Quick Netflix hacks to accentuate your viewing experience on Mac (iPhone & iPad)

Quick Netflix hacks to accentuate your viewing experience on Mac (iPhone & iPad)


Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services that boasts more than 222 million users globally. The platform hosts thousands of shows, movies, documentaries, stand-up comedy specials, etc. Netflix offers compatible applications for all major platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, Windows, and Android. Netflix offers tons of features that take the user experience a notch higher. This article will cover some quick hacks that can accentuate your viewing experience even further on Mac, iPhones, and iPad.

  • Master Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

If you use your Mac to watch content on Netflix, you can efficiently perform numerous actions by learning a few keyboard shortcuts. For instance, by pressing “F,” you can enter into “Full Screen Mode,” or by using the spacebar, pause or resume watching. Likewise, by pressing “M,” you can mute or unmute the audio. Similarly, there are numerous other shortcuts you can learn and master to have a better viewing experience on your Mac. 

  • Use iPhone & iPad Shortcuts

Even though there are not a ton of Netflix shortcuts for iPhone and iPad, there are a few useful ones that you can use to regulate your viewing experience. For instance, you can double-tap on the right side of the screen to skip a few seconds ahead. Similarly, double-tapping on the left side will allow you to rewind a few seconds. 

  • Use the “Download” Feature to Save and Stream Content Offline

It is not always possible to stay connected to the Internet, which is why Netflix offers the “Download” feature to its users. Using the exclusive feature of the Netflix application, users can download selected movies and TV series episodes and watch them later without an Internet connection. Coming to macOS, since there is no official Netflix application available for Macs, there are numerous legal ways following which users can save content offline and watch Netflix on a Mac. For instance, Mac users can stream Netflix content via AirPlay using NetSpot, a third-party application.

  • Use the “Like” and “Dislike” Feature

Netflix features a thumbs up and thumbs down button using which you can show your liking or dislike for any content present on the streaming platform. Giving a like or dislike to any content will allow Netflix’s algorithm to manage and sort your suggestions more accurately. The streaming platform will suggest content based on your likes and dislikes. Therefore, once you are done watching anything, make sure to drop a like or dislike based on whether you liked what you saw. 

  • Create Profiles

Most users do not have a private account on Netflix, i.e., they share an account with their friends or family members. Therefore, what you like watching may not be liked by others or vice versa. A practical solution to avoiding messed-up suggestions feed is to create different profiles for different users. Doing so will keep your feed sorted. Furthermore, you can lock your profile to ensure non-interference with your content. According to Netflix, you can easily create, edit and manage a profile by following a few steps. 

  • Customize Subtitles

Most Netflix users enable subtitles to clearly understand what is being said, especially if the content being streamed is in a language they don’t have a firm grasp over. Therefore, Netflix provides you with an option to customize the appearance of subtitles, i.e., you can change the font, its size, the background color, etc. You can do so by navigating to the “Accounts” section using your iPad, iPhone or Mac and then clicking on “Subtitle Appearance.” 

  • Enable or Disable Autoplay

Netflix generally plays the next episode automatically when a show’s episode gets over. While this feature is excellent for binge-watchers, it may not sit well with people who wish to consume limited content. You can turn off the “Autoplay” feature if you belong to the latter category. First, navigate to your account’s settings using Safari or any other browser, head to the “Playback Settings” present under the “Accounts” section and uncheck the “Play Next Episode Automatically” option. 

  • Request Content

Even though Netflix houses tons of shows and movies, the one you long to watch may not be present. To ensure you do not miss out on any content you like, you can request Netflix to add a movie or TV show to its content roster. First, open the Netflix application on your iPhone or iPad or go to the platform’s official website using your Mac. Then, navigate to the “Help Center” section, and click on “Request TV shows or movies.” Here, you can input your required movie or show’s name and click on “Submit Suggestion.” 

Netflix continues to be a top choice for streaming shows and movies primarily due to its features, lack of advertisements and commercials, and its offering of fresh and unique content. By following the tips mentioned above, you can further improve the viewing experience on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

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