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11 Most Thrilling Dirt Bike Movies for Ultimate Thrill Seekers


Dirt bike movies are best for those who love the thrill and joy of dirt biking. They allow you to remember all the best moments from your past while also getting excited about what’s to come in the future. The best dirt bike movies offer a variety of different scenarios and settings that cater to any taste, but we have narrowed it down to the 11 best ones that will suit most people.

Bennett’s War (2019)

Dirt bike movie - Bennett's War (2019)

Bennett’s War (2019) is a new dirt bike movie that follows the story of Bennett, an 18-year-old who seeks to win his way into the best motocross racing school in order to escape from being stuck working on bikes all day. He knows what he has to do: follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional rider. But when Bennet tries out for Red Bull’s Academy MXGP scholarship at the Dirt Games Florida event, he gets swept up by rival teams with their own shady agendas. As they fight over him, Bennett must make tough choices about family, loyalty and love while navigating through this cutthroat world as best he can.”

Emma’s father had been gone for a year. He left her and Emma’s mother to fend for themselves, but when he returned home one day after being gone for an entire year, the family rejoiced in his return. Bennett had been best friends with Emmaline since they were toddlers, so he was thrilled that she would be at their house all summer long now that she wasn’t in boarding school.

Supercross (2005)

Dirt bike movie - Supercross (2005)

This dirt bike movie follows the lives of two best friends as they compete in Supercross. There is a major twist when one friend injures another and their friendship becomes strained with jealousy, anger, and betrayal.  It’s hard to say who will come out on top in this highly charged drama but it surely doesn’t disappoint!

This film takes place during the 1970s; dirt bike racing was at its peak with some races taking place in challenging conditions like the Sahara desert. The best part is that It’s all true!

This film is an epic tale of two best friends who venture out into uncharted territory for a bike race and end up against some pretty fierce competition along with perilous weather conditions. This would make one exhilarating movie to watch, so don’t forget your popcorn!

Motocrossed (2001)

Motocrossed (2001) movie poster

Motocrossed, released in 2001 and directed by David DeCoteau is one of the best dirt bike movies for thrill-seekers. This film features a motocross racer named Hunter Grady who goes on to compete at an international race after being injured. What makes this dirt bike movie so thrilling is that there are many close calls with death throughout the plot from crashes and falls due to how fast they’re racing compared to other sports such as soccer or baseball.

The best part about Motocrossed is when it starts raining very hard during their last practice which leads them all off course into rough terrain while avoiding mud pits- doing just enough to stay ahead without slowing down too much before arriving in time for the final round against Chad Weston (played by Eric Roberts).

Winners Take All (1987)

Winners Take All (1987)

Winners Take All is the best dirt bike movie for all of those looking to watch a thriller with the best riders out there. This 1987 film features Johnny O’Mara who decides he’s going to take his motocross racing career seriously and go against David “Butterball” Smith, one of his best friends in this industry.

This story goes on as they both compete at different races and events across the USA- providing many close calls that make it thrilling such as when Butterball has an accident during their first race together which leads him into a coma. The best part about Winners Take All is how passionate these two are for the sport given what they do every day even if it means life or death.

The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)

The World's Fastest Indian (2005) movie poster

The World’s Fastest Indian is the best movie for those who love to see a man and his motorcycle go up against the world. Burt Munro, an old guy with no money, takes on engineering challenges in order to pursue what he loves best – motorcycling. The story of this New Zealander inspired many people around the globe. It will inspire you too, so check it out!

This movie is best for anyone who loves drama and high-speed motorcycle chase. It’s also a great story of perseverance because Burt never gave up even when he was met with obstacles at every turn. This thrilling movie will keep you on the edge of your seat as he takes his Indian bike on a race to the best land-speed record in 1967.

The World’s Fastest Indian is one of those movies that will live on forever, not only because of the story it tells but for its thrilling motorcycle scenes and high speeds.

