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6 Shows Like Severance You Must Watch


How much did you like the show severance? Very much or it was just okay okay for you? Do you what this show is based on? In this series, the employees of lumon industries have undergone a scientific procedure that was known as severance. It helps to separate their personal memories from their work-related memories. So know here shows like severance.

In this series, the employees were unable to access their personal memories when they were at work and it was different when they were at home. Mark scout when meets with a former colleague he gets to know about himself then he unravels a conspiracy that was within lumon and then he confronts the true nature of his job.

Talking about this series it was created by Dan Erickson and he mixes some of the clever social commentaries with the mind-bending concept that helps him to gather a large audience. If you are looking for more such shows then worry not as we are here with the list of best shows like severance.

So without discussing anything further let’s come straight to the topic that we are going to discuss here. The shows we are going to mention here are similar to severance and they will give you the same kind of entertainment and thrill. You can watch these shows on any of the streaming services like amazon prime, Hulu, and Netflix.

6 Best Shows Like Severance That You Must Watch This Weekend

Look at the list of the shows that are similar to severance and they will definitely amaze you with the storyline and you will love to watch them. You can choose from the list which one you are gonna watch first and create your own list.


Shows Like Severance - Beforeigners

This is one of the amazing series like severance and it was created by Eilif Skodvin and Anne Bjornstad. It is a Norwegian series and it is also known as Fremvandrerne. In this series, there are different mysterious people and they belong to the different time periods belonging to the present day.

There comes a murder mystery and it lies at the centre of the conflict between two detectives and they are trying to understand the baffling concept of time migration. It is totally based on a complex scientific concept that includes various facets and there are many intriguing characters in this series that are similar to the characters in severance.



This series is totally a sci-fi drama series that is totally based on the western themes park. In  Westworld there is advanced artificial intelligence is entertained by wealthy guests and they, therefore, fulfil their fantasies. It is typically based on the 1973 movie of the same name and talking about this series it was created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

This series was loved by many and it has some amazing performances by Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, and Jeffrey Wright. It is very much similar to severance and it helps to empower the protagonists to uncover the true nature of their jobs and experience. You should definitely watch this sci-fi-based series.



This series was created by Alex Garland and this one is amazing to watch for sure. It basically revolves around Lily Chan who is an intelligent software engineer and also young. She gets involved in the murder mystery of her boyfriend’s death. It is highly based on thriller and science fiction and also similar to severance. 

Talking about the similarities both are mysterious and both have a shady organization that helps to hide dark secrets when the protagonist is trying to tell the truth. They also share the same corporate life and both have the same theme of free will and determinism. So we can see that both deals with the same concepts and you should watch this too.



This is basically a comedy series that was created by Matt Ingebretson, Jake Weisman, and Pat Bishop. They all together created this amazing series and in this, there is a story of two employees of Hampton DeVille which is one multinational corporation. It totally shows the dark humour.

This series shows the suffering and misery of staying in corporate life. If you are one of them who enjoys the underlying humour of the characters in severance and are not concerned about the scientific part of the series then this series is a must-watch for you. You will love to see the fun part of this series similar to severance.



This series was created by Greg Daniels and it is also a comedy series just like corporate in this series, there is one computer programmer named Nathan and he is uploaded as digital heaven after his death. Talking about the technologies in the series they are similar to severance. 

This series shows how humans are interacting with technology and the emotional attachment of these. The themes of this upload series are similar to that of severance. It also provides the same entertainment. Workplace comedies are adding more fun and twist to the series and you should not miss it.

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It was created by Justin Marks and it is a science fiction and thriller series. Howard Silk is shown as the bureaucrat in the series who works for a Berlin-based United Nations agency. When his counterpart resides then he realizes his true nature and he thought about his job and he learns about a parallel dimension.

This sci-fi gives a twist to the world of bureaucracy just like the severance gave to the corporate world. Talking about the protagonist of both these series they struggle to come up with the true nature of their jobs and they are trying to raise their ethical and moral questions for the audience of these series.

So this was all about the shows like severance. We told the best shows that are totally similar to severance and you should not miss any of them and watch them all. These shows will give you the same thrill as like severance. So have a good time watching these series. If you want to add any other series that we have missed here then do mention those in our comment section. We would love to add them here.

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