Pinterest Widget Not Working

Pinterest Widget Not Working


Pinterest is a beautiful image-sharing platform that allows you to share images and discover new places, trends, and recipes. Many users complained recently about the Pinterest widget not working. Continue scrolling if you want to learn How To Fix Pinterest Widget Not working.

Pinterest Widget allows users to find inspiration right from their home screen. This widget shows you the inspirations that come directly from your boards and the boards you follow. The device will inspire you based on the themes you follow in the app. Keep watching to learn How To Fix Pinterest Widget Not working, and return to your inspiring and beautiful home screen.

Why Is The Pinterest Widget Not Working?

Why Is The Pinterest Widget Not Working

The Pinterest widget may not be working for you. There are many reasons why it might happen:

  • The Pinterest app may have a glitch or bug.
  • Your Wi-Fi and mobile data are not working correctly
  • Your iPhone/iPad device is not current with the latest version
  • You haven’t updated the Pinterest app for a while
  • The Pinterest widget is only currently available for iOS 14 and newer.

Avoid These Mistakes

  • You should avoid deleting the Pinterest app, as this will cause your Pinterest widget data to be deleted.
  • Don’t delete the Pinterest widget.

How To Fix The Pinterest Widget Not Working

How To Fix The Pinterest Widget Not Working

Pinterest Background App Refresh

Background app refresh allows you to reload your content over an active internet connection. You must enable this option to fix the issue and allow your content to reload.

Go to Settings on your iPhone and then to the General tab to enable Background App Refresh for Pinterest. Find the “Background App Refresh” option and enable it.

Switch to A Different Network

If you have slow internet access or a weak network, it may be causing problems loading the Pinterest app. If the app does not work despite having good internet access, it could mean that your network is limited.

You will need to change to another network in this instance. You might consider switching to Wi-Fi if you are using mobile data.

You can also set your phone to airplane mode, then unplug it. This will allow you to connect with a different server.

Clear Your App Cache

To fix Pinterest Widget Not Using, you can clear your app cache. Apps that have cache issues are often unable to function properly.

Clear the Pinterest app cache from Android Settings. Navigate to App Management and locate the Pinterest App. Clear the cache option, and the Pinterest App cache will be removed.

Open your Settings app, and then go to the General tab. Clear your iPhone’s Pinterest cache. Select Pinterest, then choose iPhone Storage. Select the delete option to reinstall the Pinterest App.

Your VPN Should Be Disabled

Before you use the Pinterest app, please disable any VPN connections. A VPN connection can prevent the Pinterest app from functioning.

To fix the problem, disable your VPN connection and try using the Pinterest app again.

Turn Off Battery Saver Mode

How a device’s apps and power-saving mode work on specific devices can be affected. Some functions and features won’t work if this setting is enabled. Pinterest may not be working because of this.

You can fix Pinterest Widget not Working by disabling the power saving or battery saver on your device.

Reinstall The App

Pinterest Widget, not Working can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the Pinterest app. This will clear the cache and allow you to install the latest version. You can delete the app from your device settings or the App Store.

Pinterest can also be restarted by reinstalling it.

Install The Latest Version Of The App

Your device may be running an outdated version of the Pinterest app if you haven’t updated it in a while. This is why you might have problems using the app.

You will need to update Pinterest to fix Pinterest Widget not Working. Visit the App Store for iOS to do this.

If the update is for bug fixes or performance improvements, updating the Pinterest app will fix any bugs or glitches.

Verify That The App Is Compatible

Your device might not be compatible with the Pinterest app. You may have problems using the app in this situation.

Check that your device is compatible with the Pinterest app if it’s not working. You can try the app on another phone if your device is not consistent.

Make Sure Your Time And Date Settings Are Correct

Your device’s date and time settings may cause the Pinterest app not to work. Make sure that your device’s date and time are correct.

You can then try loading the Pinterest app again to see if it still works.

Restart Your Device

You may be able to solve the Pinterest Widget Not Working issue by restarting your phone. Start the app again, and then restart your phone. It should now be running flawlessly.

Get In Touch With The Support Team

If none of these solutions work and you continue to get the error, please get in touch with the Support Team.

Wait for the Support team’s resolution to your problem.

Give It A Rest

Sometimes the Pinterest app does not work due to a technical problem or server down. You will need to wait until the technical team fixes the problem.

The Pinterest team is often aware of the situation and should work to resolve it. There is nothing you can do but wait.


You can fix the Pinterest widget not working problem by checking for stable internet connections, enabling Background App Refresh Pinterest, and updating the Pinterest app to the latest version. This will resolve your issue, and the Pinterest widget should work again.

Alternatively, you can try to fix the problem using Pinterest App. In this instance, wait until the Pinterest team fixes the bug.

If necessary, you can update your Pinterest app to the latest version. The Pinterest widget will also work perfectly.

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