16 Best Sites Like Rotten.com

This article is about Rotten.com, Rotten.com alternatives, or websites like Rotten.com. Rotten.com is a website dedicated to bizarre creepy, chilling, and intriguing media. It was established in 1996 by artists as well as writers who were intrigued by the dark side of decaying culture and art.

It focuses on something that you can’t easily find on the top of any search engine or even in the mainstream media. It’s difficult to imagine how much easier it can be, but Rotten.com can make it happen. The articles on Rotten go beyond the superficial aspects of the world’s most sinister people and events. In the end, Rotten.com is a fantastic website worth exploring for an alternate. Its most important features are the light and dark modes as well as no requirement for logins, frequent updates, and a variety of categories to explore and it’s free to all users.

What is Rotten.com

What is Rotten.com

Rotten.com is a shocking or gore website that is dedicated to disturbing and bizarre frights including images of violent crimes as well as depictions of sexually perverse actions, as well as bizarre or misanthropic fancies, and more. It is considered to be one of the top gore websites, with an enormous collection of gore videos and pictures. The website started with an extremely basic design and has since grown to include hundreds of videos and images.

The videos and images are divided into several categories, and each has its videos and images which you can browse through. Rotten.com has a recommendation system, which suggests videos that are based on your interests.


  • Dark and Light Mode
  • No Login Require
  • Daily Update
  • Massive Categories to Explore
  • Free for Everyone

Sites Like Rotten.com

 excellent alternative to Rotten.com


Deadhouse.org is an online website that lets you view extreme videos posted by users. It has an easy-to-use interface and an efficient search bar that lets you locate what you’re seeking in regards to videos. There are videos, news as well as other information which can blow your head in a dark place.

Additionally, many categories are used to assist users in finding their associated content. Users can also view a variety of options such as full-screen Volume Control, Full-screen Quality, and many more. Many videos are accessible, however, a lot of new videos are posted every day. Before visiting the website make sure you’re at least 18 years old; otherwise, you won’t be permitted to use the website.

Daily Mail

Daily Mail Online is an excellent alternative to Rotten.com. The interface for users is basic It’s not as sophisticated, and lacks Rotten.com’s design and layout. However, the website is packed with video content of all kinds. When you click on a video you’ll have access to a variety of video content, including news as well as sports and other viral videos. It’s not the best alternative to Rotten.com However, but it’s certainly worth trying.

AOL Videos

AOL isn’t as popular as Rotten.com in that it does not have graphic content. It’s a simple video streaming site that is similar to YouTube. The AOL portfolio of original content is appealing to all types of users. Its user-friendly interface is easy and stylish. AOL provides a wide array of content that is engaging So you’ll always have something to enjoy, making it an ideal Rotten.com alternative.


The second on our list of top Rotten.com alternative sites is Theync. It’s an online website that hosts gore-related videos. This is a shared video platform that allows anyone to create an account and share videos. The gore-filled videos include footage of homicide, torture accidents, wounds, and injuries as well as other videos. Each video has an image along with the title. They can be viewed as liked or disapproved and shared via third-party networks.

Users can share their thoughts on the video in the comments section and rate the videos as much as five stars. The results can be sorted according to different criteria like the duration of the video, its rating, views, and originality. It also has a search engine available for those who wish to locate specific videos. The unique features include a personal account and log-in and user uploads, a newsletter featuring content, highlighted content, active member display, and the unground mode.


Goregrish is among the top websites like Rotten.com. It’s a website that has all gore-related material all in one place. It includes among others photos and videos of corpses, accidents, suicide attempts murders, beatings, and necrophilia. Anyone with an account may upload these videos and photos. They could even be downloaded and shared via third-party websites. Each video or image comes with an enumeration, title as well as upload date, and everyone can watch it at no cost.

The viewers may also love or dislike these videos, and post comments about the videos. The search engine will assist you in finding certain videos, users, or images. For each of these, you will find a different search engine available. Its most well-known features are playlists, a category tab viewing history, recommendations, and a page of the most popular videos as well as discussion boards. capability to skip video clips, change the speed at which they play, and show the total view.


Hoodsite is also among the top websites like Rotten.com. Hoodsite is a website that has all gore-related videos in one location. This includes homicide, torture, and self-harming videos. Videos that aren’t as violent as fistfights can also be viewed on this site. The videos on the platform are accessible through the primary tab with highlighted content as well as the most recent ones. Every video is accompanied by an attractive image, a title, and a description. It allows users to pick the video they would like to view.

These videos are likely to be viewed as liked or disliked and users can make comments if they decide to. The videos could be uploaded to third-party sites. Additionally, users can browse for older articles using the “Older Posts hyperlink at the top of the page that displays all the latest videos. Its distinct features include a speedy loading time, video upload time displays as well as a simple interface, and a strong server connection.

