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How much did you like this emotional romance? Well, I guess very much as this was the most interesting to watch and it was liked by much of the audience. In case you are looking for more such tragic stories then you are at the right place as we are here with movies like a west side story. All the movies that we are going to mention will give you the same experience.

Talking about the west side story it is a well-known musical in film history as well in broadway. This is based on a book and it came in the year 1975 and then it received the movie adaptation in 1961 and it also earned ten academy awards and it is one of the amazing ones to watch. It got all the praise that a movie could ask for and the director of this Steven Spielberg all reinvented some of the modern audiences.

Well it is the best on the list of romantic musicals and there are many such romance movies that will definitely melt your heart and you need not look further after that. So without discussing anything further let us start with the list of movies like a west side story. Do watch all the movies that we are going to mention. 

5 Best Romantic Moves Like West Side Story


Who doesn’t love Titanic? Well I guess everyone loved this one and it was directed by James Cameron’s and it is an epic one to watch for all kinds of generations and you are going to see a heartbreaking as well as touching romance between the couple who are upper class and lower class. The upper-class Rose is Kate Winslet and the lower class is Jack who was Leonardo DiCaprio. Their romance was on the tip of the iceberg when it came to Cameron’s masterful work.

It is an emotional drama and you will get to see the heartbreaking tragedy in this and this is definitely going to hit you on a single level. It has an amazing cast, it got a good score and the scope of this movie makes this best of all time. The similarities between these two are that both show that two legends can deliver iconic stories in any kind of genre. 

Romeo And Juliet

This came in the year 1968. West side story is based on william shakespeare romeo and juliet. In this there is a romance between two overs taht were caught in the middle of a war and then it led to conflicts within their families. You will get to see Nino Rota who is the Godfather incredible score and it captures the atmosphere of shakespeare original play.

This movie was captured whole in Italy and you will see the beauty all around. Olivia Hussey along with Leonard Whiting acted in this movie as our titular characters and they delivered solid performances. This is one of the most amazing screenplay that you will eve watch and it has the iconic story.

Beauty And The Beast

It came in the year 1991 and it is the revolutionary movie and this is the best to score all the good ratings. The prince along with hs servants got cursed by a sorceress when they visited nd that prince is then transformed into a hideous beats and his servants turned the household objects. The prince is only one in the movie who knows how to spell once he learn how to love and be loved by another.

This is the oldest of all the time and it is worth watching evrytime. It is a timeless classic and it has the animated characters and ther animated one that will make you fall in love with them. Talking about the Beast that role has been played by Robby Benson is very rough and scary at the same time but he has his softer side too. On the other side there is Belle and that role is played by Paige O’Hara and she is a wonderful, compassionate, and caring person and she has flaws too in herself. There is one villain in this and that is Gaston and that role is played by Richard White. 

West Wide Story

This movie came in the year 1961 and this is the most obvious in the list of this as this is very much similar to west side story. This movie is suggested for the comparison’s sake and this movie was directed by Robert Wise and it has Richard Beymer who has played the role of Tony, Natalie Wood who has played the role of Maria and Rita Moreno who has played the role of Anita. 

This movie has the best songs along with the history of love. This is a highly rated movie of the time and this movie is about Purto who was moving to America and it has featured only one person of Purto Rican in the entire cast. The producer of this movie took the creative side and it updated the movie for the modern audience. This fulfills the standards of today’s generation.

La La Land

This is movie that came in the recent year and this is an award-winning movie in the instant classic. This was produced by Damien Chazelle. The two characters named Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone played their roled so beautifully and they both fall in love. Sebastian was a musician who wanted to keep jazz alive and on the other hand, Mia was an actress who was trying to make her career out of her passion.

They both struggle to balance their personal life along with their ambitions. This movie is telling to live as one along with chasing the dreams that one holds and also one needs to sacrifice something if they want to pursue their dreams. The various songs of this movie were written by John Legend, Benj Pasek, and Justin Paul. 

So this was all about the movies like west side story. We told you the best movies that are similar to that. Now go and watch now. Still, if you know some other movies that are best according to you then do mention those in the comment section.

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