6 Best Similar Movies Like Outsiders 2022


How much did you like the movie outsiders? I guess very much that’s why you are here searching for the movies like outsiders in 2022. Well, there is no doubt that it was an amazing one to watch and it should be watched by each and everyone out there who loves to watch something real.

Talking about the movie outsiders you will get to see the wild spirits and angst of young men who are therefore beaten by society in the outsiders and it is the best movie of its time. This movie was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and in this movie, you are going to see a young cast who has full potential. 

This movie shows the tragic consequences and shows how the rural life is Oklahoma is there and how they are surviving. So from this, it is clear this is amazing and you should not miss this at any cost. So without discussing anything further let us start with the list of movies like outsiders in 2022.

6 Best Similar Movies Like Outsiders 2022

Bad Boys

This movie came in the year 1983 and this movie is about a deal and that deal went wrong for Mick O’Brien that resulted in the death of the rival gang member. At the same time, the victim’s brother starts to target Mick’s personal life when he was in the prison. This movie is quite dark and gritty at the same time.

Sean Penn is there in the movie and he is exploring drugs, rape, and prison and he was not at all confused with the Will Smith Version. Talking about the similarity between these two movies it is about these both focus on taboo social issues and their ramifications. This is a must-watch movie for the fans of outsiders.

The Wanderers

This movie came in the year 1979. This movie is a sick depiction of the early 1960s Bronx gang subculture and this is centered on an Italian adolescent gang that was there to compete with rival gangs and then it joints the forces for a greater good. This movie has an amazing plot and a great star cast. 

You will get to see Philip Kaufman in this movie and this is amazing for the fans who loved the era of the 1950s. Talking about the similarities between these two movies it is about insecurities, vulnerabilities, and how the youth celebrates. This has also some kind of cultural context in the broader aspect.

Rumble Fish

This movie came in the year 1983. This movie is about a gang and it is about one brother who was in charge of fondly remembering small-time street thug and he also took the turn for the worse and then his brother goes missing. This movie has an amazing cast and it was created by an amazing director.

This movie was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and this is about the lives of the social outcasts who were using violence as this is the way to cope up with the circumstances. This is a must-watch for the fans of outsiders and these both were released in the same year. This is about the gritty nature of the greaser culture.

Rebel Without A Cause

This movie came in the year 1955 and in this you will get to see Jim Stark and he moved to a new town and there he falls in some kind of trouble and that trouble follows him like a dog and he longs for a deep connection and he was involved in some kind of knife fights and some kind of dangerous races with local thugs. 

This is about anti-hero film and it has this kind of genre and you will get to see James Dean. this is an amazing one to watch just like the outsider. This movie depicts the young men from the margins of society who enable the social conditions in which they were raised.

Deuces Wild

This was released in the year 2002. There was a tragic event in Brooklyn in the 1950s and in this, there is one street gang who makes a promise to keep drugs off the streets. There is also a dangerous rival gang that was challenged with their hegemony and then things turn horribly wrong.

This movie was directed by Scott Kalvert and it is a small-budget movie and this movie explores the different facets of greaser culture in the 1950s and the 1960s. This is very much similar to the outsiders.

West Side Story

This movie came in the year 1961. In this movie, each gang member was having love interest for a series of dramatic events that result in an explosive conclusion. This movie tells the story of betrayal, love revenge, and loyalty at the same time. 

This is an iconic musical that was formed by Richard Beymar and Natalie Wood and depicts the 1960s street culture and also the other issues that are seen through the eyes of two lovers that were caught in the middle.

So this was all about the movies like outsiders. We mentioned the best one on the list. Now go and watch these and have an amazing time. Still, if you think there are some other movies that are best according to you do mention those here and we will add them to our list.

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