Secret Admirer Tinder

Secret Admirer Tinder – Explained


Have you received this strange notification that mentions a secret admirer you have on Tinder or while sliding through profiles? You’ve been greeted by a screen with the four empty decks on Tinder and are confused about how the Secret Admirer Tinder stuff works?

We’re here to help and will detail everything you need to be aware of about Tinder’s Secret Admirer. What exactly is it? How does it function, how often do Secret Admirers appear, and do they work? Or fraud?

What is Secret Admirer Tinder?

What is Secret Admirer Tinder

Tinder Secret Admirer is the free feature available on Tinder that shows four cards from which you can reveal a Tinder profile. The four hidden Admirers are profiles who already have liked you; therefore, should you enjoy your Secret admirer, you’ll be able to make immediate Tinder matches.

What’s the Process? How Does Tinder Secret Admirer Work?

You will receive an email from Tinder if you’re eligible for selecting an Admirer Secret with the following message: “Your secret admirer is no longer secret no more …”

It is also possible to walk into this Secret Admirer screen while scrolling through your Discovery profiles.

You can only reveal one profile at a time and swipe either left or right or Super-Like the profile you’ve disclosed.

You’ll receive an instant match if you swipe left or super like her profile. You can start an exchange with your brand’s potential Tinder match. You will find her profile on your match list, which has the Tinder Gold heart displayed beside the name. You have found her via Tinder Gold’s Secret Admirer feature.

If you’d like to skip this Secret Admire section, tap on the Skip button in the lower right of the page.

How Often Do You Get A Secret Admirer On Tinder?

How Often Do You Get A Secret Admirer On Tinder

There isn’t any information from the government about how often you will obtain a Secret Admirer Card Deck.

You must have at minimum 4 Tinder profiles that have been a fan of yours, so they’ll be able to show you four cards. Based on my personal experiences, you will view Secret Admirer on the Secret Admirer card every couple of days, and If you’re active on Tinder, perhaps even every day.

Is Tinder Secret Admirer Free?

Yes, Tinder Secret Admirer is a free feature. We believe Tinder does not show free users or Tinder Plus customers the Tinder Secret Admirer accounts because Tinder Gold members can see the profiles of those they liked due to their “Likes You” feature.

If you’d like to view all of those Secret Admirers, you must purchase the Tinder Gold membership (which is quite expensive) or utilize the Tinder Blur hack to access the Tinder Blur Hack to view all those whom you liked on Tinder but haven’t swiped yet.

Is Tinder Secret Admirer A Scam?

We wouldn’t suggest it’s a scam. Secret admirer is a scam. It’s a very clever advert in support of Tinder Gold membership.

Since, if we’re honest, it’s simply a method to allow Tinder to advertise Tinder Gold for you. It’s not a rip-off since you will be able to discover a user who liked you at no cost when you show the Secret Admirer’s cards. We also believe that the primary motive of this program was to promote the benefits of their Tinder Gold subscription rather than to improve the experience for non-Gold users.

Tinder is making records in revenue nearly every quarter, mostly due to the premium subscriptions they offer within the application. They’re especially earning lots of money from the sale of Tinder Gold, so their objective is to promote Gold Gold subscriptions to the maximum number of people they can.

Tinder Secret Admirer Not Working

Tinder Secret Admirer Not Working

Since this is a brand new Tinder feature, there are numerous problems that users may have encountered since the launch of Tinder’s Secret Admirer feature. We will briefly discuss the most frequent bugs and issues and, when possible, provide an explanation of the issue.

Swiped Right On A Secret Admirer But Failed To Match

This could happen when the person you shared the love with and then swiped right removed their profile, or Tinder has suspended their account because of a policy violation. Tinder will state that it has an “error in matching.” It is impossible to prevent this; it’s simply luck.

I’ve Already Spilt A Profile Identified As the Secret Admirer

It’s a niggle, but it’s not an issue that can occur quite often. It is possible that you swiped her left, but she was a fan of you; she may still appear as an Admirer. You may also alter your mind and swipe her right to get the chance to match her.

Tinder Secret Admirer Card Bugs

There are quite a few issues with this feature, for instance, the card freezing which won’t allow you to swipe right. Others have said Tinder would show the same profile on every secret admirer.

We don’t have a solution to these issues other than the option of logging out and then logging returning to Tinder which can assist you in resolving these issues. We’ll have to pray that Tinder developers address these issues as quickly as possible.

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