The Mechanics Behind Online Casinos and Their Games

Online casinos usually try to stay at the forefront of new technology. Even though they can not compete with real computer games where graphics are key, there are a lot of substantial mechanics behind online casinos and the games they offer.

This article will take a closer look at the actual mechanics behind those operators and the games they offer. All so that you, who want to try online casinos for the first time or have already played thousands of times, will get an understanding of their mechanics.

A random number generator determines the outcome of games

A random number generator, more commonly known as RNG, is integrated into virtually all casino games of legitimate gambling operators to ensure a random outcome of the games.

The RNG is a microchip that constantly generates numbers, thereby the name, even when you are not playing. The numbers are generated billions of times per second, making the outcomes as random as possible while you gamble.

Live casino games are powered by many mechanics

The RNG mechanic is an integrated part of regular casino games, such as slot machines and table games.

The mechanics have become a little more advanced when it comes to live casino games. These are driven by a wide range of different mechanics…

  • A “GCU” or Game Control Unit controls the tables and helps the dealers to manage all actions that happen to them.
  • 4K cameras. These cameras film the tables from multiple angles, which allows the player to see everything that happens during the game.
  • An optical camera helps the dealer shuffle cards, spin the reels or perform other practical tasks.

Some games work thanks to VR-technology

Virtual reality creates a computer-animated environment that plunges the player into a virtual world, thanks to VR headsets that disconnect the player from the physical world.

The most important thing in VR games is to affect the player’s vision. Thus, inside a pair of VR glasses, there is a screen on which the player sees its virtual environment, in other words, the casino game. The sensors in the headset detect how the player moves their head and then mirror the environment in front of their eye.

Some VR headsets do not have their own screen, instead, the player pairs his or her smartphone to the headset, whereas special lenses project what is on the screen into a 3D experience.

Some games work thanks to VR-technology

Concluding remarks

Technology and online casinos are closely related, and the casino industry is well aware of what’s happening when new innovations appear on the market. After all, online casinos are a popular form of entertainment, and the commercial casino industry has seen significant growth over the last few decades and it looks as if it is only going to continue.

While it feels like the market is pretty saturated and that new things can hardly happen on the technological front, it is only a matter of time before we see new ground-breaking technologies.

Societies around the world are constantly evolving, and with the massive growth of the gambling industry, development is unlikely to slow down.

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