The Shattered Pixel Dungeon Guide

The Shattered Pixel Dungeon Guide


The shattered Pixel Dungeon, one of the most popular mobile games, was finally released on Steam. You will need to have a lot of knowledge and skill to be able to win. In this article, The Shattered Pixel Dungeon Guide is explained.

The Shattered Pixel Dungeon Guide – The basics

The Shattered Pixel Dungeon Guide - The basics
  • You can use the “examine” button to examine the world. This can include monsters, items lying around, traps and hazards, etc. This can sometimes prove to be very helpful when learning the game. Many monsters have unique mechanics, which are explained in the examination menu.
  • To search for the area surrounding your character, you can click twice on the “examine key”. This key is crucial for finding hidden rooms and traps. You might be able to spot hidden secrets in your character’s surroundings, but don’t count on that.
  • Every Dungeon stage (one that spans 5 floors) contains 3 scrolls and 2 potions. Ensure you get them. Strength potions allow you to equip more equipment and make you stronger with your existing equipment. Scrolls of upgrade also give you the ability to buff your equipment. It is best to save them until you need them or until you have a high-tier weapon/armor. Tier 4/5 for weapons and tier 5 armor are the most common. If you are extremely lucky, you can use tier 4 scale armor.
  • Cursed means that equipable items and wands come with a harmful spell and cannot be unequipped. It’s also possible for an item to be difficult to determine if it is cursed.
  • Your new item might be cursed or cursed, depending on the source. Cursed items are usually found in gravestones, sacrificial altars, and skeletal remains (if the wraith has spawned). Although random drops may also be cursed, it is not common. The background of the item automatically indicates if it is “always cursed” (or “never cursed”), with blue representing not being cursed, red representing cursed, and purple representing “unknown”.
  • If you can rip through everything quickly, don’t 1v2 your enemies. It is possible to turn narrow corridors into choke points and deal with each enemy individually.
  • Surprise attacks are possible – If an enemy is asleep or you have just gone through a door, they will follow you, or if you attack while invisible, you are guaranteed success (except against the giant crab that the sad ghost tells us to kill).



  • Strength

Strength is an attribute that can fulfill the use requirement for weapons and armor. Weapons also get 1 point bonus damage for every 1 point that exceeds the equipment’s strength requirement.

  • Classes

Shattered PD has not added any new classes, but all existing classes were updated with various tweaks, full-blown reworks, and balance adjustments. The Mage and its subclasses received the most extensive rework in version There were several minor and major changes to the Mage, while the Huntress was also completely reworked since v0.7.1.

  1. Warrior
  2. Mage
  3. Rogue
  4. Huntress
  • Equipment

Like vanilla, PD equipment is still the primary source of Hero’s power. Many equipment categories have undergone major changes to improve the overall balance of this game. Many new items, especially weapons, have been added to the game. Additionally, a new category of equipment has also been created: artifacts. Although these items don’t have much power, they can be leveled to increase their combat power. However, scrolls of the upgrade are not required. Missile weapons can now be upgraded and are also considered equipment.

Upgrades in vanilla PD work similarly to upgrading equipment items and, other than that, artifacts. It doesn’t reduce the strength requirement as much. The penalties for excessively heavy equipment are much more severe, so players should continue to use low-tier equipment on the early floors. The equipment found in the dungeon can be upgraded less often (especially to +3) but cannot have negative levels (cursed objects are dangerous in different ways). No degradation has been implemented.

  • Weapons

Although melee combat is almost identical to vanilla Pixel Dungeon’s, Shattered PD reworked and added many new weapons to the original Pixel Dungeon. Weapons are now more powerful, and there are many new perks (extra reach and surprise attacks with stronger and more unique effects).

  • Armour

No new armor items were added, unlike other equipment categories. The armor has seen a significant boost, becoming stronger and more consistent. The importance of class armor has increased. You can choose from multiple armor abilities that don’t cost health and have a cooldown between each use. They also allow you to improve your character with talents greatly.

  • Wands

Wands were given a major overhaul with the 0.3.0 update. There have been many balance changes since. Only a few of the vanilla wands are still available, but the effects of the deleted wands often remain within the new wands. Even the wands that are still available have been modified in some way.

Each wand now has a unique sprite that allows the player to identify which type of wand it is. However, only the Mage can determine how much a wand costs and what level it can be upgraded by zapping it. Other classes must use items or a combination of experience and enough usage to identify wands.

  • Rings

The effects of rings, like many other items in vanilla Pixel Dungeon, have been updated. A few new rings are now available. Some rings have been removed from the game, but their effects can be transferred to other items like artifacts. The balance of any rings carried over to SPD has been adjusted. This includes tweaks to their effects or a general tone down for the more powerful rings (i.e. Evasion and Haste.

Ring now has its equipment slot and shares one with Artifacts. The Hero can equip up 2 Rings 1 Artifact or 1 Ring 2 Artifacts when combined with Artifact’s equipment slot.

  • Artifacts

Shattered PD’s new feature, Artifacts, is only available to Shattered PD or any variants that use Shattered PD as their core. Artifacts give the Heroes enhanced or new abilities, such as increased stealth, health regeneration, etc. The artifacts can also be used outside of the existing upgrade mechanisms. Each Artifact must meet certain requirements to increase in power.

