Our House ITV drama review

Our House ITV Drama Review | Everything You Need To Know


How much did you like this drama Our House ITV? Well, it is a great thriller that has gained a large audience and this is full of laughter. In this, there is a smartly dressed woman and her name is Fi Lawson. She returned to her home where her family resides in one of London’s wealthier suburbs and they need to squeeze past removal men in order to lug in a stranger’s furniture. So here we are with our house ITV drama review.

Well, this was transpired with the stranger house’s new owner and that property was being sold without Fi’s knowledge or without her consent of her. Well, this is just a grabby hook for the Our House and this is a drama that was adopted by the novel Lousie Candlish’s bestselling domestic thriller.

In this, there is a prime suspect that there was a property fraud that was done by Fi’s husband named Bram, and the role of him was played by Martin Compston. There are many things that are unfolded in this thriller. There are fractured timelines in this drama. Fi’s marriage was fell apart and it has been revealed in this.

You will get to see everything in this drama including the emotional heft as well you will get into the depth of the plot. The dialogues in this are just more than amazing and you will definitely be going to love this. 

Well, the funniest scene in this was when fi returned to her home and she discovers that Bram was having s*x with her best friend and that too in the children’s garden playhouse. 

Then Bram explains to her that it is not what it looks like to her. Then Bram is embroiled in some kind of lethal road rage and then there comes the unexpected twist in the road and there comes a twist in the plot too. You will get to know in the storyline where this is going wrong and you will see how it navigated the bends smoothly unlike Bram’s driving.

Well, this scandal and pure drama are at the heart of an unsuspecting hit. Fi’s love soon takes a drift and she has everything the house, husband, and the kid and also the job she loves to do. Her professionalism has made her somewhat cold in the drama. You got to see a complete range of emotions in this single drama. 

So this was all about our drama ITV drama review. We told you the whole story and it got good reviews as you are going to experience everything in this drama series. So you should watch this for sure and still if you want to ask us anything then you can ask us in the comment section,

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