The Dropout Episode 4 Explained

The Dropout Episode 4 Explained | Everything You Need To Know


What do you know about the dropout? If nothing then you are at the right place as we are here going to discuss everything about the dropout and here we are with the dropout episode 4 with a full explanation. Well, let me tell you that the fourth episode of the dropout is telling the story of Elizabeth Holmes. 

You will get to see that Amanda Seyfried is trying to build one startup company of hers that is based on biotech and it was named as Theranos. It was a strong foundation and there was a lot of pressure to create that revenue stream and it has to live up to the hype that was created for that. 

Elizabeth had a lot of ideas that will help her to expand her business and it will help her to take her business to the next level but at the same time, everyone was feeling happy with the plans they had and there were a lot of thighs that got heated up at Theranos. So without discussing anything further let us start with the explanation of dropout episode 4. We are here with everything that you need to know. 

The Dropout Episode 4 Explained in Detail

The Dropout Episode 4 Explained

Firstly if we will here talk of the recap of episode 4. The title of episode 4 was Old White Men and it picked up Sunny Balwani that came on board as the company’s COO. he helped a lot in boosting funds to Theranos. But that funds were running out quickly. After that Elizabeth decided that there are new ways to generate revenue.

After that, she decided to pursue Walgreens and which was one of the biggest drug store chains in the USA. She did this to house her device. She wanted to achieve her goal and for that, she charmed Dr. Jay Rosan who was a medical director at Walgreens. Rosan got impressed with holmes and also with the work that she showed at Theranos. 

After that, he fast-forwarded the proposal to Wade Miquelon who was the executive vice president and he was the chief financial officer of Walgreens. Wade was in doubt about how a single drop of blood can do several blood tests at a marketable level. After that Rosan convinced Wade that Theranos has created a breakthrough that was in the testing market and he can change the game forever. 

Sonn after that Wade was tempted to strike an early partnership with the company and then sends Kevin Hunter in order to check Theranos and also the labs as there the FDA needed to get approved. Ian Gibbons then becomes very secrecy at Theranos and then he tries to learn what Elizabeth was working on.

He also tried to talk to Sunny but it couldn’t work and then he manages to pitch the deck of the Walgreens deal to get distressed after learning what Elizabeth was planning using the incomplete device in order to test actual patients. Ian speaks to one of his close friends and he was also the board member named Channing Robertson. 

Then Robertson informs Elizabet about Gibbons and then he got fired and there was some resistance from Gibbon’s coworkers and then he was promptly rehired but he got a different role to play. Then Elizabeth speaks with Hunter, wade, and Rosan and they discussed the potential deal that was between Theranos and Walgreens. 

Then she refused to let hunter to check Theranos labs and the wary way of doing the deal without verifying the claims that Theranos was making. The deal was slipping out of Theranos’s hands and then Elizabeth was making the moves and then she ensures her that the company’s short-term financial future was safe.

Talking about the ending of the episode four you will see Elizabeth at the mercy of Walgreens and then the company will refuse to do any kind of business that too without doing proper regulatory checks of the Thernaos’s labs. Then Elizabeth refused to do the opportunity in order to do so under the guise of protecting the company’s secrets.

Then Elizabeth was well aware of the technology and she was not ready at that moment to put it into the market. That’s why Elizabeth decides to partner with Walgreens so that she can get help to bid to push the company to cover the revenue. She was not only targeting Walgreens.

She was also having conversations with the other supply store chain Safeway and CVS was a pharma company and she was stringing Safeway and Walgreens representatives and she was using the advantage. She makes a bold move at that time and used the situation to her advantage.

She turned both Walgreens as well Safeway and she flew out to discuss the deal with CVS.

She makes sure that Walgreens take note of her move. Then Wade along with others walks out of Theranos but at that time Rosan tries to convince Wade that Elizabeth and Theranos are the real deal.

Walgreens was already competing with some other big companies such as Amazon and the company needed to make a big move in the market and it wanted to quickly hold the market share. At that time Theranos was partnering with a rival company and it would spell doom for Walgreens. 

Then Walgreens gave one offer to Theranos and then the two companies decided to partner up and the deal was for the short-term future of both the companies as Walgreens and Theranos. The last episode ends with celebrating the partnership with both Walgreens and Theranos.

So this was all about the dropout episode 4 explanation. We told you the whole story here and it is quite interesting. Still, if there is any doubt regarding anything or you want to ask us anything else then you can mention that in the comment section.

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