One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers


One Piece is the longest-running manga. Unsurprisingly, a manga with such a long history can keep its fans happy and add to them. Oda Sensei has done an admirable job keeping the series’ attention alive. Although Luffy still has a few arcs to go, the Wano arc was an essential step in that direction.

Let’s talk about the One Piece Chapter 1054 spoilers.

Chapter 1053 was a glimpse into Oda Sensei’s new Admiral Ryokogyu. This character is strong but has the exact nature of Kizaru’s tendency to attack Pirates when they feel weakest. Ryokogyu stated that he is much more potent than the others in the chapter. We all know this reality.

Many fans predicted that Ryokogyu’s Forest Forest fruit would allow him to absorb the nutrients and power of his living enemies. He was able to survive for three years without ever eating. It is believed that his ability to absorb nutrients from enemies was the key to his longevity.

We are sure Ryokogyu would not stand a chance against King and Queen if they were in good health. The right hand is always equal to or stronger than an Admiral.

Ryokogyu also looks like he isn’t in the mood for them to go. The last member of the Lunarian Tribe, Alas, is about to die. Aramaki is also moving toward the Flower Capital, having eliminated the last remnants of the most skilled pirates. This could also signal the inevitable confrontation between Luffy’s crew and the world Government.

One Piece Chapter 1054 Publication Date

One Piece Chapter 1054 Publication Date

Isn’t that crazy news boom? The world is agog about the manga that is the most loved, but the fans can’t wait to see the next chapter. Sources claim that the studio has already begun One Piece Chapter 1054 and will release it in Japan on July 26, 2022.

OMG! We can’t believe it! Is it that difficult for fans to wait so long? But we also have good news.

Do you want to know when and where it will be published?

Japan – 01:00 AM

India: 9:00 PM

USA/Canada 10:00 AM

UK – 4:00 PM

Europe: 5:00 PM

One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers

According to various discussion forums, the confirmed spoilers and raw scans for One Piece Chapter 1054 will be made public on July 23, 2022. One Piece will be taking a month-long vacation beginning June 19, 2022. It will then return for the 25th anniversary.

Let’s now discuss the mysteries that occurred in the previous chapter. This will allow us to dive deep into future events.

Oda Sensei provided action and fun-packed Chapter 1053 while setting the stage for future arcs. Morgan was first notified by someone who leaked images and information about the Wano battle. According to World Government, only Guernica (CP0) has Luffy’s image in Gear 5 and all other news.

Morgan stated that CP0’s transmission stopped after they spotted Big Mom Pirates.

In our opinion, Big Mom Pirates got the information about Mama’s defeat and decided to move towards Toto island, where Germa had already caused the problems. Ryokogyu and Morgan both agree that the outside world is a mess. What is the real story?

On the other hand, Robin had vanished, but now she is found alive and well in an underground room with Tengu. Tengu turned out to be Kozuki Sukiyaki (the former shogun and Kozuki Ode’s father).

Robin talks with Oda Sensei about the Pluton. It is believed to be hidden in Wano. It’s also revealed that Pluton, a warship capable of leveling whole cities, is the “world’s most dangerous warship.”

The new bounties of Kid and Law and Luffy have been revealed. It may surprise you to learn that all three have three billion bellies. Luffy was deliberately kept low because the World Government wanted Luffy to remain secret and didn’t want the world to learn about Luffy’s awakening.

The outside world is in chaos, and there is still no information about Luffy’s victory over Kaido. Nobody except the five elders has any knowledge about the incident. The image on the bounty shows Luffy in gear five. Five elders are seen agitated, trying to remove that image.

Chapter 1053 also revealed four new Yonko, with Buggy and Luffy being the new ones. Surprisingly, Buggy is on the list. However, considering that he was a childhood friend to Shanks, one can speculate that even though he has clashed in the past with Luffy, he will support Luffy in their subsequent encounter.

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