Body Modification Ezine

Body Modification Ezine is a website that provides videos and images of modifications to your body. Tattoos, scarifications, and piercings of the ears, nose, or genitals as well as anywhere other places on the body are some examples. It can be a great platform for those who are interested in changing their appearance and looking for motivation. People can also be able to share their experiences on the platform which allows others to interact with them.

All uploaded photos and videos can be liked or disapproved of and commented upon and uploaded to other sites for sharing. The website also offers an online store where you can locate items related to body modification and accessories. There are a variety of categories for tattoos and piercings available on the site, each tab. A search bar is offered to make it easier for users. The site also offers an account for personal use with email registration, a username as well as password security. It also has an interface with graphics as well as a free membership.

Documenting Reality

Documenting Reality is an unfiltered website where you can see real-life photos and videos of deaths as well as human abnormalities, suicide, and other accidents. This site contains extremely offensive content. If you’re younger than 18, you must be sure to stay away from it. This website does not endorse violence. It’s merely a record of the realities of the world that we live in, as the word suggests. Naturally, this includes some violence from time to time. But the site does not endorse them. This site simply documents the fact that such incidents occur.

It is important to note that the fact you can watch video footage that depicts violence from CNN doesn’t mean that they endorse this type of violence and the kind of violence they document in stories or images. I would like you to understand this distinction, and the same is true when you document the reality. This isn’t a slanderous website. If you’re here to find a place to express your racist and homophobic thoughts then you’re in the wrong place. Let your anger elsewhere.

Damaged Corpse

The next option on our list of the top Rotten.com alternatives is Damaged Corpse. It’s a website that lets you view uncensored content such as videos, images as well as anecdotes from the voice. It is possible to see frightening material that isn’t suitable for mainstream media, but it ends up being published on websites similar to this. The content is real-life images of suicide, death human abnormalities, human ailment, and accidents. In the end, Damaged Corpse is a fantastic platform that you should think about as one of the Rotten.com alternatives.


Veoh is another great alternative to Rotten.com. The video area is comprised of a range of categories including sports, news to comedy; you can find anything you need to keep you bored. Unfortunately, the website isn’t as full of visual content as you like, but you can attempt to find something with the latest content.

Ebaum’s World

If you are a fan of hilarious videos, this is the excellent Rotten.com alternative. Ebaum’s World has hilarious videos from all across the globe. If you’re looking for content with violent themes and lots of violence, head over to the video section and you’ll find videos you’ll love.


DailyMotion is a great option for Rotten.com. While it doesn’t boast the same brilliance it once did, however, it’s an excellent rival to Rotten.com. With high-quality video and photos, it is a great way to pass the time while you catch up with your favorite shows.


The final option on our list of the top Rotten.com alternative is MyVidster. It’s an excellent alternative to Rotten.com which has the same content as well as a user-friendly interface. You won’t be wrong with this alternative. It is possible to follow users to check out what videos are uploaded and receive a continuous flow of videos that is interesting to you. This website has all of the videos located on Rotten.com. MyVidster is a formidable rival to Rotten.com and, now since Rotten.com has ceased to be operating, MyVidster may expand and reach its deserved success.

The Blood Factory

Blood Factory is a website as well as a blog site that offers high-quality horror film videos, as well as made-up drama that does not pass through media that is censored. All content is free of censorship and contains gore, violence, and blood. The site has been running its weekly horror film review show since 2010 and has been terrorizing the audience with its detailed review of hundreds of terrifying movies.

Blood Factory also has a blog section. Blood Factory also has an active blog, which is which features their top choices across genres every day. This blog is regularly updated with new articles, such as their latest article, designed to make you freak out. Overall, Blood Factory Ezine is an excellent platform that could be considered as one of the alternatives.


Bestgore is a shocking website that offers extremely violent news, images, and videos that include authored opinions and user-generated moments. The owner of the site, Mark Marek, hosts graphic, real-life, photo and video footage of incidents like murders, torture, mutilations or suicide, accidents, and open surgery. The material contains violence and gore that is not suitable for children. Bestgore presents a new randomly-filmed video on its website daily.


ShockGore is an online film platform that provides you with the most shocking videos online including reality gore from around the globe. Similar to sites such as Hootsuite but it is limited to illegal videos. To use the site, you must be an age of 18 or older. The site hosts greater than 10000 videos, and regular updates that include thousands of brand new videos which are accessible to anyone in the world.

Like many similar sites, ShockGore also consists of various categories, and each includes its video. The most intriguing aspect of the site is that it offers the complete description and the sources for the video which ensures that it only has authentic videos.

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