7 Best Movies Like Kimi You Should Watch

7 Best Movies Like Kimi You Should Watch | February 2022


There are many movies like Kimi that will definitely give you the same experience. I know this psychological thriller was very amazing that many people loved it and they are searching for movies like Kimi in 2022.

Do you know what is Kimi about? Kimi is a psychological thriller and it was directed by Steven Soderbergh and talking the plot of the movie revolves around a girl named Angels and she is an agoraphobic tech worker. 

She always stumbles upon the evidence of a violent crime. She has to interact with humans as that is her biggest fear when she tries to report the crime, along with the with she has to navigate a complex web of bureaucracy and all this is in the middle of a pandemic.

Although there are many movies like Kimi and we have listed them all. Some are of them are crime thrillers and some of them are horror and you will definitely get to taste the storyline of Kimi in these movies. All these are amazing to watch and you should not miss them at any cost.

So without waiting any further and without talking about anything here let’s start with the list of the movies like Kimi in 2022. You will get here every detail of the movie and the storyline of the movie so now from here you can decide which one to watch first and make your own list.

Here are 7 Most Similar Movies like Kimi

Rear Window

Movies Like Kimi - Rear Window

It is a mystery thriller movie that is based on the short story that was It had to be murder. This story came out by Cornell Woolrich and talks about the movie it was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This movie came in the year 1954. 

Talking about the plot of the movie, in this Jeff who was an injured photographer begins to spy on his neighbours while recuperating. 

It is very much similar to Kimi as this movie is driven by dark secrets and there is also one protagonist who then becomes part of a murder investigation. 

This rear window has been cited and this has been influenced by the makers of Kimi. Although this is one of the best movies by Hitcock and this comes at the top of the list. So you should not miss watching this. 


Movies Like Kimi - Copycat

This is another brilliant movie that came in the year 1995 and there is one brilliant criminal psychologist named Dr Helen Hudson who develops severe agoraphobia. After he encounters a former suspect he develops that phobia. 

This movie was directed by Jon Amiel and talks about the plot of the movie there are many elements of crime and technology that are very much similar to Kimi. audience love to watch the cat and mouse narrative of copycat.

If you are one of them who loves to watch crime thrillers and fact-paced movies and don’t care about the character-driven approach then you should definitely watch copycat as it will serve all your purposes.

The woman in the window 

This movie was directed by Joe Wright and it came in the year 2021. It is a psychological thriller movie that is based on the novel of author A.J. Finn. talking about the plot of the movie there is one child psychologist who had the habit of spying on her neighbours and when she does this she came to know some of the dark secrets. 

Talking about Angela from Kimi here Anna is also agoraphobic. Both these movies have the role of protagonists that have an unconventional route to overcome the fears and those are anchored by the scintillating performing of the actress. They make it worth watching.



It was directed by Adam Schindler and it came in the year 2015. 

This is a horror movie which is based on Anna Rook. she was an agoraphobic woman and she was trapped in her own house with a group of intruders. 

After some time things took a great turn when the intruders learned the truth about Anna. this is very much similar to Angels that is from Kimi and in this movie Anna’s house is her strength in both, movies both the actresses prove that they are formidable when they are facing the adversity that they took on the bad guys.



Although Phobia is an Indian movie based on the Hindi language that came in the year 2016. It was directed by Pavan Kirpalani. 

Here there is a story of a girl named Mehak and she is a talented artist. But when she believes in her new apartment she thinks that she is possessed. 

She becomes agroraphobic after an incident of assault just like the protagonist of Kimi. there are some blur lines between the supernatural and the psychological mind games. They are there in order to craft a compelling tale that viewers of kimi must watch.

The Last Days

The Last Days

This movie is also known as Los Ultimos Dias and it came in the year 2013. This movie is a Spanish science fiction that was directed by Alex Pastor and David Pastor. 

In this movie, there is one cataclysmic event and after that, it focuses on one man’s quest in order to find his girlfriend. 

Talking about the two underlying elements of the movie Kimi that are technology and pandemic this is also somewhat similar to that. In this movie, the last days are expanded on the premise just by blending the elements and by pitting the characters that are against the panic. 

There is one pandemic triggered by the growing agoraphobia. You will get to see here the same story with some fresh experience with the same fundamentals of Kimi.


This movie is a medical thriller that came in the year 2011 and the story of the movie revolves around a rapidly spreading virus. 

That virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets. There is an impact of a pandemic on society that has an unsettling premise and a tense situation. 

While in Kimi the pandemic comes in the background while in this movie the pandemic comes in the front and center. Soderbergh has created an intense situation in this movie and you will definitely get entertained by that once you will watch this. 


So this was all about the movies like Kimi in 2022. We told the best movies like Kimi that you can watch in 2022. All these are loved by many people and you should definitely watch these and not miss out on any one of them. 

Still, if there are some other movies that are best according to you like Kimi that do mention those here we would love to add them to our list. 

Stay updated and keep loving.

Have a good time watching these movies.

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