Pinterest Widget Is Not Working: 4 Easy Methods To Fix  

Crap! I recently tried to update my pins and boards on Pinterest, but couldn’t as the Pinterest widget is not working properly.

And, now I am stuck on the Internet to find ways I can fix Pinterest widget not working.

As most of you may know Pinterest is one of the most famous applications where users can post and discover things that interest them. I myself spend at least half an hour on the application looking for cozy apartment designs( trust me, it is very therapeutic).

However, recently I have been having problems updating my pinboards on the application, and if you are facing problems then you know how irritating it can be. I searched through the pages of the internet and came to know different reasons why you might be facing the problem.

The first reason why the Pinterest widget is not working could be bad internet connectivity, Pinterest works as an online cloud-based application. Therefore, it needs good internet to work properly.

The second reason behind the Pinterest widget not working could be you using an outdated version of the application, make sure you are using an updated version.

Overcrowding cache, or a minor bug and glitch in the application.

Well, worry not, because they are also certain methods you can follow to fix the Pinterest widget that is not working. Readalong, as we explain each method in the article down below.

How To Fix The Pinterest Widget Is Not Working

How To Fix The Pinterest Widget Is Not Working

Many of us out there are daily users of Pinterest, it serves as the daily dose of inspiration for us. From the inspirations on what to wear to the easiest DIY you can follow, we have all resorted to Pinterest for our aha! Moment. So, it can be distressing if you can no longer see your trusted home screen.

But, as once a wise, man said where there is a will there is a way, and I have come up with ways you can fix the Pinterest widget that is not working. 

Method 1: Check The Internet Connection 

As you must be well aware, Pinterest needs a solid network to work efficiently. A slow network can hinder its performance and can sometimes cause the Pinterest widget not working problem.

To fix it you should try to alter your network Wi-Fi and mobile data to see if the problem is caused due to your connection. You should also connect with your internet service provider to check if there is any network problem. 

You can also try to turn ON and OFF your mobile data or check the router in case you using wifi, to see if the problem persists there.

Also, try to switch the mobile network to wifi to check if that fixes the Pinterest widget not working. 

Method 2: Update The Pinterest Application To Fix The Pinterest Widget Is Not Working

To fix the Pinterest widget is not working you should try and update the Pinterest application with the latest version, as it has occurred many times that a feature may not work in an outdated version of the app.

If your Pinterest is outdated then, it can be causing Pinterest widgets not to work.

Updating your application on regular basis can also get rid of the minor bugs that exist in the application previously. Additionally, if you don’t want to manually update your application every time, you can change your update settings to auto and save yourself from trouble every time. 

To update Pinterest on your iPhone, follow the steps mentioned down below:

  • First and foremost, you need to locate the Apple store and open it.
  • Once you have successfully done that, you will find your profile icon on the top right corner of the screen, tap on it.
  • From the window that appears on your screen, scroll down the screen till you find the “pending updates” option, click on it and all the applications that need an update will be displayed on it, you can either update all or scroll down to find Pinterest.
  • Once you locate it, click on update.

If, your Pinterest widget is not working will be fixed. 

Method 3: Restart Your Device To Fix The Pinterest Widget Is Not Working

If you are an avid Pinterest user, then the Pinterest widget is not working and can be quite worrisome, for many Pinterest is the way they get to know what is trending right now and what they should be following, whether it is food to try, or clothes to wear.

With that being said, we come to the third method you can use to fix the Pinterest widget is not working, you should restart your device to fix the issue.

Follow the steps mentioned below to restart your iPhone:

  • Firstly, you are supposed to press and hold both the Power button and the Volume buttons. 
  • When you long press both the buttons, a slider will appear on your screen with the option “slide to power off” at the top of the screen, Slide it to the right side of the screen.
  • After a few minutes, the screen of your device will go black.
  • After a few seconds, press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears back again.

Following these steps might fix the Pinterest widget not working.

Method 4: Rest and wait

If you have followed all the methods mentioned above and still can’t fix the Pinterest widget is not working, then there is a high chance that the problem exists with the Pinterest app server.

You can visit the Pinterest website to confirm if that is the case.

If Pinterest mentions that their server is down, or there are some technical issues, you can do nothing but wait.

Just wait till Pinterest fixes the issue and Pinterest widgets might start working again. 

Well, that is the end of the article guys, to fix the Pinterest widget is not working, you can either check your network connection, update your device to the latest version, restart your device, or just wait till Pinterest fixes their server, if that is what causing Pinterest widget is not working.

I hope, I was able to assist you to solve the Pinterest widget not working, make sure you share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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