On Any Sunday (1971)

On Any Sunday (1971) movie poster

On Any Sunday (1971) is a documentary about motorcycle racing. It focuses on the best dirt bike movies and best motocross racers of 1971, including Kenny Roberts Sr., Malcolm Smith, Evel Knievel, Ralph DePalma, Bob Hannah and more.

The film was directed by Bruce Brown as part of his “Maverick” series for Universal Pictures in association with Petersen Publishing Company.

It has been lauded for its extraordinary cinematography that places you right into all the action like never before seen at this time from inside the cockpit while driving through choppy terrain to pulling off stunts such as launching over cars or other riders during races.

This best dirt bike movie also won an Academy Award for the best documentary feature in 1973.

Motocross Kids (2004)

Motocross Kids (2004)

Motocross Kids is a family-friendly movie that follows the lives of two best friends and motocross racers. The friends, Caleb and Tyler, have an ongoing rivalry with one another to see who can be the best at racing on their dirt bikes. One day they both end up falling in love with Katie but for different reasons: she wants to get back together with her old boyfriend while Caleb just admires her skills as a racer and friend.

In the end, it’s not really important which guy gets Katie because there are plenty of other girls waiting around for them when all three find out about each other!

The film was originally released in 2004 by Columbia TriStar Pictures but became available through DVD release in 2005 by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Biker Boyz (2003)

Biker Boyz (2003)

This is a coming of age movie that follows two best friends and their passion for motocross. The story revolves around the protagonists’ lives as they reach adulthood, go through school, deal with girls, family issues and other things young people face. This film will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride – from laughter to anger to tears – while showcasing some of the best motocross racing scenes ever seen in Hollywood.

Biker Boyz (2003)   A Motown Records release set in Atlanta’s tough yet vibrant ghetto neighbourhood where best friends Ricky Baker (played by Tyrin Turner) and Ronnie Greene (Tye White), both 17 years old but wise beyond their years, dream about one-day becoming professional motocross racers.

The best motocross movies for all those who love the thrill and joy of dirt biking.

Free Style (2009)

Free Style (2009)

In this movie, it’s all about the best bike riders in America. It offers a great balance of racing and tricks that make for one thrilling dirt biking adventure. With incredible stunts that will have you on the edge of your seat, Free Style is guaranteed to provide an adrenaline rush like no other!

This film has some eye catching cinematography from veteran photographer Steve Winter. He uses his skills as a rider and filmmaker to capture everything from pro racers going head-to-head down alpine slaloms to big air jumps.

The best part about this movie is the opening credits sequence where clips are shown with animated dirt bikes careening through neon graphics shaped like stars or hearts symbolizing love – very unique indeed!

Torque (2004)

Torque (2004)

The best dirt bike movie of all time is Torque. This film was directed by Joseph Kahn and released in 2004, it stars Martin Henderson, Ice Cube and Angelina Jolie. The three actors are best friends who use their bikes to get away from the cops on a crime spree that leads them across Southern California. There’s just one catch – every cop knows where they’re going next because they got tipped off about what happened at each scene before hand! If you want an adrenaline rush then this is your best bet!

Fastest (2003)

Fastest (2003)

Fastest is a 2003 documentary film about the best dirt bike riders in the world. The fast and furious nature of this type of racing captures audiences’ attention, thus making it one of the best thrill-seeking movies out there. The best part is It’s all real footage! If you’re looking for some inspiration to get your adrenaline pumping, then Fastest can help.

The best dirt bikes in the world are featured from different countries like Italy and Brazil as they race against each other on challenging terrains such as sand dunes or mountain peaks with speeds reaching up to 100 miles per hour. You’ll never look at motorcycles quite the same after watching these talented drivers fly off-ramps into deep water or fly down the side of a mountain.


There you have it! The ultimate list of dirt bike movies to satisfy your thrill-seeking needs. We hope this has been a helpful guide in finding the best films for your next movie night or Netflix binge session. If we’ve missed any that should be on this list, please share them with us in the comments below so everyone can enjoy these thrilling and adrenaline-pumping rides!

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