5 Movies Like The Handmaiden: Your Next Best Bet

You have just finished watching the Handmaiden, and now looking for movies similar to the trope because you can’t get over how fascinating it was? Well, your search ends here, we have curated a list of movies like the Handmaiden that you can watch and quench your thirst.

The movie was a mix of mystery, thriller, drama, and romance which forces us to mull over the hard truths of life, therefore if movies like these are just what you looking for then go through the list of movies below:  

Movies Like The Handmaiden

1. Thirst (2009)

Thirst (2009)

In the midst of the Vampire craze that fascinated cinema at the end of the last decade, Korean director Chan-wook Park resumes the vampire genre to rescue and reposition it with a film full of complexes. A unique story, full of forms that do not correspond to what we are usually used to seeing.

Thirst is not about young people in the midst of impossible love, or about the way in which vampires and humans coexist. Thirst narrates the days of characters whose lives are hanging by a thread due to uncontrollable circumstances. Its protagonist has been the victim of situations he has not been able to anticipate and does not understand at first.

The characters, maniacs or with very particular professions, are beings who prefer solitude because they know that something is wrong with them, but they are always linked to other loved ones, who will be in their minds until they meet their final destiny. A very special movie that fans of movies like The Handmaiden will thoroughly enjoy.

2. The Housemaid (2010)

The Housemaid (2010)

Eun-Yi is a willing and somewhat innocent young woman who accepts an offer to work as a nanny in the house of Goh Hoon, a wealthy businessman.

Her job, besides taking care of their future children when they are born, will also be related to satisfying the whims of his wife Hae-Ra and the needs of their little daughter Nami, the only member of the family with whom Eun-Yi will find some human warmth.

The job will border on slavery, given the wife’s utter foolishness and the husband’s maniacal demands. However, for Eun-Yi, living in that oppressive mansion – the largest set built in the history of Korean cinema – will become a kind of dream castle, a castle that, as usual, also had its dungeons, full of shadows and darkness.

3. Oldboy (2003)

Oldboy (2003)

The film begins with a powerful shot in which we see our protagonist on a rooftop with another man, as he tells him (us): “I want to tell you my story”.

Suddenly, transitions to the past of the same character where it all started, and we observe that he looks like a totally different person. Only 30 seconds have passed and we are already hooked on the story.

We know that Oh Dae-Su, the protagonist, undergoes a journey that will change him completely, and we feel the compelling need to know how and why it happens. We don’t want to spoil too much, but if you liked The Handmaiden then this movie will delight you.

4. Volver (2006)

Volver (2006)

What is Volver about? There are several things that come back in Volver. Mainly, the title refers to the past that always comes back even if we try to run away from it. And the past also returns thanks to life experiences that are repeated, with past violence reappearing in the actions of new generations in a similar way to what happened to previous generations.

But the title may also refer to returning to key places in the lives of the protagonists: the small village in La Mancha where the two sisters Cruz and Dueñas grew up before moving to Madrid; the cemetery where their parents rest. And there is also the theme of returning from the afterlife, with much dialogue focusing on how ghosts can affect the lives of loved ones after death.

A special movie touching on very delicate yet fascinating subjects.

5. Lady MacBeth (2016)

Lady MacBeth (2016)

It is the story of Lady Katherine, a young woman who was forced to marry a cold, distant, and alien to her, Alexander. For the year 1856 that was the standard, the problem for Lady Katherine is that her husband never consummates their marriage. This, in addition to other things, makes her life boring, heavy, and unbearable.

Everything seems to change when her husband and father-in-law have to leave the house, leaving Katherine alone, taking care of the house, and fulfilling her duty as a lady. One day, her employees physically assault the maids, making Katherine have to intervene. There she meets Sebastian, a handsome employee who walks the estate’s dogs and leads them into an idyllic forbidden romance.

Katherine will become obsessed with him and do anything in her power to keep them from being separated, no matter the cost. Definitely a similar movie to The Handmaiden that you shouldn’t overlook.

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