The stage is set for the upcoming one piece chapter 1055 spoilers on Reddit since shanks have declared that he’s going to follow “One piece”.

Admiral Aramaki is way too confident. In terms of the character of Yamato, the Scabbards and Yamato appear to be capable of defeating Greenbul while they seemed to be in a state of despair against Kaido. Yamato was a bit better, but again when she faced an exhausted Kaido who was using her hybrid style, she was able to stop her father from doing any significant damage. Perhaps the PTSD Kaido caused everyone else is worthy of mentioning, however, it’s fascinating to see the performance of an Admiral when compared to an Emperor.

Let’s look at and analyze what transpired in the previous chapter, and what’s to come in the next chapter.



The next series of One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers are not available currently. However, we will update them when they are available.

The whole Shanks has to confront Bart matter could have been easily handled in mid-arc, either in a story that could be used as an excuse or some other shit.

Shanks appears at random times to Wano and then leaves before realizing Luffy is as un-climactic as Zunesha arriving but not doing anything, and Momo shoos her out and the WG appears to join Wano after pirates have been injured from the raid and then sitting around for a week in limbo.

Transforming The World Norms

Some things stand out in this chapter:

  • The Knights of God; who they are and the reason they would intervene to stop the trial of Mjosgard. If God truly is Imu and Mjosgard’s actions threaten the authority in The Celestial Dragons, then why should they intervene?
  • It was the 8 Nation Revolution; obviously, this was the result of Sabo’s suggestion in the pursuit of some of the family members of those who founded the WG however I’m interested in knowing the other nations that participated in the rebellion.

Beyond that, I’m worried about where this is leaving Alabasta. There is no doubt that they have an army but the King, his heirs and a few more powerful individuals within the country aren’t there They’re probably waiting in the Red Port to leave still.

Before, I was wondering what the reason was why WG was opposed to the assassination, but this rebellion provides the answer. I was unaware that many of these nations along with their inhabitants, being part of states of WG puts the poor vulnerable to The Celestial Dragons’ whims; so seeking to eliminate the WG is logical.

It’s a bit odd to note that Sabo is considered to be more powerful than Dragon even though. and Luffy is the one who leads rebelling pirates against the authorities too. The next chapter in one piece has 1055 spoilers Reddit is wild.

One Piece Chapter 1054 Recap

One Piece Chapter 1054 Recap

Chapter 1054 will be called “Fire Emperor” and will be launching with the Flower Capital where Kinemon and the Red Scabbards are aware that someone is heading towards the city.

Outsiders include Ryokugyuu who tells himself that “the power to affect the lives of others is very difficult to master” in the same way that Raizou, Shinobu, Inuarashi, Denjirou, Nekomamushi, and Kawamatsu appear before him.


Ryokugyuu warns the crowd not to hinder his presence since he’s a member of the Marines and then proceeds to criticize the people in front of him for not knowing the world outside of the country.

He can place both hands down while different kinds of plants grow in the cracks and begin to chase the crowd. Ryokugyuu claims that he’s a “Mori no Mi’ power, called the Forest Man, as he transforms himself into a giant tree, which begins to beat the group with huge branches.

Many people could die in this nation and no law could be violated! Stop me if you can! I’ll kill thousands of people if required to capture Straw Cape Luffy.” Then.

Yamato suddenly appears in the background of Ryokugyuu and then threw him down in a rage, saying that what he just declared is unacceptable and she will not allow him to continue with it. Momonosuke is also seen in Dragon form and tries to make use of Bolo Breath – however, he cannot use the attack.

Astonished by this Momonosuke decides to eat Ryokugyuu and then fly out of the town. However, Ryokugyuu can wrap his tree branches around the Dragon and Momonosuke tells Yamato to not reach out.


The ocean is close to Wanokuni which is in which Shanks along with Shanks and Red Hair Pirates are attempting to find Luffy along with Luffy and Straw Hats team.

Shanks has a flashback of the time when they chased the Marine warship and a meeting with Who and the two of them go to another flashback when Shanks repents of his arm to save Luffy and return to Foosha.

Shanks later states that he’d rather not be able to see Luffy and that, all factors considered they should concentrate on Barto who is devouring their banners back in the domain controlled by Red Hair Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 1055 Release Date.

The next installment in the series, The One Piece Chapter 1055 will be scheduled to be released on the 29th of July in 2022.

Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1055?

Manga One Piece can be downloaded for free and with a legitimate source such as Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus Platforms.

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