Shrek movies in order

Shrek Movies in Order


Shrek Movies In Order Of Release Date

Let’s take a look at it for a moment. The Shrek films truly revolutionized the world in a positive way. They’re among the top films on the market. The first two, if not the third because the 3rd and 4th films were met with mixed reviews. However, it is possible to watch the movie a million times and yet need to go back to it! There is no end to the enjoyment of the disgusting, smelly large green Ogre and his hilariously hilarious talking donkey! Everyone loves the Shrek films, but not everyone is aware of the sequence of the timeline through which Shrek’s life is portrayed by his friend.

We are here to help. We’re here to answer any and every question you have about how to go through the Shrek films in order. We’ve put together a list of all the Shrek films in release order as well as the order they were released in! There are rumors of a new Shrek movie on the way which is why we’re happy, but we’ll update this list as soon as it arrives! Continue scrolling to discover exactly what sequence you should be watching every one of the Shrek films in!

Shrek certainly ranks for being one of the very few films you can watch repeatedly! If you’re looking for movies like this, take a look at this list of most Rewatchable Films Available.

Shrek (2001)

Shrek 1st part

An ogre named Shrek (Mike Myers) decides to invite his friends over for dinner. Donkey (Eddie Murphy) arrives at his house but is uncertain of how he will be able to attend because he was not invited. Shrek tells him that it’s OK and that he can come in. He then asks him why he hasn’t tried to escape; Donkey explains that the only thing waiting for him outside is “ogre hunters” who want to eat him. This leads the two into a song about being an ogre which lasts until Donkeys’ girlfriend Dragon comes along and scares them off with her fiery breath.

Shrek gets ready for bed when Fiona (Cameron Diaz), an attractive princess whom ogres are known to fear, arrives at his doorstep. He discovers that she is now an ogre too and that it was a spell that transformed her from a princess into an ogre which can only be reversed by true love’s first kiss.

Meanwhile, Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow), the ruler of Duloc City, learns about Fiona and wants to marry her in order to become king – but only if she is kidnapped before Shrek can rescue her. A short time later, four knights come to take Fiona back with them; Shrek fights them off until he realizes they are on Farquaad’s side. One knight manages to place a magic spell upon Fiona making “it” completely indestructible; another tries attacking Donkey who then fights him off. Shrek and Donkey manage to escape Duloc City with Fiona, but they are soon discovered by Farquaad’s army who eventually manages to catch up with them.

Shrek 2 (2004)

Shrek part 2 Poster

Four years after Shrek saved Fiona and married her, they have three ogre children together: the rebellious teenage daughter, Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz); a pre-teen son, Donkey Jr. (Eddie Murphy), who doesn’t talk much because he’s been raised by his father to be fearful of humans; and a five-year-old son named Prince Charming (Rupert Everett).

The family lives in their swamp which is filled with fairy tale creatures that have been exiled there by Lord Farquaad.

Each year on Dragon’s birthday, all the fairy tale creatures gather for a celebration held by Shrek. However, this year when Shrek arrives he finds Donkey serving as the bouncer instead of doing his job of protecting the family.

Shrek becomes upset with Donkey who tells him that he felt his father was trying to replace him with Charming so he ran away, but in the process managed to get lost.

Shrek leaves for several days during which time Fiona worries about having not seen or heard from him at all.

When Farquaad is told by Rumplestiltskin (Ricky Gervais) about Shrek’s children, he devises a plan and sends Monsieur Hood (Jason Alexander) and Monsieur Jean (Steve Zahn) to bring back Fiona and her children; should they fail, they will be beheaded. The two men find the ogres and successfully kidnap them except for Charming because Donkey had him hidden under a blanket.

Shrek is heartbroken when he returns home and finds out what happened. He realizes the only way to get his family back is to ask Farquaad for a favor – to rescue Fiona from a castle of fire-breathing dragons guarded by a ferocious dragon himself – but in return, Farquaad must give Shrek his swamp back.

Shrek the Third (2007)

Shrek the Third poster

Produced by Aron Warner. In the third and final installment of the Shrek series, Shrek is now a father of three ogre children: rebellious teenage daughter Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz), pre-teen son Donkey Jr. (Eddie Murphy), and five-year-old son Prince Charming (Rupert Everett).

