Resident Evil Netflix Ending Explained Spoilers

Resident Evil Netflix Ending Explained Spoilers


Resident Evil is out officially on Netflix. This is the premier live-action TV show that is set within the Resident Evil universe.

Many questions are raised throughout the eight episodes of the show Some of them are solved, while others aren’t. It’s normal for fans to require closure or unanswered questions after they’ve finished watching. Resident Evil Netflix Ending Explained spoilers

Spoilers in the coming weeks to Resident Evil season 1

We’re looking at the final episodes in Resident Evil in both timelines, 2022 as well as 2036. Learn what’s happening with members of the Wesker family of characters, Bea, Simon, Evelyn, and more. If you’ve watched the entire series or just want to know how everything is going to end, we’ll break down the biggest secrets and twists below.

Resident Evil Netflix Ending Explained Spoilers

Resident Evil Netflix Ending Explained Spoilers

The finale of Resident Evil season 1 revolves around a fight between the adult Billie as well as Jade in the timeline of 2036 as younger twins are trying to escape Umbrella in 2022.

The year 2022 is when Billie gets taken away 2022 to Umbrella and Jade receives help from Simon to enter the building. They track down Bert and Billie to locate Albert and, in confusion, Billie remains sick, despite not having mutated and is bitten by Simon. After Evelyn realizes that her son was injured and kills him, she shoots him.

Albert and Bert build a bomb. Albert remains behind to detonate it by sacrificing himself to ensure Billie, Jade, and Bert can escape safely. Evelyn is also able to escape however, the bomb releases her secret plan which seems to be a mutant William Birkin.

The 2036 story is concluded in 2036 with Billie abducting Bea after which she shoots Jade and then leaves her dead. Billie realizes how the mutant alligator does not attack Bea this would suggest that she’s unique. Also, a child is much less stressed in comparison to Jade as all she requires to do is be healthy Wesker blood to hold her illness at low levels.

Netflix Resident Evil ending: What Happens To Jade Wesker?

Netflix Resident Evil ending: What happens to Jade Wesker

It’s 2036 and Billie Wesker shoots Jade in the stomach and then leaves her to die following the murder of her daughter of her, Bea. It seems like Jade will make it through the night, but it’s difficult to believe that she and her story isn’t over. If the show gets renewed, Jade will go to the end of the world to win Bea back, regardless of the price.

The year 2022 is when Jade grieves after Evelyn killed Simon and she goes off along with Billie as well as Jade. The last glimpse we get of her as well as her sister is in the back of a car, as Bert is driving out of town. Jade keeps the note that Albert handed her, telling her to seek assistance from Ada Wong in Japan.

Netflix Resident Evil Ending: What Happens To Billie Wesker?

Netflix Resident Evil Ending: What Happens To Billie Wesker

After she has revealed herself as the show’s main antagonist in the timeline of 2036, Billie kidnaps Bea, shoots Jade, and flees on the Umbrella Corp. helicopter. I’m guessing she’s taking Evelyn along, but we’re not sure of the truth.

In 2022, following her bite on Simon and Simon being shot She and Jade depart together with Bert. Something’s going on regarding Billie even though she doesn’t transform into a zombie like the rest of us. We’re not sure what’s wrong with her.

Netflix Resident Evil ending: Who is Bea’s father?

Netflix Resident Evil ending: Who is Bea's father

We aren’t sure the name of Bea’s biological dad until the time the season is over. We know that it’s not Arjun as the second possible possibility would be Simon However, as he’s dead before when Jade is pregnant, it’s not Simon either.

Netflix Resident Evil ending: What’s unique about Bea?

Netflix Resident Evil ending: What's unique about Bea

If the mutant alligator decides to strike Bea the gator stops and turns calm around Bea even letting the pet of her. Why? Could it be that something is in the blood of Jade that forces the creature not to strike? We don’t yet know what Bea’s problem is at this point but it’s evident that she’s unique and Billie is aware of it too. Because she requires healthful Wesker blood to keep her alive and healthy, she chooses Bea for a ride, as she’s less of a hassle to manage than Jade (hence the reason she informs Jade she does not “need” her anymore).

Netflix Resident Evil ending: What happens to Albert Wesker?

Netflix Resident Evil ending: What happens to Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker is dead and his cousin, Bert, is also possibly dead. It’s not clear since Billie mentions their dad “dying” in 2036, however, by the time they reached that point Albert was already dead in 2022, and they were together with Bert all the time. It appears that the girls may have begun talking about Bert by the name of “dad.” In 2022, Albert sacrifices himself so that Bert, Jade, and Billie can escape.

Netflix Resident Evil ending: Is Arjun alive?

Netflix Resident Evil ending: Is Arjun alive

Arjun’s fate is among many characters whose fate remains unclear. After the mutant alligator destroys the raft Jade and hers, Arjun is seriously injured. Jade has to let him go to the beach to chase Bea.

Netflix Resident Evil ending: Is Evelyn still alive?

Netflix Resident Evil ending: Is Evelyn still alive?

In the timeline in 2022, Evelyn shoots her son, Simon, in the head, killing him instantly following Billie being bitten by him. At the end of 2036, final we glimpse Evelyn she was mind guided by Billie. Her fate is still a matter of speculation, however, we are likely to believe that she is alive.

Netflix Resident Evil ending: What caused Billie and Jade’s romance to break up?

Netflix Resident Evil ending: What caused Billie and Jade's romance to break up

We don’t know what transpired between Billie and Jade that led to significant differences between them, or Billie becoming Umbrella or Evelyn. The last time we left with the two in 2022, they were being evicted from their township by Bert.

Jade is the home address as well as a phone number for Ada Wong and is reeling from the death of Simon which Billie was a part of after she bit Simon. The situation has already started to go wrong for them, particularly as adult Billie claims to Jade she was told that night that the Doberman biting her was the “best night of her life” because it gradually took away all the things about her she disliked about herself.

Netflix Resident Evil ending: What’s the name of the monster that’s inside Evelyn’s lab?

Netflix Resident Evil ending: What's the name of the monster that's inside Evelyn's lab

Evelyn exposes an unsettling creature that is in a tank at the closing this season. She would like Bert to help her with her “project” of hers. It’s not clear exactly what the creature’s name is, because it could mean something from Resident Evil lore.

At first, I thought it could be Nemesis However, I believe it could be modified by William Birkin. Perhaps it’s something completely new and takes inspiration from the characters the Resident Evil‘s most well-known monsters.

Is Resident Evil season 1 have an after-credits scene?

Unfortunately, there’s no post-credits sequence after the first season, which means you won’t have to wait for it after you’ve finished the final.

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