Artifacts share a slot with Rings but have their equipment slots. The Hero can combine the Ring equipment slot with 2 Artifacts and 1 Ring, or 2 Rings and 1 Artifact.

  • Thrown weapons

The game’s thrown weapons are now better. There are new missile weapons and a new durability mechanic. All thrown weapons are now upgradeable. An upgrade scroll can be used to upgrade one missile weapon, increasing its damage and doubling its durability. A weapon becomes indestructible when its durability reaches 100 points. This is usually at the third upgrade level. Thrown weapons can gain extra strength and a 50% accuracy boost when used against an enemy, not adjacent. Thrown weapons can be used on adjacent enemies to cause a 50% accuracy penalty.

  • Glyphs, enchantments

Vanilla Glyphs were modified. They are no longer a hindrance but add elements that indirectly assist the player. Curses are the most harmful glyphs.

Since v0.7.2, weapon enchantments have undergone several modifications. They are no longer about increasing damage but more about utility and situational powers.

Upgrades to Glyphs or Enchants will now be more consistent. They are safe until +4 when they can be removed. After that, there is a greater chance of losing them until +8 or higher. Then it is guaranteed to lose the real enchantment. A spell for magical infusion may be used to ensure that the enchantment does not disappear when it is upgraded.

General Tips

Upgrade Scrolls

 Although it can be tempting to keep these scrolls, it is better to have them. Most runs I’ve had allow you to reach the cave without scrolls. However, before you fight the DM-3000 or explore the Dwarven Metropolis at the shop, you must choose your main gear and dump your scrolls into it. You should save money for tier 5, but tier 4 gear can be useful. The Runic blade, which can be used to store scrolls, is a good option. Both scale and plate armor are acceptable options for armor.

You will take a few points of damage if you focus your armor as a warrior so that you can face-tank enemy tanks even though it takes 30 turns. The ring(s) should be the focus of other classes. Alchemy is worth the effort to upgrade your weapon to at least scroll. You can also use alchemy safely to upgrade/turn into runes to enchant your weapon. Arcane Stylus should be saved for armor.

 Item farming

 It cannot be easy to manage food. If you’re lucky enough to have a Horn of Plenty or plenty of food supplies, it might be worth farming items before you move on. A Garden will not only slow down hunger but also make your character invisible so you can rest and replenish HP or wait for new enemies to appear.

 Flies can be found in sewers and are great sources of potions. Gnolls are not required to make money, so don’t be alarmed.

  • Although the Prison isn’t very useful because skeletons will constantly interrupt item farms, Prison Guards can drop health potions.
  • Caves are dangerous due to the poisonous crabs. However, if you manage them, Bats will drop potions while Shamans can drop random scrolls. Most of these scrolls have been used to recharge and identify you.
  • The drops from Dwarven cities are not very notable, but ranged Shamans can drop some decent loot if you’re short on potions. Farming is easy as long as you’re in an area near water for fire elements (but not in it to frost ones),
  • It is best not to rush the Demon Halls. If you require a scroll of transmutation Succubus on Floor 21, finding one in a hallway with a corner for dealing with demon eyes is very simple. Scorpios can be managed if they are kept close to a door. They will drop health potions and then disappear. However, opening the door and destroying extended farming is possible.

 Identifying Potions & Scrolls

 The potion should be taken near water. A portion of liquid fire can cause you to lose valuable scrolls and make it impossible for you to identify. Although poison of paralysis or corrosive gases can be annoying, you can quickly get out if you are near an exit. BEFORE YOU DRINK RANDOM POTIONS – EXPLORE. A potion will always be available to assist you in a trap or obstacle.

If you don’t have any other items, it is safe to assume that you have a potion containing liquid flame. Scrolls are similar to the above. A scroll of rage can attract many enemies and cause a psionic blast, making it difficult for you to escape. Remove the badge from the warrior to transfer armor upgrades between your armor.

 Animated Statues

 It is worth fighting these guys if you spot them early. They will kill you half the time, but you can still get powerful, UNCURSEDenchanted weapons if they are killed. You can find out if the sacrifice is worth it by hitting the search button. You will summon a statue if you step on an alarm trap. However, they don’t have the same weapons and might hunt down you. These are usually worth it in the first few levels. They’re not worth as much later on.


 There are two types of wells: the healing well and the well of knowledge. The healing well is great for max health and resetting your hunger to zero. It can also be used as an emergency or a max health potion. You can also throw your water to ensure it is full of 20 dew. This will allow you to drink the contents to heal or fill it up to make a backup potion. To quickly identify unknown rings or un-cursed equipment, the well of knowledge is the best tool. The well of knowledge will reveal all items on the stage, making exploration quick and easy. It is best to use this well immediately after you have found one.

Last notes

This game has a lot of content that you can learn and master. The rest is up to you to enjoy the game. As you move along, you’ll learn that rooms with burned ground contain hidden traps, that hallways with dead ends and rooms sharing a wall often hide doors, and the tricks of using hallways as chokepoints. While most of your games will fail RNGesus, these tips will hopefully help you get past Goo and make winning easier.

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