Fiona’s parents arrive at the castle for her upcoming royal wedding to Lord Farquaad who has been transformed back from being a frog by the Fairy Godmother as part of their deal for him rescuing Fiona after she was traded with the witch who turned into an ogress years earlier.

The donkey warns them that they could become ogres like him and his wife if they don’t eat within one minute of the Fairy Godmother’s spell.

The two ogres are comically horrified by their appearance and leave after Shrek tells them they want to be alone for the evening.

Donkey, however, refuses to leave, wanting to spend time with his own daughter (who likes donkey tails as much as her father).

Princess Fiona is disgusted when she sees her future groom but decides that if she wants to see more of the world before she settles down then marrying Farquaad might not be so bad after all. Shrek meets up with Artie (Justin Timberlake), a young Art/Fairy who fell out of line during his training with Merlin (John Cleese) and now lives life according to his own terms.

Artie is living in a treehouse where he spends most of his time avoiding Destiny (Ginnifer Goodwin), the fairy godmother assigned to him.

He has long since given up on being a real Art/Fairy and instead tries to take care of wayward fairies that have fallen out of line with their destiny. He also uses his magic mirror to talk to The Mirror Darkly (Antonio Banderas) who is part of nature’s balance once again.

Shrek makes a deal for Artie to look after Donkey, Fiona, and Charming should anything happen while Shrek goes off on his quest to bring back Princess Fiona’s parents for her wedding day.

Shrek Forever After (2010)

Shrek Forever After (2010) poster

Shrek is now a family man with three children and finds that his life with them isn’t very fulfilling.

He makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin (Walt Dohrn), who can give him what he wants: to be the way he was before the world knew about ogres, in exchange for one day when Shrek has to give up being an ogre forever; during which time, if Shrek is able to make it through 24 hours without anyone discovering he’s an ogre, no ogres will ever be made fun of again.

He takes the deal and tells Fiona what happened and why they all have to act like humans until tomorrow. She agrees to do it for him.

The next morning, Shrek is awoken by his children and told to get ready for the day while Donkey wakes up in his own bedroom in the basement where he lives with Fiona.

When they arrive home after dropping their kids at school, Donkey learns that Shrek has traded him so that no one will discover he’s an ogre until tomorrow night when he can be turned back into a normal donkey once again.

Shrek braced himself under the weight of the suitcases. He could feel his muscles straining beneath the thick fabric of his green medieval armor which was weighing down on him like metal coils squeezing ever tighter around his rib cage.

If only there were some other way to travel besides this mode of transportation, he thought as he continued to struggle under the weight of his luggage.

He wished people didn’t have so much crap to drag along with them everywhere they went, but unfortunately this was not a proper traveling gear shop and there was no such thing as getting rid of excess baggage when one traveled. 

Shrek 5 (2022)

Shrek 5 poster

Shrek (Mike Myers) is still traveling with Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Fiona (Cameron Diaz), who are now parents to three ogre children.

One day, Fiona takes Shrek up on his offer of visiting the land of Far Far Away where she has not been in years.

While they’re away, their three children stay with Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) and Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek).

They enjoy spending time together until the kids found out about their father’s deal with Rumpelstiltskin. They begin to plot ways to get their father out of it so that he can come home again.

The plan they decide upon is to take the day off from their ogre duties and wander around the land of Far Far Away where they quickly discover what Shrek has gotten himself into.

They find themselves in a world of ogres who are locked away in jails, serving sentences of community service or hiding out so that they can escape their increasingly dumbed-down society. They’re all treated like freaks because there’s no more magic left in the world since Rumplestiltskin traded it for Shrek’s life.

One of the only places that still has any magic is Merlin’s tower where Artie (Justin Timberlake) lives with his friend Lancelot (Nick Jonas). They make up most of the smart people because everyone else was forced out of education when society took a turn toward idiocy.

A villain named Mor’du (John Krasinski) has recently appeared in their world and began wreaking havoc everywhere he went, turning people into bears to fight for him. He’s also joined forces with Rumpelstiltskin because he wants to get his hands on the magic that lives within Shrek’s heart.

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