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Are you also an anime lover just like me? I guess yes that’s what made you come here searching for anime like akashic records.

Don’t worry we have got the solution to your problem. I know you are addicted to anime and you can’t resist watching it.

It’s natural that once you start watching anime then there is no going back. Although watching anime is so much in trend these days and it has been in trend for the past few years. 

I know you are a big fan of akashic records and why not be, as this is one of the most amazing series that one needs to watch. It is a complete mixture of fun, thrill, and everything you need to see in one anime.

Although many of the anime is based on a Japanese novel, all of them have a Japanese twist which makes them more interesting. So no need to wait further and start with the list of best anime like akashic records:

8 Must Watch Action Fiction Loaded Anime Like Akashic Records

The irregular at Magic High School 

Anime Like Akashic Records - The irregular at Magic High School

Magic is taught as a technical skill and also became the systemized technology in the dawn of the 21st century. In the first high school, the students who were learning magic were segregated into two groups based on their entrance exam scores. 

And among those who scored the highest scores are going to assign the first course and on the other hand, weeds are reserved for the students who are going in the second course.

Sky Wizards Academy

Anime Like Akashic Records -Sky Wizards Academy

Many years ago, magical armored insects that were hard to handle and that were too aggressive and too strong to handle wiped out humanity. And because of those insects, humans were unable to live on earth and they started to live in floating cities instead. 

But this does not indicate that they lost everything as the wizards from the prestigious floating wizard academies are fighting these monsters. 

Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Talking about this anime it was published by Junichirou Kagami who is a young published physicist who is also a genius and a hopeless otaku. 

Junichirou Kagami forgoes his career as a scientist just to maintain his anime blog just because of a self-diagnosed illness that tells him to not be able to do what he years to do. 

Junichirou Kagami when he was hired as a physics teacher in high school his sister who was no longer to tolerate him and his NEET lifestyle forced him to take the position.



Dying from a pathetic death on the way back from buying a game. This high school student and recluse Kazuma Satou finds themselves sitting before Aqua although she was a beautiful but obnoxious goddess. 

The NEET is provided with two options and they continue on to heaven or reincarnate in every gamer’s dream- a real fantasy world. 

These options were provided by Aqua. Kazuma is starting to choose a new life and is quickly tasked to defeat a demon king who is terrorizing villages. 

There is one option provided to him to choose any one item he desires to aid in his quest. But the future hero selects Aqua. But one thing that Kazuma realizes later is that Aqua is completely useless.

Chivalry Of a Failed Knight

Chivalry Of a Failed Knight

In this anime, there are some humans with some magical superpowers and they can manifest their souls as weapons and they can control forces beyond normal comprehension. 

The people using those magical powers are Blazers and they have undergone several pieces of training to learn this from one academy to become Mage Knights. 

In this anime, Ikki Kurogane is one of the aspiring Mage Knight. But also at the same time, he is considered the worst student at the academy. 

He has the lowest-ranked possible blazer and that is F ranked Blazer.

Trinity seven


Causing the breakdown phenomenon one day at a time the red sun stopped shining. It was the destruction of Arata Kasuga’s town and the disappearance of the people inhabiting it. 

But somehow Arata reconstructs his own world and that too artificially with the help of the magical grimoire that was given to him by his childhood friend and also his cousin Hijri Kasuga. 



In this amazing anime series, there is one stranger’s telephone number that was scrawled in red and this can be seen when you look at the right place. 

When you call this number you can hear a young man introducing himself as the Yato God. Yato is the self-proclaimed and the minor deity Delivery God who has the dream of having millions of worshippers. 

Although his goals are far from being realized he can’t be dedicated to a single shrine. This Yato God spends his time doing all the odd jobs for five yen apiece. 

But then his partner in weapon feuds up with him with his useless master and he deserts him. 

Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia

This anime is based on a little girl. In this anime, there is one ordinary girl named Atsuko Kagari who joins the renowned witch academy for witch girls and the name of the academy is Luna Nova Academy. 

When Atsuko was younger she went to Magical Festa and there was one magic show that was being hosted by Shiny Chariot. Seeing that this young girl gets mesmerized and she gets inspired by Shiny Chariot’s performance. 

She dreamed of being a cool witch just like her. She made one motto for her that was Never forget a believing heart is your magic. 

Coming back to the Luna academy there Atsuko along with her classmates goes into a labyrinth. There her classmate unleashes a sealed ancient dragon. Atsuko tried to stop that but she couldn’t.


I guess these were all the anime series that are like akashic records. All these are just amazing like that and you should not miss any of them. Make sure to add them to your watch list. But in case you know any other anime that is best according to you then don’t forget to mention those in our comment section as we would love to add them to our list. 

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