anything else then you can ask us in the comment section.

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