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Do you like watching Tom Cruise? Well, I guess yes that’s why you loved watching Oblivion and now you are here searching for movies like Oblivion. There is no doubt that Tom Cruise’s 2013 Oblivion was the best sci-fi at that time that was loved by many and it gathered a lot of audiences.

This movie was directed by Joseph Kosinski and the role has been played by Tom Cruise that makes this more amazing sci-fi and there is a lot of visual creativity and it has engrossed mystery with it. Fans are actually thinking is there something else like this that would give them the same feel.

Talking about the storyline it is a dystopian aesthetic and thought-provoking story. There are many such other movies that are amazing to watch and you will definitely love them so what’s the wait. So have a look at this list and decide which one you want to watch first. 

10 Best Sci-Fi Movies like Oblivion

Planet of the Apes

This is based on Pierre Boulle’s novel that was published in 1968 and it then began with the long-running franchise of movies and TV shows and it began to entertain the fans of oblivion with its actions. In this, you will get to see Franklin J. Schaffner. This is the best sci-fi movies that were built to shatter twist. 

The island

This is based on the best sci-fi concept and it was directed by Michael Bay in this movie there are two prisoners and they are naive and they will escape from the safe haven that is in an apocalyptic wasteland and there they will discover the outside world that was fine for them. 

They will save the murderous corporation that has grown with the clones of superwealthy clients that are in mere need of organic spare parts. This will satisfy your need to watch the best sci-fi and also the stylish futuristic action.


There are a lot of similarities in the plot of this movie with Oblivion and this was Duncan Jones’s best sci-fi mystery that you need to watch for sure. Sam Rockwell isolated the Lunar worker and they have a lot in common with Tom Cruise. It has the counterpart and Moon will give you all different experiences and it has the unique asthertics. 

Tron: Legacy

This was the first-length movie of Joseph Kosinski and it has the longest gestating sequel to Disney’s cult sci-fi favorite Tron. the architecture conveys the visual moods and also the atmosphere. The director of this movie represents this very beautifully. In this movie, there is a story of a young man that is searching for clues in order to explain the disappearance of his father decades ago. His father was sucked in the digital world of The Grid and then he must overcome the nefarious forces that were trying to get out into real life.

Wall- E

This movie is all time joyful and it is fun for all ages and it has romance too along with the science fiction and this makes this more unique. In this movie, there is a lonely titular robot that is tasked with cleaning up the abandoned earth and there is a glimpse of romance with the strange visitor and they are swept up into an adventure that is involved in the last of the humanity that is out of space.

The Maze Runner

In maze runner, there is a group of young boys that are trapped in a colossal high-tech maze that is full of monsters and bobby traps. The first part of this was adapted from James Dashner’s dystopian young adult book based on this book. There was no memory of how they went there or about the outside world and then the group will work together in order to solve the mystery of their maze and also the twists and then the story will turn and it will satisfy your need to watch something like oblivion.

Logan’s Run

This movie was inspired by the 1970s and in this is a huge sci-fi movie and in this Logan’s will depict a closed-off future utopia and it will maintain the balance by killing any of the members of the population over thirty years of age. After some time Logan will learn a horrible truth and he was trying to escape his fate and he will embark on a wild and frightening odyssey into the unknown.

Blade Runner 2049

This is a sequel of Denis Villeneuve’s to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic and there is neither style nor action that will bring the vivid depiction of a not-too-distant dystopia to life. The visualization and cinematography of Blade Runner 20149 are more than stunning and it has unmissable entries that will run into the genre for a decade and this will be loved by the fans of Oblivion. It has a horrifying and captivating vision of ruined earth and it has trapped workers who will run the ruin.

Silent Running

You will get to see Bruce Dern in this movie who is playing the role of caretaker of the world’s last surviving plant life and that is on a deep space conservation ship. The humanity of that is disregard for the only hope in order to return to a natural world that will cause him to take drastic action. It is an essential sci-fi classic and it is very unique that is based on the idea of star wars adjacent space terrorism. The story of this movie is neither right nor wrong to thought provoke effect.

Edge of Tomorrow

In this Tom Cruise has played the role of a cowardly soldier that was reborn again and again on the same battlefield and it is Doug Liman’s sci-fi. This is an action time travel movie and in this Tom Cruise dies against an invading alien force. He is shown as an immortal that is on a mission to discover how to defeat his enemy and how to control what is happening to him with the help of Emily blunt’s grizzled veteran.

So these were all the movies like oblivion. We mentioned here the best movies that you need to watch if you loved oblivion. You need to prepare your own list of movies from which one to start first and you need to skip any from this list as you will miss the amazing one in that case. Still, if there are any other movies that are best according to you then do mention those in the comment section. We would love to add them to our list.

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