Son of india review 2022 film

Son of India Review 2022 Film | Cast, Story, Actors


Are you excited to watch King Mohan Babu’s son of India? Well, this is released in theatres on 18 Feb 2022. This son of India is altogether a different concept based on the political drama and has totally new storyline. You will be amazed to watch this great and interesting movie. Are you here for the son of India review? 

Well, we are going to tell you everything that we know about this son of India movie here. Although this has got very positive responses from the audience as well it got a good rating store also. You should not miss any such movie. 

You are going t gain a lot from this movie.

Talking about the storyline of the son of India it is a complete action movie with the base of politics. Actor Mohan babu has played a great role of Virupaksha. In this movie, he is shown as a person who gets fed up with the illegal activities and with the wrongdoings of the people that are around him. 

Then he decides to bring a change in society when he becomes a politician. While he faces many hurdles during his journey but he didn’t give up. He was also get attacked by his enemies who wants to kill him. After that, he becomes chief minister facing all the troubles of the people and crossing the hurdles. 

He acted as the real son of India and he defined the character very well how the real man can change the face of the country. 

This movie has one devotional song that was released initially on 15 June 2021. Talking about the production of the movie it was started in October 2020 in Hyderabad. Initially, the makers of the movie decided to stream this on the OTT platform but it did not work for them so they decided to release it on 18 Feb 2022.

The Cast Of Movie The Son Of India

Son of india review 2022 film

This movie is directed and written by Diamon Ratna Babu. the lead roles of the movie are Mohan Babu and Srikanth Pragya who made the audience fall for them. Talking about the supporting roles of the movie it includes many characters such as Meena, Ravi Prakash, Prudhvi Raj, Raghu Babu, Tanikella Bharani, Ali Bandla Ganesh, Raja Ravindra, Prudhvi Raj, etc. son of India was produced under banners of 24 frames factor and it was produced by Manchu Vishnu Mohan. The production house was Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures.

Son Of India Movie Review

As we told you it has got some positive response from the audience on its first day. It is a one-time watch movie and you should watch it. Well talking about their presentation and the dialogues of the movie they are not well presented in the movie. 

They could be made better. Only the lead characters made this movie somehow better. So we can see that Mohan Babu and Pragya Jaiswal’s performance was very good that gave it a positive response. So if there would be some improvement in the script then this would have been greater as it would have gathered more audience.

The rating of the movie is 2.5

So this was all about the movie Son of India. We told you about the cast and plot of the movie. Now you can decide whether you want to watch it or not. Well, you should watch this once but it totally depends on your choice based on the rating of the movie also. 

So if you watch this and feel that there is something missing that we didn’t mention about the movie then mention that in our comment section. We would love to add that to our piece of work.

Have a good time watching the Son of India

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