Steam Achievement Manager Not Showing Games

Steam Achievement Manager Not Showing Games


Steam Achievement Manager or SAM is an application or management tool that can aid you in managing every achievement you have on Steam.

You can view all your achievements and even edit them if you wish. Sometimes, you may experience issues that Steam Achievement Manager Not Showing Games. There is no ban as long as the application remains in use during a VAC game is in progress.

Similar to Steam Achievement Manager not showing games or Steam Achievement Manager showing a black screen because there is a chance that servers aren’t working from the point at which Steam Achievement Manager fetches the games.

In the meantime, until the server is operational, there is a temporary solution using the Steam Achievement Manager will start showing games.

In the article, we’ll discuss the reason for Steam Achievement Manager not showing games or the steam achievement manager showing black screens and the best way to fix it.

Why is Steam Achievement Manager Not Showing Games?

Why is Steam Achievement Manager Not Showing Games

When users launch Steam Achievement Manager, games aren’t loading or showing; it could be due to the server not functioning, which SAM downloads the games.

The server from which Steam Achievement Manager draws its game list is not functioning, or there’s a glitch within Steam Achievement Manager. Steam Achievement Manager is why Steam Achievement Manager isn’t working.

However, you can add the games manually using Steam Achievement Manager till the server is running or it is fixed.

How Do I Repair “Steam Achievement Manager Doesn’t Show Games”?

How Do I Repair "Steam Achievement Manager Doesn't Show Games"

You can add games manually to Steam Achievement Manager until the server runs from where SAM pulls the games to fix the issue.

The issue is now fixed. The issue will be resolved; Steam Achievement Manager will also display games you have manually created and work in the way you intended.

How to add games manually into Steam Achievement Manager: Steam Achievement Manager:

Step 1. Search Your Game in SteamDB

First, visit the SteamDB site and type in the game on the search bar which you would like to include Steam Achievement Manager.

Fox sample, I’d like to include the Fall Guys game in Steam Achievement Manager, then search “Fall Guys” in the search bar, select Fall Guys, and hit enter.

Step 2. Copy The Game App ID.

After playing this Fall Guys game in SteamDB, you will be able to see the App ID.

Make copies of the ID for the application.

As in Fall Guys App ID: 1097150

Step 3: Visit Steam Achievement Manager.

After copying the game’s ID, open Steam Achievement Manager. Steam Achievement Manager.

You’ll see the ” Refresh Game” option on Steam Achievement Manager.

Step 4: Copy the App ID into the Search Bar

In the box that says ” Refresh Game“, Paste the game’s ID. After inserting the game’s app ID, click “Add Game”.

Step 5: Game Added Successfully

The fair game is added when you click the “Add Game” button.

You can also check the game on Steam.

I just got steamClick on the added game. In the right-hand corner, you can see the achievements on the field.

The number of achievements you’ll enable in the Steam Achievement Manager is all that you will see in the Steam games section.


To fix Steam Achievement Manager not showing games, visit and search for a match, then copy the app ID. Enter the ID in SAM, Click on Add game choose the achievement you wish to achieve accomplishments will be shown inside the game on Steam. Steam Achievement Manager Not Working issue will be solved.

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