Top 6 Similar Anime Like Chrome Shelled Regios in 2022


Are you looking for anime like Chrome Shelled Regios? I guess yes that’s why you are here on your page searching for that. 

I know that you are addicted to anime so much that you can resist watching and now you have become an anime lover by watching so much anime in the past few years. Once you start watching anime then there is no going back and you spare some time watching it.

Chrome Shelled Regios is one of the interesting anime that everyone has on their watch to-do list and if you have watched this then go and start the anime that we are going to suggest here below in pour list. The anime we are going to suggest is so amazing and you will definitely love watching it.

So let’s not wait further and start with the list of anime that is similar to the anime Chrome Shelled Regios. 

6 Most Similar Anime like Chrome Shelled Regios 

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

anime like Chrome Shelled Regios - The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

This anime is based on a group of legends and Ryner is not a typical soldier. Alpha Stigma has been called the monster his entire life and he is cursed with mysterious and more deadly powers.

Alpha has a great partner named Ferris and she is the most beautiful, also she is a lethal warrior and has wits that are very sharp as her blade. 

The couple search for the Hero Relics. Hero Relics are the mystical artifacts that give their owners devastating supernatural abilities. 

This would help in giving the king hope to a country that is affected by political corruption. Once they cross the arms with a pair of dangerous hunters that world ancient armaments then Ferris faces Ryner in his most volatile state. 

The enemies have to wait in the shadow and the blood is spilled in the middle of a constant threat of mutiny. A hero can spark a war and move accordingly.

Kaze No Stigma

Kaze No Stigma

After years it has been exiled from the Kannagi and it is the household. It was exiled to being unable to utilize their fire magic, meanwhile, Kazuma returns to Japan. 

While returning to Japan he discovers that the Kannagi’s family existence was threatened. During his absence, he had become a contractor and he acquired vast strength in the wind magic. 

Not showing any contempt to them he will offer help to solve the problems of the Kannagi household and in return, he will ask for large sums of money. 

Together with his younger brother Feisty and Ren heir to the Kannagi household. For a price of money he cares for the people and he also fights for them to protect them.

The Irregular at Magic High School


This anime is based on the future and it includes the time in 2095 which is the year 2095. 

In this, another form of technology has been changed by magic, and to practice magic, it is now a rigorous discipline. 

Involving a story of a brother and sister named Miyuki Shiba and Tatsuya, they are about to start their first year at the first magic high school in Japan. It is one of the renowned high schools. 

There are several rules of the school and it involves that Miyuki should enter the prestigious course 1 while his older brother named Tatsuya should enroll in course 2. 

This is where the troubles of their lives start.

Infinite Stratos

Infinite Stratos

In this anime, the exoskeleton will change the world’s balance of power with the development of Infinite Stratos. 

Only women have the power to pilot the distribution of the IS system that has created peace. When one male named Ichika Orimura is given the ability to control an IS, the plans he had for the future are 

tossed out the window even as he’s thrown to the wolves and he is enrolled at the other female’s Infinite Stratos Academy. The Japanese government ordered that.

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

This anime came in 2012 and the year is 2022. In this anime, the gamers lined up on launch day for sword art online. 

This is an online hotly-anticipated MMORPG that will allow the players to connect to an immersive virtual reality world with special helmets that are called Nerve Gear. 

The one gamer named Kirito who is very much eager to jump into action has a great experience in dealing with the beta tester and he quickly becomes friends with a newbie warrior named Klien. 

Sword Art Online’s 10,000 players discover that they can return to their physical bodies once they are logged out only with the beating of 100-level tower’s final boss and it means that their HP doesn’t drop to zero first. 

Death in the game means death in the real world. Kirito and the other players must survive the game in the best way they can like by forming guilds and leaving their peers behind, and also tragically falling by the wayside or with the merciless monsters that are populating the lands.

Sky Wizards Academy

Sky Wizards Academy

Many years ago, magical armored insects that were hard to handle and that were too aggressive and too strong to handle wiped out humanity. 

And because of those insects, humans were unable to live on earth and they started to live in floating cities instead. But this does not indicate that they lost everything as the wizards from the prestigious floating wizard academies are fighting these monsters. 

Once known as the Black Master Swordsman, Kanata Age is now considered as the traitor and also assigned to lead an F class of mismatched mages. 

The leader in this anime is Misora Whitale but she failed 100 consecutive tests. On the other hand, Rico Flamel is a genius sniper but at the same time, she is a little self-absorbed. 

Lecty Eisenach is another candidate that has ambition but has zero confidence. 

These were the anime that you should not miss at any cost and you should definitely watch it. Go and start now if you haven’t yet. If you know any of the anime that is best according to you then do mention those in the comment section so that we can add that too, to our list. 

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