4 Most Similar Anime Like Wolf Girl and Black Prince


This anime is one of the best romantic anime that no one can beat but still, there are some that are similar to Wolf girl and black prince. 

As we know, in this anime Erika Shinohara lies to her friends about her romantic exploits just to earn the respect of her new friends. 

So when she was told to show a picture of her boyfriend she shows a picture of one unknown whom her friend recognizes as he is one of the popular and kind-hearted Kyouya Sata.

Then she traps herself in her own web of lies and she tries to avoid humiliation. Then she convinces Kyouya to be her boyfriend or pretend to be her boyfriend. 

During this time the real identity of Kyouya came out and he is actually the meanest spirited s*dist and not the heroic angel that he is pretending to be on social media. 

Then he forces Erika to become his dog if she wants to keep this a secret.

This story revolves around this. I don’t think I need to tell you the full story here. 

I guess you have watched this anime and if not then you should watch this anime once. 

Without wasting any further time let’s start with the other anime that are just like Wolf Girl and Black Prince.

4 Must Watch Romantic Anime Like Wolf Girl and Black Prince

My Little Monster

anime like  Wolf Girl and Black Prince - My Little Monster

In this anime, Shizuka Mizutani only cares about her grades and shows bad behavior towards her classmates. 

Her view of life changes when she meets the most disturbing kid in the school named Haru Yoshida. He is a real troublemaker who stopped attending classes after getting into a fight in the early school year. 

Although he was not much different from her as they both share the same nature. He too understands the little human nature and also doesn’t have any friends. On her first meeting with him, Shizuka confesses her feelings towards him and tells him to be her friend. 

Just because earlier Shizuka lacked friendship with people and hardly had any friends she had many problems with Haru in the early stages of a relationship. But with time they get to know each other and they finally understand each other and their friendship begins to progress. 

During that time she discovers that there is more to Haru than violence. Then gradually with more time, she experiences some emotions that she was unsure about. 

But together both Haru and Shizuka explore the nature of their emotions and relationship.

This anime has a total of 13 episodes.

Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

In this anime, there is a story of a young high school girl who wants to fall in love named Risa Koizumi. She sees most of the girls in high school want to fall in love and have a beautiful romantic love story that she can share with her friends and want to make a part of her life. 

Looking for a boy she falls in love with Ryouji Suzuki. He was the most handsome boy in the other class. 

She started liking him because he was very tall. Although for most of the girl’s tall height was not such a problem, for her it was because she herself was 172 centimeters and she was looking for a tall Japanese boy. 

Then after some time he loses his feelings for her and falls in love with another girl that was admired by another guy named Atsushi Ootani. Later on, Atsushi and Risa became close friends and attraction started to form between them but Risa never wished to date him as he was only 156 centimeters tall. 

So now we have to see will they overcome the stereotype or will their relationship end? 

Maid Sama

Maid Sama

This anime is based on a girl named Misaki Ayuzawa she was the first female council president. It was not an easy job for her to be the president of that school that transitioned from an all-boys school to a co-ed school. 

Boys nicknamed her the demon president as she was a strictly disciplined girl. She is not at all afraid to use her mastery and mention the boys who are misbehaving in the school and at the same time defend the girls of Seika High School.

As we know everyone has weaknesses so there was one embarrassing secret of Ayuzawa and that was she was working as a maid at one cafe to help her family who was struggling to pay the bills. 

She was hiding this from her friends and she managed to keep her job hidden from her fellow mates and maintained her image as a flawless student. 

But one day Takumi Usui, one of the most popular boys in the school, came across that cafe and discovered that she was working there. Now, what next? Would he disclose this thing with the rest of the students or would he use this secret as an opportunity to get closer to her?

Blue Spring Ride

Blue Spring Ride

This is a story of one of the popular middle schoolers and she is the attractive one and the most liked by the opposite sex named Futaba Yoshioka. But there was one thing that he was ostracised by the girls. 

Despite everything, one thing that mattered to her and the one opinion of one person that truly mattered to him was that of Kou Tanaka. 

She shared a shelter with him once and he was her class fellow. Apart from this, there were several more memories that were significant and precious to her. 

She even planned to meet one of the quiet and innocent boys at the summer festival. But there occurred one simple misunderstanding and Tanaka’s subsequent disappearance left her walking the hall all alone.

Now Futaba is not that same girl anymore. She avoids all the attention and acts to be the tomboy and be in a misbehaved look. 

But then a twist comes and the boy she liked comes into her life and changed her whole life. So what’s the change we are going to see in her life is a mystery. 

So these were the series like Wolf Girl and Black Prince. Go and watch them now. If you know any of the other series that are best according to you then do mention those in the comment section. We would like to add those to our list too. 

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