Tendered To Delivery Service Provider – What Does It Mean?

If you are shipping your order via UPS Surepost, FedEx Smartpost as well as DHL eCommerce, USPS generally performs the final delivery. In the field, we refer to it as “last-mile delivery.” FedEx, UPS, or DHL bring the delivery near you or at the delivery point before handing the package over to USPS. The final mile of delivery is many times the most costly portion that the shipment will travel.

What is “tendered to delivery service provider” mean? Simply put it is a sign that your package was dropped off at the closest post office. DHL, FedEx, or UPS have given the box to a subcontractor, who will deliver the package to you. Most of the time, USPS is the subcontractor but, in some cases, it could also be an express service that makes the delivery.

What is the reason why DHL or other similar businesses deliver the package straight to your doorstep? Most of the time they are not operating in your region and have to team alongside other delivery companies to complete the delivery. Thus, this “final mile” is not accomplished by DHL alone, but through an associated company.

USPS is home to more than 230,000 trucks that deliver mail 24 hours a week throughout every US area. A large fleet of vehicles signifies that they have enough staff to deliver packages directly to your door.

However, DHL is a product importer company that provides products to more than twenty countries. This vast network means they are unable to deliver each step. They work in conjunction with USPS to ensure that packages arrive at the correct time.

What Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean?

What Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean

Information about tracking parcels and packages today is more precise and efficient than it was in the past.

We can be aware (almost) precisely the exact location of our parcels at any moment in time, and watch them travel across the country (or perhaps just through the states) from the point at which they arrive our door.

However, you can find so many alerts and tracking updates we can receive when we look up our tracking information that it can feel similar to reading Greek!

This is especially the case when we’re receiving messages such as “Tendered for Delivery”, which isn’t so common, but one you’ll need to be aware of should it appear in your tracker information certain.

In this brief guide, we’re going to go over precisely how “Tendered for Delivery” means and why you may notice this message popping into your tracking information and what you need to learn from this message, and how it could affect the way your package is reaching its final destination.

Packages sent by FedEx, USPS, and DHL will indeed be delivered to the USPS to be delivered via “last-mile delivery” – even if it’s not disclosed to you before you make the payment for delivery in the first.

Much of it is due to the vast delivery network the USPS has developed over its 150years however, a portion is due to the reality of the fact that FedEx, UPS, and DHL do not have the resources, manpower, or infrastructure needed to transport every single item that they receive to every single address in America.

However, the USPS is a large organization with more than 230,000 vehicles for mail, and the capability of delivering mail every day of the week isn’t bound by that restriction.

They are also able to transport any package to almost any address within America. The United States, and have many business connections and partnerships with companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL to take care of this kind handoff “last mile” handoff.

If you find “Tendered for Delivery” pop up in your tracking info, it signifies that your package was moved out of the FedEx, UPS, or DHL system to the USPS and the USPS is going to be the ones responsible for carrying it all the way.

Sometimes, you’ll be able to track your package to the point of delivery using the same tracking code that you were given by the initial shipping company, however often you’ll receive a brand new tracking code directly via the USPS.

It’s different on a case-by-case basis, however, no matter which package you choose to use, you’ll have access to all the details you need to follow the plan until it reaches where it’s intended to be.



FedEx packages are (usually) likely to get handled by FedEx all the time, and you will not have to worry about this type of message appearing in your tracking data regardless of how often you make use of this service for shipping.

However, If the service you’re using is FedEx Smartpost to deliver the package there to reach its final destination, the odds are likely that it’ll be handed over at the final point for the USPS to wrap up the delivery.

In these situations, you’ll likely be able to see you’ll see the “Tendered for Delivery” message show up in your tracking data near the address of delivery. It could be the nearest FedEx Processing facility or the nearest post office that is closest to its destination, however, if this message is displayed, it indicates that your package is likely to have a near time-to-delivery.

In some instances, you may also be able to see a “Tendered to FedEx” message appear.

This will typically occur if a business like DHL requires FedEx to manage the final mile of its delivery. This is a rare message than when you see it that appears for USPS however.



DHL frequently works in conjunction with the USPS (and FedEx) to ship packages to customers even when they do not have the capacity or infrastructure to handle deliveries by themselves.

The reason for that is due to the distinctive DHL’s DHL shipping process flows in comparison to other shipping companies.

When customers place an order that will be delivered via DHL it’s initially collected by the DHL delivery person, then dropped off at the DHL Service Center, and then onto a DHL gateway or hub.

The packages are then loaded onto DHL aircraft, then transferred to a different hub and the gateway, after that (if there is an international shipment) will need to pass through customs.

Finally, the package passes through a different DHL service center and is then transferred to third-party shipping companies (like FedEx) or the USPS for the “last mile” of delivery.

If you’re receiving packages to you by DHL (or use DHL frequently) you’re likely to be seeing “Tendered for Delivery” pop up in your tracking details much more often than someone who uses FedEx, UPS, or USPS shipping services will.

This is what happens to the creature, and the way DHL is organized from an infrastructure standpoint. They make use of Third-party as well as USPS transport services much more frequently than any other company in the industry and this is the type of notification that tells you your package was safely and securely transferred to the recipient and will be delivered soon.



USPS generally manages all of their delivery loads by themselves With the only difference being USPS SurePost solutions which are very like the FedEx Smartpost options we talked about in the previous paragraph.

USPS SurePost services take advantage of “last mile” delivery provided by the USPS and are (generally) much less costly than traditional UPS services.

You may have to wait an extra day or two until you receive your package when you have this type of shipping option and you’ll be able to tell you’re packing on the way when you see the “Tendered for Delivery” message appears on your USPS tracker details.

It’s a sign the post office in your area is holding your package and is getting it ready for delivery if they haven’t yet taken it off of the back of a truck and set the delivery date at this point!

Facility Partner

Facility Partner

Now and then, you could get a tracker update saying “Arrived at Facility Partner” and then “Tendered for Delivery” – particularly if you use FedEx.

This means that your package is received by a third-party shipping service (if you have sent your package through FedEx an affiliate company currently has the package and is transferring it through the transportation infrastructure) and will be moved onto a different facility soon.

Sometimes, this occurs near that “last mile” before your packages are delivered to the USPS However, sometimes, this third-party service will just transport packages from one of their facilities to another, or to a different FedEx hub, where it will join that FedEx infrastructure and get closer to its final destination.

As we’ve mentioned before tracking data has been improved over the past 20 years or so, but there are plenty of messages (and lots of movement) that are less clear and recognized.

This is just one of them!


A notification that contains the words “tendered” means that the package you ordered was passed to a delivery service that is the last mile such as USPS. When you purchase something, the item is passed through several phases or steps in this chain until it will be delivered to your door. International delivery services like FedEx, DHL, and 4px offer last-mile delivery to USPS to pass the package onto the local post office, and then onto your doorstep.

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