Scary clown movies on netflix

7 Most Scariest Clown Movies on Netflix: Our Top Picks


Netflix has a wide variety of scary clown movies so that you can watch one according to your mood, taste or preference.

The best scary clown movies on Netflix are those that make you laugh and scream at the same time.

We know that it can be difficult to choose which one to watch, so In this article, we will list ten scary clown movies on Netflix based on their ratings and reviews from people who have watched them. So let’s start with our top pick!

Here’s What We Picked for You?

Here is The list of 7 Most Scary Clown Movies on Netfix in 2021

It (2017)

 It  movie (2017) poster with a boy holding balloon  in hand

It is one of the scary clown movies on Netflix that has a rating of 98%.

The story begins when children in Derry, Maine are being killed by an unknown entity. The only people who know about it are called “the losers club” which consists of seven kids aged 11 to 13 years old.

One day, they decide to fight against it and for this reason, adults leave them alone at night up until the end where their lives change forever.

It is scary because we find out what Pennywise really looks like and his weapons turn into many things such as balloons or lollipops! But don’t worry if you’re not scared – there’s always something funny going on too so you can laugh while watching this scary clown movie on Netflix.

Clown (2016) 

Clown (2016) movie poster

Clown is scary because you never know if it’s real or not.

It all starts when the protagonist of this scary clown movie on Netflix, a man named Andy, visits his childhood town to attend an event.

He takes pictures with some old friends and then he goes back home – until one day the police knock at his door looking for him! They think that he has kidnapped a six-year-old girl from their city but they’re wrong; she was actually in her backyard playing hide and seek with her brother who went into Andy’s yard to get more toys.

Andy can’t be released because of lack of evidence so after some time passes by, people start thinking that maybe there is something suspicious about him…and we’re not sure if he’s the clown or not.

The Babadook (2014)

The Babadook (2014) movie poster

When it rains, a scary clown movie on Netflix that you can watch is The Babadook. The protagonist of this scary movie for children and adults alike has lost his wife after an accident and now he takes care of their six-year-old son alone.

One day when they’re reading a storybook before bedtime, there appears a strange-looking creature with long arms from inside the book who tells them to “come out” because she wants some friends.

Little by little, more weird things happen like doors slamming shut all at once while everyone sleeps…or maybe someone close just turned off the light? We don’t know what scares us most: ghosts or monsters or the scary clown who’s hiding in our closets.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) movie poster

In this scary movie, an evil race of aliens disguises as circus performers and invade the small town to kidnap people in order to take over our planet Earth! The protagonists are teenagers who go out with their friends one night but they don’t come back; that’s because these killer klowns from Outer Space have taken them hostage and plan to use them for experiments.

One day while walking around the streets at night, we find out about what happened and decide to do something about it by throwing pies at those creepy-looking clowns until they turn into ice cream cones – or maybe even whipped cream? We can’t be sure. And now we know scary clowns can be aliens too!

Cooties (2014)

Cooties (2014) movie poster

We’ve compiled scary clown movies on Netflix that have a rating of 85%.

This scary movie is about life in an elementary school where there’s been an epidemic and nobody knows why. Teachers, students and parents are being infected without knowing it until we see one particular incident when a child with cooties goes to give someone else some candy – but they don’t accept it!

Soon after this happens, people start to act strangely by not listening or refusing food…or maybe even trying to eat each other? But no one can get out because if you leave the town you’ll die once night falls. Now our protagonists must find out what really happened while staying alive at all costs so they won’t turn into zombies themselves. Watch out for scary clowns on the loose!

IT Chapter 2 (2019)

IT Chapter 2 (2019) movie poster

The scary clown movie on Netflix is IT Chapter Two and it follows the events of the first chapter. The protagonists grow up as they face a new supernatural force that’s been terrorizing their town for years now but in this scary sequel, they are all adults who have to take care of themselves.

We can’t help them or protect them because those scary clowns – also known as Pennywise – have just returned after 27 years and he brings with him more fear than ever before. And if you thought there wasn’t enough horror from the last scary clown movie on Netflix then think again: we’re about to go inside his mouth!

What makes Clown terrifying? Is it real or not? What happens when Andy visits the scary clown’s house and the circus?

The Terrifier (2016)

The Terrifier (2016) movie poster

The scary clown movie on Netflix that’s rated 94% and has a runtime of 80 minutes is The Terrifier.

In this scary horror film, Andy returns to the town he grew up in but now it’s full of evil people who want nothing more than to see him suffer because they blame him for killing their children years ago.

This time, there appears an old friend by his side – or maybe not? There are all kinds of disturbing scenarios including child abduction and sexual violence…or even violent death! And what about scary clowns?! You’ll have to watch the scary movie yourself to find out.


There are plenty of movies with clowns on Netflix, but these 7 scare the living daylights out of us. What do you think? Which one will be your next scary movie to watch this Halloween season? Share in the comments below!

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